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Pat Wahl Fri Jan 16 17:53:50 2004
I am looking for children of Francis Edward BOCK and Gertrude WAHL. There were three: Robert J. BOCK, born about 1907 in Brackenridge; Cleona C. BOCK born 1 Sept 1908 and Edward, born about 1913. Francis and Gertrude died in 1929 and 1922 and only Cleona was found in the 1930 census.

Cleona had children by a Mr. THOMAS, names unknown. I would like to find the descendants of Cleona (BOCK) THOMAS, and Robert and Edward BOCK.

Thanks much for any information.
Pat in Oregon


Ellen Mon Jan 26 12:07:36 2004
I am trying to find info on Clyde & Lucille DUTY, son possibly Donald. Clyde could be my father's uncle.


Ellen Mon Jan 26 12:09:28 2004
I am trying to find info on John LEWIS married to Helen DUTY, children were Raymond, Robert, Avis. His sisters were Martha, and Nellie CLEMENTS. John was my Grandfather.


Ellen Mon Jan 26 12:10:20 2004
I am trying to find info on John and Nellie CLEMENTS. They were my father's Aunt and Uncle.


Norma Mon Feb 2 14:56:54 2004
Looking for a birth record of Annie Jane Ackerman, born 25 April 1881, possibly in Breckenridge area. Her parents were A. W. ACKERMAN and Isabelle GOHEEN. The family left MN 6 weeks after Annie Jane ACKERMAN was born. They settled in Day Co, S.Dak.


Colleen Topp Wed Feb 11 15:16:29 2004
Searching for information on William & Johanna PELVIT & children, Albert, Pauline, Gustave, Rudy, Bernie, Agnes, Alice, Edna, Ed, William , Herbert.

DEVRIES family - Jacob & Gesine & Children Lena (PELVIT), Hank, Ed, Elmer, Kate (REUL) (BLUME), Gussie (REUL), Lizabeth (ZECH), Anna (WARD).
If you have any info on these families, please contact me.


Tarny Perkins Mon Feb 16 12:52:15 2004
Looking for information on Harry PERKINS who died in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1970. Thanks


James F(Jim) Healey Wed Mar 17 13:38:34 2004
Records, hand-written ledger, indicates that Simon HEALY / HEALEY died there 8/21/1900; how can I find where the remains went? Also, Simon's son Thomas HEALY / HEALEY married Julia BUTTERBAUGH on 11/18/1886. Do you have any info on either family? Jim Healey


Jim Healey Tue Mar 23 18:55:13 2004
T. F. HEALEY married Julia BUTTERBAUGH on 11/19/1886; information on either family appreciated. Jim


Jim Healey Tue Mar 23 19:05:04 2004
Simon HEALY / HEALEY died in Breckinridge, MN on August 21, 1900; he was in his 70's. Believed he lived with his son Simon in Abercrombie, ND. Any info would be appreciated. Jim


Kathryn Pearce Tue Apr 6 09:50:17 2004
Can anyone tell me if there is an obit for Paul BOOR, died 10/04/1952 in a Wilkin County paper. If so, what is the name of the paper? I am a descendent of Peter J. BOOR and am following up on all possible relatives.


Sue Ream Sun Apr 11 13:14:27 2004
Looking for information on Hazel Meyer HANSON, born 16 October 1906, lived in Iowa for some time during childhood and died 9 March 1983, buried Salem Lutheran Cemetery in Wolverton.


Tom Keil Tue Apr 13 02:16:09 2004
I am looking for anything on my grandfather. His name is Johann Robert KEIL born 1-6 1886. Any thing you can find would be a very big blessing. Thanks


Liz Pfiffner Fri Apr 23 19:34:13 2004
Hi, I'm wondering if there is any information about my great grandparents who lived in Wilkin County, MN - in Rothsay is where my grandmother Josephine JOHNSON was born 6/28/1885. I understand her parents, Amond and Gulbjor (JaCOBSON) JOHNSON, died in an epidemic in 1893, and my grandmother went to live with other people. Amond or Amund was from Sweden and Gulbjor was from Norway.
Thank you.


Shery Jarvi Fri May 7 16:15:51 2004
Searching for information for Joseph Oscar BRUSVEN, born Nov 9, Wilkin Cty, MN 1900 - died June 27 1967 at Osakis MN. Joseph was my grandpa {step}. He was a big part of my childhood. You can contactact me at historic@rea-alp.com or strawberrylake@charter.net


Steve Heath Sun May 9 23:37:17 2004
Seeking information regarding the death of my great grandfather, Charles Barrett HOSFORD, on December 18, 1909. At the time of his death he was a widower and a resident of Nashua. According to some sources, including the definitive Hosford Genealogy, he was found robbed and dead in an alley in Chicago while on a trip to sell cattle. However, the online homicide records for the State of Illinois, Cook County and City of Chicago, which include the 1909-1910 time frame, make no mention of him. I was hoping perhaps someone would know of him or perhaps have access to local newspapers for that period. Any help you can provide will be appreciated.


Tina Attig Wed May 12 08:06:19 2004
I am trying to locate more information on the DAUE and STROBUSCH family, Emma STROBUSCH married Rheinhold (Rheinholt) DAUE, Rheinhold died 5 Oct 1931 in Norman Co., Emma died in 1936, her parents are Charles or Carl STROBUSCH and Henrietta (Henryetta) who are all buried in the same cemetery, the Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Fairmont ND. Some listings show that there is obituaries in the Breckenridge Gazette Telegram from 1925-1951, The Daily News 1982-1986 and the Valley Alert 1984. Any information on this family would be greatly appreicaited.


Marilyn (Goerndt) Wright Thu May 13 12:00:26 2004
Last year Breckenridge High School had an all class reunion. I have addresses and deceased students from 1922-1953.

There was a Judi in 2002 inquiring regarding a Sylvia ADTKINS. I have her address for you.


Amber Lindstrom Sun Aug 1 20:35:37 2004
My grandparents Ben and Ida LOEKS attended a Baptist Church in Campbell, MN. I am trying to find out the year it was establised and the exact name of the church. Thank you, Amber


Mike kirchmeier Mon Aug 16 16:16:14 2004
Looking for descendants of Anton MIRANOWSKI and Lena Schweip. I am looking for family information and pictures for a history of Southbrook Township, Cottonwood County, Minnesota


Sharleen Fri Aug 27 16:56:07 2004
My Great Great Grandparents, John and Nellie MONAHAN farmed in Prairie View Township from around 1903 until sometime after 1920. I am seeking information, photos, etc of them and/or any of their children: Mary Ellen, Thomas, James, Emmet, Joseph, Edward, or Annie. I believe all of them attended school there.


Midge Nelson Fri Sep 3 19:01:41 2004
Peter Christenson LOMSDALEN and his wife Anna had four children Gina(?), Louis, Chris, Walborg. Peter died in 1917. All four children were living at that time. In the newspaper account of his death it listed Louis, Chris and two daughters, Mrs Andrew WANGEN and sis not name the other. Walborg was married to Andrew WANGEN and had one daughter, Alice. Louis died in 1928 and had several children, none named in the obit from the paper from Fergus Falls. The paper stated that he had a farm about 8 miles west of Rothsay.
Any information would help. Thanks
Midge Nelson - lomsdalen21@aol.com


Gerald Cholewinski Sat Sep 4 10:15:26 2004
Could someone do lookup of marriage between Merle C. GREEN and Lulu FOAT Ca.1908/1909 ? In Wilkin County, MN
Thank You !!!!!!


Pamela Coleman Mon Oct 18 16:34:46 2004
I am looking for information on the family of Mr and Mrs William ROBERTS. William and Isabelle (PAGE) ROBERTS were from Canada prior to their settling in Breckenridge. On 19 Mar 1914 a fire destroyed their home and both of them were found in the ashes. The children I have listed are, Harriet, William, George, Malinda, Fred, Matilda, Joseph and Peter. Any help would be appreciated, I'm trying to help a friend find her family roots.


Rita Timm Tue Nov 9 07:39:45 2004
I am looking for information on, or family of, Charles Norman BRONSON and Lillian WEBER from Brekenridge or Campbell, MN. They would be my brother's parents. Any help would be appreciated. Lillian was 17 in 1946, and Charles was in his twenties.
Rita Timm
Fredonia, WI


Lew Herring Wed Nov 10 07:53:21 2004
Hi. Trying to find information on a Virginia HOLMQUIST who lived in Breckenridge. Not sure of the dates but could have been as late as the 1970's or 1980's. Her middle initial may have been "W".
Thanks for any help.
Lew Herring

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