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John W. Wright Sun Apr 1 04:20:27 2001
I am seeking information on the following: Parents of Allen R. WRIGHT, born Savannah, GA, 1811. Wife of John Henry WRIGHT, his son, born in Bulloch Co. in 1844 and buried in Laurel Grove Cemetery in 1909. Mother; Elizabeth Jane Pratt WRIGHT, married Allen WRIGHT 1834.
Both believed to be members of Independent Presbyterian Church.
Any help you can provide will be greatly appeciated.
Thank you, John W. Wright


Khuggins Sun Apr 8 14:04:30 2001
Found a George W. HUGGINS in the Chatham Cty, Ga. death index. Is this the same George W. HUGGINS born 1854 Cherokee/Forsyth Cty,Ga. son of David and Mary HUGGINS? George possibly was married to Sarah ROLLIN / ROLLAND.
Would like to hear from someone familiar with/or from this line of HUGGINS.
Thanks. KHuggins


mozella steele Tue Apr 10 12:54:31 2001
Looking for information on Roderick, Alex or Alexander STEELE. Also Elizabeth STEELE They were around the Coleraine and Tweedside Plantations. Maybe some other rice plantations. Please help me if you can. James and John POTTER were the plantation owners in Savannah, GA. Thank you kindly.


Susan Johnston Thu Apr 12 10:26:55 2001
My Great grand mother Isabelle and her sister Martha were both from Savannah. We have not been able to find ANY information on the family at all, not births, marriages etc. The only thing we have been able to find is that their father Sylvestor, was in the Bethesda Home for Boys and was listed in the census in 1860 at the age of 15. We also know that he enlisted in the Georgia Army in November of 1863, although we do not know his company or regiment. My Great Grand father was named Lucy. There is controversy as to whether his first name was William or Milton. We do not know if he was also from Savannah or if he met Isabelle there and came "home" to Baltimore.
Any help to find more information, even if its only a resource, would be appreciated.


Denise Wells Fri Apr 20 20:05:01 2001
I am trying to locate Laurel Grove Cemetery in Savannah, GA. Can anyone furnish me with an address? Also, is there a listing of the individual graves either on-line or in print? Thanks, Denise Lindsey Wells


Elizabeth Piechocinski Sat Apr 21 19:48:41 2001
Seeking any information on the ARKWRIGHT family. Surname appears in the 1850 census for Chatham Co. Any information appreciated.


jonathan g lawrence Sat Apr 21 20:05:39 2001
Looking for records of GORDON family in Savannah WIlliam Washington GORDON Civil War time frame or Antebellum


JOHN H. DANIELS Mon Apr 23 12:20:17 2001
Am interested in any family data connecting these surnames in Savannah. Origin from counties Meath, Galway, Wexford, Ireland. Helen T LARKIN married Henry J. DANIELS on 6/24/03. Maria E. LARKIN married Albert GOETTE in 1905. William LARKIN married Kate CANTY in 1908. Trying to identify the LARKIN parents from Ireland. Any info is appreciated to assist my search.


ROGERS REEVES Tue Apr 24 19:26:11 2001
Looking for info on my great grandfather, Joseph BERG, who once was the largest land owner in Jasper County, South Carolina during some period in the 1800's.
I thought maybe something might show up in Savannah records. Does anyone have any information. Also can someone tell me how to research articles in the Savannah newspaper from that period.


Angela Tackett Overstreet Wed Apr 25 12:03:33 2001
I am trying to research my husbands OVERSTREETs. Our line is as follows: Robert OVERSTREET b. 1852 >Edward Clyde OVERSTREET, Sr. b.1900 in Miss. then moved to Savannah GA and then onto Jacksonville Fl. married Elma Lee BENTON from Statesboro>Edward Clyde OVERSTREET, Jr. b. 1931 Fl> Thomas Fredrick b. 1967.
Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. We are having a hard time finding information on this line.
Thank you, Angela Tackett Overstreet


Bernie Goodman Thu Apr 26 21:26:28 2001
Searching for father of Benjamin Grady GOODMAN, b 28 June 1905, d 12 Mar. 1980 and Robert Homer GOODMAN, b 14 May 1907, d 5 Mar. 1972. They lived in Chatham County for a number of years. Robert Homer GOODMAN owned an Amoco Gas Station on Ogeechee Road they sold feed from the store.


Ingrid Morgan Sun Apr 29 22:25:23 2001
I am searching for any information on Thomas Mosley WILLIAMS. The only thing that I know is that he was from Savannah, Georgia. He was killed in 1967 or 1968 in a car accident. He is buried in a small town outside of Savannah. If anyone can help me with my search it would be greatly appreciated.


Linda Davis Tue May 1 08:45:54 2001
Researching my goddaughter's family. Grandmother was Letha Catherine JONES born 11 October 1924 in Savannah to Elton Boyd JONES and Leitha Viola FENNEL. Leitha's mother was Tullulah STEVENSON who married Robert FENNEL on 6 June 1878 in Savannah. Tullulah was widowed when Leitha was 13 months old. Robert was said to die of war wounds and Tullulah was a nurse.
I would appreciated any clues on this one. Thanks.


Henry Mock Wed May 2 18:25:26 2001
Seeking information on descendents of Alton C. MOCK, Lonnie USHER, and Huey LUCAS, all living in Chatham County, in 1958. They are the sons of Susie Adella SCOTT from Screven County, Georgia. Hoping to find a descendant of one of these three individuals, that may have some information on Edna (MOCK) MINCHEY and Lessie D. MOCK, whole sisters to Alton C. MOCK, and half-sisters to Lonnie USHER and Huey LUCAS. If anyone knows someone that is a descendant of these individuals and is not "on-line", I may be contacted by mail at:Route 5, Box 210, Glennville, GA 30427. Any information will be helpful and greatly appreciated.


Henry Mock Thu May 3 18:16:24 2001
Seeking any descendant of Mrs. Lottie DALEY (maiden name unknown, may have been LUCAS) but was living in Chatham County in 1958. She was the Daughter of Susie Adella SCOTT of Screven County, and half-brother to Alton C. MOCK, who was living in Chatham County at the time of his death in 1958. Alton C. MOCK had two sisters,Edna MOCK and Lessie D. MOCK. Trying to find a descendant of Mrs. DALEY's mother in an attempt to location information of Edna and Lessie D. MOCK. Any information will be greatly appreciated.


Su Keister Thu May 3 19:50:57 2001
Seeking anything on Margaret MITCHELL, nee Margaret TIPTON (?), married and divorced John Fremont McGHEE before moving to Savannah (Bonne Bella). Was re-married to Robert MITCHELL, who presumaby died in Savannah also. Margaret's date of death between 1947 and 1957. This was my great grandmother, and I visited her with my mother and grandfather in 1947 or 1948 after she suffered a stroke.


Sandy Lappin Ragets Fri May 4 18:58:10 2001
Trying to solve mystery of my great grandfather's origins. Andrew CUNNINGHAM, b abt 1880/81, place unknown. Married Bessie Mae OZMENT Jan 1906 in Savannah, GA. Lived at 137 Habersham St, Savannah until moving to Long Beach, CA in 1920's. Said to have died in smoking fire in San Diego, year unknown, buried in potters field, location unknown. Was a carpenter, estranged from family after 1933 earthquake. I am interested in anything related to these people or locations. Thanks!


CATHY CRAWFORD Sat May 5 10:30:09 2001
Looking for family of Elizabeth Hope TURNER, still in life. Mother suspect to be Elizasbeth Howard TURNER; father unknown but deceased.


Tina Ordone Mon May 7 06:13:05 2001
Looking for any information on Edward ELLIOTT, said to be "of Savannah, GA". He would have been alive during early to mid 1800's. Any help would be helpful.


M.G. Spencer Mon May 7 16:10:18 2001
As per your web site, James Oglethorpe brought John, Richard, and William SPENCER to St. Simon's Island around 1736.He stopped in Charleston before going on to Georgia where he was offered help by the South Carolina Gov't. The SPENCERs are not included in the list of passengers brought from England and since there were SPENCERs already in SC at that time, it occurs to me that the SPENCERs may have joined Oglethorpe there. Does anyone there know how I might find documentation to determine whether that was the case?


Janis Parkison Rodriguez Wed May 9 17:42:27 2001
Looking for parents, ancestors, siblings of John Lewis ELLS. John L ELLS was born 1829 in Bibb Co., GA, moved to Troy, NY by late 1840s. John married Margaret E RICKARDS of Troy, NY about 1849 but returned to GA after 1854, this time to Chatham Co., he's in the 1860 Census. John and Margaret had at least 3 children: George (John); Emma F; and Jefferson Davis "Jeffie," a daughter. They appear to have left Chatham Co. before 1861 since John L enlisted in Richmond Co and Jeffie was born in Augusta, Richmond, GA.

A possible relative is Nathan ELLS. He is listed in the 1850 Chatham Co. Census index. Nathan looks like he also came to Chatham from Bibb Co. since a Nathan ELLS is listed in the index in Bibb Co. in 1830. He isn't listed in the 1860 Census index, though.


Scarlett Thu May 10 13:05:09 2001
I have been researching my BROWN family for 25 years and have hit many clues, but no results! My ancestor, William (nmi) BROWN was born Feb. of 1785 in or near Savannah, Ga., possible his father was a Wm. or James BROWN. All records in family bibles and the 1850 census of Fayette Co. Ill have him as a native Georgian, Bible says "Savanny". He married Elizabeth--? in 1812, possibly in Ga., but likely in Tenn. as three children born in Tenn in 1813, 1816 and 1817. No other clues to Chatham Co., possibly one of the BROWN families in 1785 tax lists, which I have not seen. Family was probably protestant,Eng., Irish or Scotch descent, possibly German. I have had various people research, no one has come up with anything concrete. A Francis BROWN was in Chatham at the same time. I suspect he might be a relative as the name pops up two or three times in later generations. My William died in 1857 in Ill, his wife in 1835, in Madison Co or Fayette Co,Ill. Thank you for anything anyone can do Scarlett


bobbie Thu May 10 22:47:37 2001
I am looking for anyone with information on William GADDY and Mary CREEL, married on 06 sept, 1830 in Chatham county, GA. any information on Mary, parents names, subsequent marriages, etc, would be greatly appreciated. My ggggmother's name was Mary Polly GODDY, who married John Jehu KING on 30 may, 1833. another researcher told me she was possibly married prior to her marriage to Jehu, and I think this may be the person I am looking for. I also need to know if she was an orphan, as it is believed that my Mary Polly was raised by John and Sarah TAYLOR, after being orphaned. Any help on clearing up this mystery would be greatly appreciated.


Robert D. Peterson Sun May 13 12:04:51 2001
Would greatly appreciate any and all information relating to Charles A BLASE, Sr. a resident of Chatham County (Savannah), Georgia during the late 1800s and early 1900s.
Robert D. Peterson e-mail address: rpete8370@AOL.com


Faye Rogers Mon May 14 09:55:55 2001
Do you have any information on my grandfather, William Monroe MONCRIEF or grandmother, Emma (FAYE) FUTCH. I need to know their ancestors, such as birth date and death date.


G. Register Mon May 14 23:42:31 2001
Doing research on TINDEL family who came from Chatman county to Henry Co Al abt. 1850.


Jere Swafford Tue May 15 21:22:45 2001
I am searching for information on Charles HOLLAND who died in Savannah, Ga at an early age. I am trying to piece together a family tree on the HOLLAND Family for my father. Mother: Mahalia EPPS Father: Will Jim HOLLAND Eight children. Family settled in and around Macon, Ga area.


Nancy Pettus Wed May 16 19:18:10 2001
I am looking for my ancestor, Mildred EAGLESON born ca. 1902 and married Clarence H. JEFFREY Feb. 6, 1924. They lived at 611 N. 38th St. in Savannah. They left the state of Georgia around 1948. Can someone please help me in finding where they went?


Lori Webb Fri May 18 07:25:46 2001
Water ABBOTT married Catherine OGLESBY 11-7-1826 now here is the part that I don't understand there are two marriage records one in Savannah Ga and one in Crawford co Ga . The one in Savannah Ga says Walter ABBOTT and Catherine OGLESBY 11-7-1826 now the one in Crawford co Ga says Walton ABBOTT and Catherine OGLESBY 11-7-1826 now I know these are the same people but why two marriage records . So does the marriage record in Savannah Ga have the names of their parents or the place of birth listed . Can someone please help me because this is my brick wall and it is going nowhere fast . I was told they may have came to Savannah on a ship called the ANN does anyone have a transcript for the passengers of this ship . Thanks Lori Webb spudnick16@juno.com


Larry Bayne Sun May 20 14:24:50 2001
Looking for any documentation about the Ship Marlborough that sailed into port from Kirkwall, Orkney Island in the latter part of 1775 early 1776. Did in fact a William BAIN from Wick come to Savannah? Thank you L. Bayne


Eric L. Thornton Tue May 22 13:43:47 2001
I am searching for my Aunt (Kitty) Kathleen (THORNTON) STOKES. She had two brothers, Earl H. W. THORNTON and William HARDISON. Kathleen had two daughters, Diane STOKES (married name unknown) and Susanne STOKES (married name unknown). We lost touch after Kathleen's stepmother, Effy (Futch)(THORNTON) OWENS, my Grandmother, crossed over in the 1970's. Any information about Kathleen, Diane or Susanne would be deeply appreciated.


Tina Nobel Thu May 24 05:32:08 2001
In Febuary 1861 Henrietta PAPE married Thomas SMITH in Chatham County. Does anybody know, who the parents of Henrietta are? Thanks you in advance


John Broderick Thu May 24 20:00:46 2001
Looking for information regarding John Joseph BRODERICK and his wife Catherine (BAYO) BRODERICK. His father was MIchael Patrick BRODERICK born in Ireland around 1845. No information regarding Michael BRODERICK's his passage to the US or if made it to Savannah. John Joseph is buried in the Savannah Catholic Cemetary as is Catherine BRODERICK.


charleen sullivan timms Sat May 26 12:14:20 2001
Hello, I am looking for information on the SULLIVANs from Bloomingdale, GA. My grandfather's name was Robert SULLIVAN born August 14, 1911 in Bloomingdale, GA. He died April 14, 1939. He worked on the Penn. Railroad which I believe runs through Savannah, GA. where he moved to. His wife was named Ethel (TYSON) SULLIVAN. She was born September 22,1907. She died August 29,1941 in Hardeeville, SC, which is Jasper Co. All I know about her is that she was Native American. Her father's name was David TYSON. Her mother's name was Sophia.


darlene cantey Mon May 28 11:51:58 2001
I am researching the family of Christopher Francis MEEHAN who died in Chatham County between after 1919. He was a railroad worker from New York and married Martha PREVATTE. He is buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Savannah. His wife was not Catholic and is buried somewhere near. Their daughter, Pearl, is the grandmother of the young man who is marrying my daughter and she was interested in her family's history. I would appreciate any information.

12th Regt. Company H

J KAVANAUGH Tue May 29 09:45:40 2001
Any info on (Central City Blues) Regt. in Civil War, Macon, GA 1861 ...1862.


frances minet Tue May 29 15:34:34 2001
I'm looking for 2 obituaries for either Carole Jean HALL died 05/18/1993 Also looking for her husband Frank Maree HALL died 07/03/1992 Both died in Savannah,Ga. Frank died in a hospital. If you could help me please let me know thank you so very much


Barbara Hammond Thu May 31 14:27:03 2001
Looking for info on Mr. Jewell E. (J.E.) BARNES. He was my grandmother's second husband; her name was Lucille Averdell BARNES (formerly HAMMOND). She died in Tybee Island in 1984 and is buried in Savannah; her death certificate cites her as being "widowed" at the time of her death. She was divorced from her 1st husband around 1942. So she married J.E. BARNES some time after that. Don't know where they lived or where they got married. ANY info would be appreciated. Thank you.


Travis Mellard Thu May 31 14:50:56 2001
Looking for information about Joseph BARBEE and Mary MOORE, married in Savannah GA in the mid 1800's.


Vicki Land Fri Jun 1 18:28:23 2001
I know where I can obtain beautiful photographs of Lillie KITCHEN - Her wedding picture. There is also 2 pictures of John A. KITCHEN Jr. as a little boy.
Let me know if these are your people and I can go get these pictures for you.
Vicki Land - genseek@centurytel.net


Susan Kos-Mayesky Sat Jun 2 20:08:59 2001
I am the granddaughter of Theresa Agnes MOORE and John Earl LANDOLT. Theresa was born of Mary Agnes KELLY and William J. MOORE in Savannah, Ga. and lived there all of her life. John met her in Savannah and there they married, they moved to South Carolina and then Toledo, Ohio. Grandma moved back to Tybee Island when Grandpa died in 1940. She lived there until her death in 1984. My great great grandmother was Bridget FOGARTY and her husband was Patrick KELLY. The KELLY and LANDOLT families are buried in Bonaventure Cemetery. I am looking for any information that I can.


D. Casey Sun Jun 3 17:07:12 2001
Would like to share info with anyone researching the John COBB / Mildred LEWIS -- Mary Willis COBB / Robert FLOURNOY -- Mary Mildred FLOURNOY / Nathaniel Alexander ADAMS -- Mary Mildred ADAMS / Joseph T. BARTON line. Have quite a lot of info on the COBBs and FLOURNOYs. Need more on the ADAMs and BARTONs. Thanks. D. Casey


Mack Davis Sun Jun 3 18:40:25 2001
Looking for anyone connected to the following family: Marion A.(Ted) HART married to Elise HORN, was living in Chatham Co. Ga. when he died on Feb. 14, in the 1980's. Elise died in 1979 in Chatham Co. Ted and Elise had 3 children, Robert E. HART, Jimmy HART, Betty (HART) McDANIEL. Marion could have been born in Michigan because Robert HART was born in Michigan in 1938. Mack Davis, friend of Grandson.


Jackie Gerber Sun Jun 3 22:20:09 2001
I am looking for any information about Jesse Warren GOODSON and his wife Sarah PERRY. They were born around 1812 or 1814 in Chatham county. They had one son while they were still in Chatham county, George GOODSON. They then moved to Baker county where they had Rufus, Horatio, William, Joseph, Madison, Ismael, Rachel, Mary, Noah and an unamed infant. Jesse GOODSON would be my great, great, great grandfather. I would appreciate any information on him or Sarah PERRY. Or if you have ideas for documents I could search it would help.


tiffany grant-simmons Mon Jun 4 17:16:13 2001
I am trying to do research on my family history. I can go as far back as my great-great grandmother who has recently passed. Beyond that I am stumped. My great-great grandmother named Marie was born in April 1901 in Savannah, Ga. She was raised by another family. The couple that raised her was Tobie John LEWIS and Nancy LEWIS. I believe this couple lived in Savannah until their deaths. If anyone has any information about this couple, it would be grealy appreciated.
Please e-mail me with any info at tyronetiffanys@msn.com Thanks in advance, Tiffany


Charlotte Pierce Wed Jun 6 16:50:47 2001
Looking for information on the families of Alexander V. JOHNSON (b.Apr 8,1874 d.Jun 2, 1944) and his wife Valeria A. KNIGHT (b.May 3, 1877 d.Feb 2, 1962). Only known child that I know was Lillian Lucille JOHNSON. Any info on these two families would be greatly appreciated.


Charlotte Pierce Fri Jun 8 13:35:05 2001
Looking for any information on the family of Cuthbert TORRENCE who came from England and landed in Savannah, GA. Do not know when.


theresa Sun Jun 10 10:37:30 2001
Seeking information about my grandfather, Artis WOODS, born in Statesboro, GA, may be in 1890. He had ten sisters and brothers. One brother, Marion WOODS, was a Pullman Porter in Jacksonville, Fla. My grandfather's parents were Rachel and Wyatt WOODS. Artis WOODS maried Mary Etta GREEN in 1919, Effingham County. My family is planning a reunion and are anxious to receive any information about our family as we are preparing a family tree. Thank you, Theresa Woods


Marty Sun Jun 10 11:19:46 2001
I am looking for information on the ancestors of Hiram WALLER and Sarah Jane FUTCH, married in 1852. They lived in Bryan Co Ga and had 3 children by 1860. Marietta, Enna, and James. In 1867 Sarah Jane (FUTCH) WALLER married William P ENNIS in Chatham Co Ga. Did Hiram WALLER die before 1867? Who are Hiram and Sarah WALLER's children born between 1860 and 1867?

I believe the names of those children are:
Franklin b abt 1861; Henrietta b abt 1862; William b abt 1864; and Charles b abt 1865.
I would like to confirm this information. Any help will be greatley appreciated.


Ginny Brewton Mon Jun 11 09:03:44 2001
I am looking for the graves for Laura Elizabeth (PORCHER) ALLEN (1853-1881)and/or her husband Thomas Henry ALLEN (1836-1881. Laura was from Charleston SC, but family thinks she may be buried in Chatham Co.


Theresa Wilcox Mon Jun 11 10:33:11 2001
Hello, My cousin Larraine James and I are researching our family's history. My mother, BettyJean (GREEN) WILCOX-SHANKS remembers her father telling her that she was related to a Native American woman named Egypt DANIELS, who lived in Liberty County, GA. Sometime in the late 1800s. My mother also believes that the DANIELS / HANDY peoples held property in Liberty County. I was told that the HANDY Family originated from Sapelo Island (McIntosh County). It's near Brunswick, Georgia.

Florence HANDY was my maternal great-great grandmother. She had one brother, Samuel Robert HANDY he married Egypt DANIELS. They had about five children: Eva HANDY, Samuel HANDY Jr., Robert HANDY, Ernestine HANDY and Wilhemina HANDY all deceased now). I know a little more of Eva's family than any others: Eva married Archie BROWN (deceased) and they have four girls: Mildred Brown JONES, Rosa Brown GLOVER, Justine Brown LOVETT and Doreatha Brown WILLIAMS.
They all have children and grands. One of Rosa's son is a surgeon he now lives in Thomasville, GA.

Listed are a few Surnames of family members:
Cordially, Theresa


Jack Lanier Mon Jun 11 13:48:29 2001
Would like any early (prior to 1920) reference to the MICKLER family in chatham County


R. A. Smith Tue Jun 12 09:29:31 2001
I am looking for information on the birth of William Louis BOCK b. 1 Aug 1880 in Savannah, GA to William Burnett BOCK (mother's name is not listed on the death certificate) and d. 17 Mar 1960 in Rural Alvin, Texas. The Georgia vital statistics states that they have birth records since 1890. Is there another place that I can look? Thank you for your time.


Marlene Garberson Thu Jun 14 08:40:34 2001
Francis Marion LANE served in the Chatham Artillery. Would like to find out where his unit was engaged during the Civil War. Any information will be of help. Thanks.


Jack Lanier Thu Jun 14 08:40:48 2001
Searching for any information about Henry MICKLER (my great grandfather) a resident of Chatham County from about 1850 to 1930.


Jim Bowen Fri Jun 15 06:28:01 2001
Does anyone have any personal history on Colonel Charlton Hines WAY, Commander of the 54th Georgia Volunteer Regiment. Mr. WAY survived the War between the States and he is buried in Savannah. Did he have any decendants? Is there any family history on this man?


Dana Sample Tue Jun 19 15:21:08 2001
I am looking for any information on a Sarah KELLY, date of death approx 1977 - 1979. Any help would be appreciated


Valerie Farmer Tue Jun 19 16:47:48 2001
Looking for brothers of Handsome FARMER b. 1821, possibly Hubbard, Hartwell,Harrison or Samuel FARMER, born in Va migrated to Ga around 1840-1850...had major investments on water front in Savannah during Civil War...family tales are of warehouses/ships etc.


Linda Sennett Tue Jun 19 22:40:03 2001
I am doing research on a young servant girl named Mary RILEY who was hung in Savannah for murder of her employer in the mid-1800's. Any information is appreciated.


Vincent E. Summers Wed Jun 20 12:43:38 2001
Hi! I am seeking Andres/Anders/Andrew HETLAND. He is the fellow who came from Pennsylvania, where he first got his Social Security card. He died in Chatham County in 1964. I would like to know who he is, and where he is buried. He may have been the Andres HETLAND who was the father of my first cousin (who she never even got to see).
Thanks, Vince Summers


Porscha Butler Thu Jun 21 11:28:35 2001
I am interested in finding out about my father's side of the family. I was born and raised in Savannah, GA. I know that my family had been there for a few generations.


Candie Campbell Wollard Thu Jun 21 13:04:39 2001
All I have to go on is some family stories. I think I am looking in the area of Pooler, Chatham Co, GA but could also be in the City of Savannah. My family branches were mostly railroad people which seems to have moved them all over NC, GA and FL. This makes it very hard to put some of the missing pieces together. Anyone with information on any of these people or famlies, please email me at GJTenacity@aol.com. Many Thanks, Candie
LOOKING for information on the MACON family of Pooler, GA.
LOOKING for burial location, date and maiden name of Maude RACKLEY that died c1912-1915 Savannah, GA.
LOOKING for date of death for David 'Charles' CRICHTON in Savannah in 1912. Believe he is buried with Crichton family in Linwood Cem, Columbus, GA.
LOOKING for any additional information on James H. Sutton and Julia Guerry Sutton.

William Woodward MACON family was said to have lived in the Pooler, GA area about 1905+/- and relatives after that. CRICHTON family was in Miami, Dade Co, FL in 1910 census, said to have moved to Savannah were about 1912 David Charles CRICHTON died.

Thomas Alva RACKLEY the stepson of Mr CRICHTON was said to have married his first wife Maude ____(last name unknown)abt 1911-12. She died in a tragic accident that killed her and her unborn child about 1912-1914 said in Savannah, GA.

James "Jim" Henry SUTTON married Julia GUERRY and lived in Savannah, GA most of his life. He was the brother of Sarah Cornelia SUTTON RACKLEY CRICHTON. Uncle Jim and Aunt Julia had no children. Uncle Jim loved to hunt and worked for the railroad in Savannah. Per his obit: Active Pall Barrers : R W Featherstone, ET Embry, CM Turner, C Peak, SW Leopold, DC Chapman, WW Hall, Honorary Pall Barrers: HB Grimshaw, George R. Carlton, MH Gold, LS Kinnebrew, RM Stone, CA Chinnis, Arthur Wilson sr, Floyd Johnston, EI Barnard, Paul Hollis Survivors Mrs Julia Guerry Sutton, three sister in law Marie Guerry, Nan Murphy of Savannah, Frances Beck of Newark NJ.

Sarah Cornelia SUTTON b: April 12, 1856 in Sampson Co, NC d: June 12, 1940 in Miami, Dade Co, FL m: December 17, 1880 in Pender Co, NC - Thomas John RACKLEY b: 1852 in North Carolina d: 1896 in Bronson-Otter Creek, Levy Co, Florida.
Hattie Queen Jane RACKLEY b: October 15, 1881 in NC near Raleigh d: August 20, 1964 in Miami, Dade Co, FL m: Bet. 1905 - 1908 in Savannah area, Chatham Co, GA? - Miami, FL ??? guessing William Woodward MACON III b: May 1889 in SC d: May 10, 1960 in Savannah, GA of cancer
*2nd Husband of Hattie Queen Jane RACKLEY: +Joe DAY m: Abt. 1920 in data a guess ... Miami, Dade Co, FL ??

Mattie Elizabeth RACKLEY b: October 15, 1881 in NC near Raleigh d: October 19, 1961 in Miami, Dade Co, FL m: December 20, 1903 in Dasher/Valdosta, Lowndes Co, GA Richard Herman WISENBAKER b: April 16, 1881 in Georgia (Dasher, GA area) d: July 27, 1964 in Miami, Dade Co, FL

Almyra Amelia "Allie" RACKLEY b: Bet. 1889 - 1890 in Florida d: Abt. 1930 in Miami, Dade Co, FL age in 50's, heart attack, bur Woodlawn west side back m: Abt. 1908 in GA? or FL? James H. BARWICK b: Abt. 1885 in -1882 GA d: Abt. 1930 in Miami, Dade Co, FL age in 50's stroke, Woodlawn west side back

Thomas Alva RACKLEY b: July 20, 1891 in nearPlant City, Brooklyn, Knights Station, Hillsborough Co, Florida d: May 23, 1954 in St Augustine,, Florida at the railroad hosptial m: Abt. 1911 in Florida or Savannah, GA? Maude (Staton?) d: Bet. 1912 - 1915 in alive in Savannah, Chatham Co, Georgia in 1912 died soon after
*2nd Wife of Thomas Alva Rackley: m: September 12, 1918 in Miami, Dade Co, FL Mary Lillian STARLING b: October 2, 1902 in Madison, Madison Co, Florida d: December 31, 1989 in Homestead, Dade Co, Florida

*2nd Husband of Sarah Cornelia Sutton: ..+David Charles CRICHTON m: Abt. 1900 in FL/GA? b: Abt. 1859 in GA (Muscogee Co?) d: Abt. 1912 in Savannah?, GA


bettie stofer schaibly Fri Jun 22 11:37:14 2001
Looking for ancestors of John Reese STOFER Sr. born PA late 1900. Moved to Savannah, GA. Children: John REESE, Jr., Lottie Mae, Harry, Luther, MArgaret and Parker. Was an attorney in Savannah. In 1923 moved to Tampa, FL. Lived there till 1943 time of his death.


Brigitte WASHINGTON Mon Jun 25 06:04:05 2001
My husband is from Savannah GA. We live in France and I am working on our family back in the US. Can anybody help me find out about slaves records, plantation records?
Part of our ancestors established in Savannh GA but came from South Carolina. I will appreciate any form of help. Brigitte


Edward Manigault Mon Jun 25 15:52:38 2001
Searching for any family information (church records, hospital, obituary,etc.) for my ggg uncle,Capt. Joseph MANIGAULT (July 11,1827, Charleston-June 17, 1911,Savannah) C.S.A.. Capt. Joseph died in unknown Savannah hospital of "Malaria Nephritis" and his body was transported to Charleston for burial. It appears no death record was made, as this was before the 1919 date it was required. Capt. Joseph lived in Savannah after the war, believed to be trying to work the old family rice plantation on Argyle Island.
Any leads to information would be most welcome and greatly appreciated.
Edward Manigault


Larry Jerald Tue Jun 26 09:00:44 2001
I am seeking information on my great grandfather, James Robert JERALD. He is buried in Goshen Cemetery in Rincon. He was allegedly born in Savannah in 1852. Later he ended up in Ebenezer, GA. Any information on the name JERALD around Savannah would be a great help.


Richard V. Byrd Tue Jun 26 20:18:27 2001
I would like to exchange information with anyone researching Thomas DAWSON or Mary DAWSON whose wills are dated 1779 and 1786 respectively, and are located in the Chatham County Courthouse, Savannah, GA. I believe him to be the father of Richard DAWSON Senior of Beafort District, present day Jasper County, South Carolina.


Louise Davis Wed Jun 27 09:51:21 2001
Would like information on James FIELD who was Capt Lt in Revolutionary war. Served in S.C. Died ca 1788 in Savannah, Ga. Also his wife, Ann.


Cindy Wed Jun 27 10:35:34 2001
I am looking for information on Enious DUKES b. abt 1880-86 married to Lula BRYANT b. Mar. 31, 1886.


Michelle Abbott Fri Jun 29 20:37:25 2001
I am looking for information on Julia Etta CLOSS married to Joseph YOUNGS. I know Joseph was married twice, I suppose Julia was too. Perhaps Julia was married to him prior to 1937. I have information that Joseph was also married to Dora CLOSS. Are these women the same person? I am trying to give my aged mother info on her mother Florence Pearl YOUNGS and her grandmother Dora. Thank-you.


Julie Stevens Threadgill Fri Jun 29 21:26:16 2001
Looking for an obit for Leamon Franklin STEVENS He died April 5 1965. I am connected through the MOORE family searching for any helpful information


Vanessa Mobley Sat Jun 30 11:24:41 2001
Seeking information on the death of Fred LARK on or about Jan 1, 1992 or New Years Eve Dec 31, 1991.
Also the Marriage of Debra MOBLEY to Charles LARK


Joyce McTavish Sat Jun 30 14:57:50 2001
I am researching ATHONs. My gr grfthr had 12 children, one named Lizzie. she married a Louis LYNCH - both now deceased probably befor 1930 or so. I would appreciate any help that anyone could give. Possible name of their children are Ruby LYNCH (CLARK), Aubrey LYNCH, Artie LYNCH, Eloise LYNCH, Edward LYNCH.

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