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Florence Crane Fri Feb 9 11:40:23 2001
For several years I have been working on the LESTINA family History. Just recently I am researching Jacob PAPACHEK, b. 8 July 1877 and his wife, Frances Lestina PAPACHEK b. 11 Nov 1879. If you have knowledge of this family and their descendants I would appreciate a reply from you. You may email me at . Would happily trade information. Florence


Karen Fri Jun 8 13:54:19 2001
I'm looking for Julie Petrine SVABO's (JULIE HETLER's?) descendants. Julie was born in Nesna, Norway, 1 October 1903, daughter of Karen Marta Johansdatter SMALSVIK and Ole Andreas Bang JENSEN. Her father, Ole Andreas, died in 1908.

In 1914 Julie emigrated to Esmond, ND, with her mother Karen Marta, her stepfather John Jørgen Johansen SVABO, her sister Jenny Amanda, born in 1898, and another girl called Julianne. (I don't know if Julianne is Julie's sister).

On the "SSDI" I did find one Julie, born 1 October 1903, and died July 1980. Last known residence Esmond, ND. Her surname was HETLER. Could Julie SVABO and Julie HETLER be the same person?

Could anybody, please, give me some information. You can either contact me (Karen) , e-mailaddress karenhbr@online.no or Lars-Gabriel, e-mailaddress la-gabri@online.no


Karen Powers Wed Jun 13 15:29:42 2001
Hi! I am trying to find out information on Esther LUNDE. She lived in Brinsmade (SP) ND. She was one of 7 siblings. Trying to locate her ancestors.
Any info is apreciated. Thanks, kelly8802@hotmail.com


Lucy Tyler Tue Aug 21 09:41:57 2001
I would like to find information on William GRAHAM for whom I have the info which follows, and particularly his wife, Alice, who died in Minnewaukan January 11, 1905. According to one history of the area which I have, William was the first person in the township, (I believe it was Antelope at that time), to put up a living structure. His son, Herbert, remained in Minnewaukan for many years as well as Herbert's sister, Florence, married to Richard COOK. Would like to find Alice's death certificate, or anything else. Thanks for anything.

Homstead Certificate No1981, Application 3098 from the Register of the Land Office at Devils Lake, North Dakota,"the claim of William GRAHAM has been established & duly consummated in conformity to the law of the" North West quater of section 11 in Township 151 North of Range 68 West of the 5th Principal Meridian in North Dakota-containing 160 acres.


Don Miller Wed Aug 22 19:40:32 2001
We are searching for the records of Anton OCHS who resided in the Esmond area in the late 1800's and the start of the 1900's. He was married to Elizabeth THOMAS. They had three or more children before moving to Canada in the early 1900's.
Your help would be appreciated. DJM


Bob Erickson Thu Aug 23 15:05:58 2001
I am looking for information about the marriage of Louise JOHNSON (HJELLE) and Einar or Alex ERICKSON which happened in 1907 in Benson County


Gary Babler Fri Aug 31 06:53:59 2001
I'm lead to believe that some of my Bablers of New Glarus, WI (and originally of Canton Glarus, Switzerland) travelled from WI to Oregon and some of the family may have settled in the Harlow area. Has anyone seen evidence of Bablers there?

Thanks, Gary Babler - Gbabler@aol.com - 12th generation of Meinrad Bäbler - Family Trees


Lars Gabriel Hukkelås Sat Sep 8 22:23:21 2001
I'm looking for Julie Petrine HETLER descendants. Julie was born in Nesna, Norway, 1 October 1903, daughter of Karen Marta Johansdatter SMALSVIK and Ole Andreas JENSEN. Her father, Ole Andreas, died in 1908.

In 1914 Julie emigrated to Esmond, ND, with her mother Karen Marta, her stepfather John Jørgen Johansen SVABO, her sister Jenny Amanda, born in 1898 (and I believe she stayed in Esmond here all life)

On the "SSDI" I find Julie, born 1 October 1903, and died July 1980. Last known residence Esmond, ND. (1980)

Could anybody give some information please send an e-mail to la-gabri@online.no

With regards, Lars G. Hukkelaas - 7336 Meldal Norway.


Lonny Gulsvig Sat Sep 22 12:02:29 2001
I am looking for relatives of Amund and Liv SORLIE for information on Liv's mother.


Adolph,Bev. Paulmann Forkey Sun Sep 30 10:23:32 2001
Frank PAULMAN and Otillie (BOORTZ) PAULMAN homesteaded in N.W., corner Benson Co. 030,156N 071W, near a Pleasant Valley ?, in 1904. Appreciate any information.


Jill Knuth Sun Nov 4 05:48:54 2001
Was there a restaurant in Edmond in the 1940s named the WELK Restaurant? It may have had another name, but was reputedly owned by a cousin of Lawrence WELK. If anyone remembers it, I'd like to know more, see a photo if one exists.


Lynn Risner Sun Nov 11 01:23:00 2001
I am looking for information on the death of Mary Etta (MUTCHELKNAUS) McMILLEN, wife of Thomas C. McMILLEN. She was born Nov 1863 in Indiana. The family moved to Benson Co., ND sometime before Jun 1896 when their son Forrest Alvin McMILLEN was born there. I believe she died between 1905 and 1910. She is listed with her family on the 1900 census for Benson Co., Gallinger Twp., but not in 1910 when the family is listed in Impark Twp. Thomas McMILLEN is listed as widowed at that time.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Richard Line Mon Nov 12 21:02:07 2001
Looking for descendents of Hilda HAAGENSON (1887-1936) and Anton KROGSTAD (1875-1934). They migrated to Knox in Benson Co about 1900. I have the lineage of Hilda thru her mother back to Telemark in Norway.


Erik Livrud Tue Nov 13 07:51:28 2001
Hi ! I am looking for any information's regarding my family.
I found Ole Gullikson LIVRUD in the Land Records and this is the only information I've got so far.
Thanks and Greetings from Norway


Bob Getz Thu Nov 29 19:55:08 2001
Looking for information on Gullik and his wife Sina GULLICKSON. Found Sina and her children in 1900 Benson County census. Her children were Henry A., Anton, Carl, Belle Josie, Helmer Oscar. She later married her border Christoffer BRINKMAN.


Kathy Kingrey Wed Dec 12 18:09:32 2001
Looking for info on Peter (father) and Franz (son) WENTZ. In 1900 census it shows he immigrated to U.S. 1889. Not sure when Franz immigrated. Also on BLM land records shows 1904. I am trying to find out family info.


Bjarne Jørmeland Mon Dec 31 06:50:22 2001
The name ERIE - probably from the place Eri at Sogn og Fjordane Fylke (county), Norway - is included in my RODLAND-familytree from near Leeds, Benson County.
Peter Olaf ERIE, b. Nov. 7. 1906 married Aasa Jacobine HOLMAN, b. May 30.1910. Aasa's grandfather Jacob RODLAND came from the Rødlende farm in Hjelmeland, Rogaland Fylke, Norway. Peter and Aasa probably moved to Vancouver, Washington.
Does anyone have information about the ERIE-family -or the RODLAND family ?


Bjarne Jørmeland Mon Dec 31 08:37:42 2001
In 1900 the family Frank L. ENGSTROM, b. 1859 in Sweden, wife Jensine, b. 1872 in Norway - and children Gustav (Gust?), b. 1890, Anna, b. 1893, Ida, b. 1895, Hans b. 1895 and Jens b. 1898 - is listed in Leeds Twp.
Gust later married ? Kjersti RODLAND, b. Sept. 22. 1901. This family lived in Leeds - and had children Evelyn, Georg, Leo and Galen.
Does anyone have information about this ENGSTROM / RODLAND family.
Frank and Jensine and daughter Ida are burried at Leeds Cemetery.

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