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Frederick S. Orlowske Thu Jan 13 20:26:28 2005
I am looking for any information regarding the Rev. Theodore Anton KUPKA. Apparently he lived in the village of Geneseo, Sargent county, North Dakota. He was a Catholic priest. According to his death certificate he died in Minnesota, city of Breckenridge, Wilkin county. He was born in Germany on 30 Nov 1883 and died on 02 Feb 1951. He is my dad's uncle -- my grandmother's brother.


Patrice Atkinson Sun Jan 16 21:31:06 2005
I'm looking for information on Winifred HOGAN. She died on Oct 1, 1970 in Wilkin County. Her obituary appeared in the Valley Alert paper on October 7, 1970. I'm curious if her parents names are in the obituary.

I think she's part of my HARRINGTON family and her parents names would help.
Thank you


Theresa Hubbell Thu Jan 20 16:28:43 2005
I am researching John & Anna WILKE family that moved to the Champion, Campbell & Nashua area in 1881 until their deaths in 1915 and 1935. They had the following children: Fred, Charles, Annie, Albert, Henry, Edith, Ida, Minnie, Bertha, Emil, Emma, Hulda & Paulina, born 1873 to 1896. John Wilke's father name: Michael WILKE lived in the same area also. If anyone knows this family or is researching them - I would love to hear from you and share information.


Pearl Quinnild Sat Feb 26 15:08:09 2005
The Barnesville Area Heritage Society has received a request for names of living relatives of Mr & Mrs Gordon BUERHOLT. This couple were friends of Melvin Christianson's who lived near Breckenridge in the 1940's. The person requesting info wants to return wedding pictures of the BUERHOLT's to family. PQ


Carol Horrigan Fri Mar 4 15:30:49 2005
Am looking for ancestors of Donald Courtney KROOK; son of Courtney KROOK and Marie T. CLIFFORD. I am a CLIFFORD descendant. Marie's parents were Jeremiah CLIFFORD and Mary BETTS. Marie was born in Big Stone County Minnesota. Jeremiah CLIFFORD was my gr-grandfather's brother, and his name was Thomas CLIFFORD. Donald Courtney KROOK has 2 daughters born in the 1960's in Wilkin County. Please contact me if you have any information on the family. Thank you


Shirley Mon Mar 21 21:03:08 2005
Looking for familiy of Harley A. ALLEN and Amy Irene ALLEN...census lists them in Atherton.


Margery Graham Sun Apr 17 18:51:55 2005
My grandfather, Ole Borgerson RUSTEN,and his sister, Elena, came to Rothsay, MN, in 1882, from Hamar, Norway. They worked here for three years before they moved in 1885 to Fargo, ND. I would like to know if there are any records of their stay, church, work, etc. and if they were traveling in a group from Hamar. Any information would be appreciated.


Maureen Menden Mon May 16 17:19:16 2005
My great-great grandparents were Dennis COLLINS and Elizabeth (WINN) COLLINS. They were early settlers of the region, coming with three (Cornelius, Maggie and Ann) of their five children in 1879. Maggie married George W. MACE and Ann(a) married Edward C. DOWNEY. I am trying to find out when Dennis and Elizabeth died and where they are buried.

I would be willing to share any information I have on these families including the two children that remained in Mower County, MN (Robert C. and Elizabeth).


Shawna Neuman Wed Jun 1 14:42:47 2005
I am looking for the 1860 census of Wilkin County. I am hoping someone can e-mail it to me. Funds are limited with having to children. Thank you Shawna Neuman


Ken Neumann Fri Jun 10 15:10:07 2005
I am interested in any further information on Joseph and Magdalena (first married to Herman SWEEP) MORBECK (nee TENBREUL). From Magdalena's first marriage those surviving children and eventually moving to Wilkin County were John SWEEP (m. Gertrude), Mathias (m. Bertha THOMAS), Henry (m. Hattie ABBOITT), Gertrude (m. Nicholas FRIEDERICHS), Sophie (marriage unknown, if she married- b 1870), Magdalena (m. WISOTZKE).

In Magdalena's to Joseph MORBECK were born Herman (m. Bernadina VERKENNIS), Marie (m. Henry SAVERKOUL), and Ben (m. Magdalena FUCH). The latter moved to Uniontown, WASH. Mathias SWEEP and family plus Herman MORBECK and family moved to Alberta, Canada.

Any Wilkin County connections or information welcome.


Ralph Tewksbury Thu Jul 7 08:54:30 2005
I am looking for information on my cousins, the children of Frank T. BERKEY and his wife Julia LORD. They are Gale BERKEY and Walter J. BERKEY, and any of their descendants. I am the son of Myrtle BERKEY of Michigan.


Ken NEUMANN Thu Jul 14 16:23:43 2005
In my previous query I mentioned Magdalena TENBREUL who first married Hermann SCHWIEP / SWEEP, and in 1877 married Joseph MORBECK. The latter couple moved to Nordick twp., Wilkin Co. with their children. I mentioned where the others went but failed to mention Mary MORBECK (b 1880) married Henry SAVELKOUL, moved to Ibsen Twp., Richland Co, ND, and shortly after settled and homesteaded Lansford (Bottineau Co.) N.D. Any further info on MORBECKS, SAVELKOULS, SWEEPs, etc. welcome.


jeff Thu Jul 21 16:47:38 2005
Am searching for the burial place of one "Baby Mary" BERG. Born at St. Francis Hospital in Breckenridge, MN about 1929-1931. She only lived about 24 hours. Any help would be appreciated.


W.L. Cody Tue Aug 23 11:28:58 2005
Any info on Francis E. BOCK. He was living in Breckenridge in 1920. He was involved in banking. His spouse was Gertrude ?. There were three children id the family.


Stacy Trentham or Stacy Tue Sep 20 19:31:11 2005
I am researching my mother's family particularly her father's family. Her maiden name is WANEK and she was born and raised in Breckenridge, MN. Her father, Arthur WANEK, was also born and raised in Breckenridge. My grandfather, Arthur's, parents were Joseph and Agnes WANEK. Joseph was born in Wisconsin and Agnes in Minnesota. That's as far back as I can go. I do know that the parents of both Joseph and Agnes were all from Bohemia. I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me.
Thanks, Stacy (Iszler) Trentham


Sharleene Sat Oct 1 06:05:04 2005
Looking for NELSON family who lived in Rothsay. Julia Anna Marie NELSON was born May 1, 1896. She married John Louis JOHNSON and they lived in Mott, ND. Any information would be helpful. I have not been able to locate a birth certificate for her.


Jane Erickson Tue Oct 4 13:55:08 2005
Seeking info on where Harry Hagen FJELD was born.


Jeanm Fri Oct 7 06:40:19 2005
I am looking for info on Bertie Thomas COLBY, died 5/27/1905 in the village of Breckenridge, he was crushed between to railroad cars. I have a copy of his death certificate but don't know where he is buried, or if there was a obituary in the paper, etc. Thanks for any help.


Jim Healey Wed Oct 19 20:32:47 2005
Seeking info of any nature pertaining to these surnames.


Richard Schaefer Tue Dec 6 13:24:57 2005
We are looking for information about George McALLISTER and his 2nd wife Annie, maiden name believed Tobe THORSON.

They were listed in Wilkin County 1900 with one daughter Annie, born July 1894, and were listed as married 7 years. Can anyone check marriage records for them?

This couple later moved to Vermont, his home state, then later returned to MN.


Nancy B. Edick Mon Dec 12 19:56:21 2005
I'm looking for information concerning Daniel FLINT born abt. 1863 in NY. I found a notice in a local paper (Lowville Journal and Republican) telling of his death Feb. 27, 1930 in Breckenridge, MN. He was my g-g-great-uncle.


Fran Ruddick Fri Dec 16 18:31:44 2005
Seeking info on Nedeau family, particularly Lillian NEDEAU, b. Jan 1868 in Iowa, d. Aug 1849 in Campbell Wilkin MN. married Lester A. YORK, b. Dec 1857. A One Family Tree listing has him as Francis Lester YORK. Census track info seems to indicate she is daughter of Olizern NADEAU b. 1836 in Canada, both parents born in France.

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