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THEO JENSON Wed Jan 24 10:01:26 2007
Carrol NELSON taught at NDSU in the 60's. Davey graduated from Fargo Central in 1963. I know they lived in Rothsay for awhile and also Mpls. As I recall Carroll was from Rothsay and had most of his family there. Can you help me?


Larry A. Peterson Wed Feb 7 00:59:20 2007
I am in the process of updating my research on the John F. and Mary (NELSON) ROLIN from Meadows Twp. I would be happy to share this information with anyone interested.


Donna Eichorst Wed Feb 7 12:29:42 2007
I am searching for the grave of Clara Louise BENTZIN who died in Otter Tail County, January 12, 1982. Born December 26, 1892. Also her sister, Hattie BATEMAN and another sister, Viola DOMINICK. Their father and mother, Rudolph and Emma BENTZIN are buried in Fairwiew Cemetery in Wahpeton.


Tammy Russell Mon Feb 12 16:37:51 2007
Looking for someone who has information on George BACKER and his wife Helen (PHELPS) BACKER. They both died in Wilkin County. Not sure if they had children. Looking to see where they are buried, any children, where they were married.
Anything would help.


Patti McGrath Snipes Wed Feb 14 09:01:04 2007
I am looking for any information on Michael McGRATH, born in Ireland, who was married to Margaret (FOGARTY) McGRATH and who had a farm there. The township was listed as Atherton and probably died between 1880 and 1910. The surviving family in the census of 1900 were wife Margaret, sons John, William, James, Edward, Arthur, and daughter, Alice.

He fought in the "War of Rebellion". We would like to know when he died and where he is buried and any other info. you can give us.

Thank you. Patti McGrath Snipes


Darlene Baltus Sun Apr 22 15:24:14 2007
I am looking for ANY information dealing with Edward Otto KUEHN and/or Edythe (BLOM) KUEHN. Edward was police officer in Breckinridge 12 years up to 1947 when he died. Edythe died in 1975. Minnesota Historical Society did not have newspapers so an obit from the local paper for Edythe dated after Aug 19, 1975 would be appreciated.
I am working on family genealogy. Thank you in advance. DB


William Jarvis Sat May 12 00:35:15 2007
I am looking for any information on Francis and Elizabeth JARVIS who lived in Wilkin County from 1885-ish till some time after 1900. Elizabeth lived there alone after 1888 when Francis died, but Elizabeth was on the census in 1900. Can anyone help me? They were on the Richland County Dakota Territory census in 1880. I just found them this evening and it has been a long task of 30 years. I would appreciate any information anyone can offer. Thank you,
William Jarvis


June D. Krueger Tue May 22 22:46:32 2007
My grandparents lived in Lawndale, Minnesota. They were O. M. M. RONNINGEN and Hancine (MALINGEN) RONNINGEN.
Their children were: Calma, Madga, Cora, Olga, Dagney, Orville and Harold RONNINGEN.
Grandpa built the biggest house in town for his family. My Mom was Dagney, who married Jewel Victor ELLEFSON of Barnesville, MN.
My grandfather was a carpenter who built many barns and houses around the area. Lawndale was a very small little town, population about 30 people in the 1920's.
I would like to know who named the town "Lawndale"? What was the name of the bank there? He had something to do with the bank too. The old Gilbert Elkins grocery store? I miss coming up to Lawndale. Even the sign is gone on "old 52". I am 80 years old now and have so many memories of my grandparents. Thank you very much. June (ELLEFSON) KRUEGER


Robert Mitchell Sat Jun 9 13:28:48 2007
I'm looking for the obit for Mrs. Hazel SCHLOSSER-MURRAY and for Ray MURRAY, Hazel's husband.
1899/12/9 1968/2/13 car/train Knollwood Mem Gard Fergus FallsMN Valley Alert Breckenridge MN 1968/2/15 1&2

MURRAY, Ray Mrs. (Hazel) SCHLOSSER, Mr. & Mrs. 1905/10/5 1968/2/13 accident Knollwood Mem Gard Fergus FallsMN Valley Alert Breckenridge MN 1968/2/15 1&2
Wane Robert Mitchell


Heidi Mon Jul 2 10:12:19 2007
Looking for information on marriage of Marie SWAN (b. 1880) of Campbell, MN and Richard HADWICK (b. 1885). They had no children, but I am interested in finding more information any anyone who would have more information on Marie HADWICK. Marriage was brief and occurred between 1900 and 1908. Can anybody help?


Carolyn Paulson Thu Aug 9 09:50:00 2007
I am looking for descendents of Charles W or Harry L DAVIS who lived in Wilkin Co 1900-1950s. I have a couple family pictures you may be interested in. Thank you.


Fran Ruddick Thu Sep 6 12:42:43 2007
Seeking information on the NADEAU family in Wilkin County and Otter Tail County, MN.
Olizern (also spelled Olezam and Olisum in various census tracts) NADEAU, b. May 1832 in French Canada d. 1911 in Minnesota but I'm not sure where. He married Mary BRAY b. abt 1847 d.1928 in Wilkin Co. I believe they had the following children: Lillian, Frank, Edward, William, Levi, Earnest, Raymond, Clyde, Florence, Mattie, Alfred. Olizern NADEAU apparantly died at the same time as two of his children, I believe in a fire. I am particularly interested in knowing where Olizern came from in Canada and when he crossed the border. All advice and information gratefully accepted.


Sharon Cowman Sat Sep 15 14:36:07 2007
Did August LARSON own a cafe in Rothsay in the early 1900's or did someone named Amund LARSON or Amund BAKKEN own it alone or with August? We have conflicting information and have never heard of someone named Amund until last month. August LARSON was my grandfather. He and Gina, his wife, had a restaurant in Rothsay until sometime in the 1930's--probably 1938 or 39. I am not sure of the dates. I want to know who owned that restaurant/cafe and/or who Amund LARSON (or BAKKEN) was and how his name got into this.
Thank you.


Kaaren Slawson Sun Sep 16 18:24:28 2007
My grandfather came from Norway as in infant in 1883. His mother died and was buried at sea. His cousin, Ingri, 11, was with the family and the oldest of the five children. They went to Hilton Township, Iowa. I believe she married Edward ENDERSON of Minnesota in 1889, and they had seven children near Doran, Wilkin County, MN before moving to Victor Township, Marshall County, South Dakota. I would like to know more about this brave girl. I should add that the spelling of her name and her age are taken from the ship manifest, and I've seen variations of both. Thank you.


Judy Avery Sat Oct 6 14:47:16 2007
Interested in any information about Dr. Harris D. NEWKIRK, wife Ruth (SPEAR) NEWKIRK and son Dana NEWKIRK. Dr. NEWKIRK graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1903. He was a doctor in Wolverton when their first child Dana was born there in June 1906. By 1914 they had moved to Minneapolis. Ruth NEWKIRK's mother was Mary RICHARDSON - any relation to Charlie RICHARDSON of Campbell? I have much information on their later years, but would like to know more about their life in Wolverton in those early days.


r poirier Tue Oct 30 10:52:23 2007
Looking for information on Charles FLETCHER, Sr. b. 1/1/1881-10/18/1949. Am looking for any info on him.
Thank You


Kristin Amundson-Ringsage Sun Nov 11 18:25:11 2007
I am researching the history of my Grandfather, John Melvin AMUNDSON born in your county around 1898. Please send any relevant information.
Thank you.

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