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leonard groehler Mon Jan 20 15:40:29 2003
My grandparents, Francis M. HOUCHIN and Myrtle M. EIGHMY were married in Minnewaukan 1909 and lived in the area for 8-10 years. Their mailing address was just Minnewaukan, ND, so I am not sure where they lived in Minnewaukan, however three children were born in Minnewaukan. Villa M. HOUCHIN born 1909, Donald HOUCHIN born 1911, Ethel HOUCHIN born 1913.

My grandfather probably came to Minnewaukan with his sister Margeret (HOUCHIN) MANLY and her husband by covered wagon in 1901. Sheridan BURGESS and his wife Maude are relatives of my grandmother . Maude BURGESS was my grnadmother's niece.

I would appreciate any information you can provide. Sincerely, Leonard GROEHLER


Henry Berg Fri Feb 21 20:24:00 2003
Can someone provide a lookup for the Benson county cemetery transcriptions, page 19, for the LEVORSON entries? Or is there someone who knows of Knud LEVORSON, who purchased land in Leeds township in 1897/1900. He was born in Norway in 1848 and moved to ND from Mower county, Minnesota, with his second wife Helena.


Christy Coppedge Wed Mar 12 20:19:03 2003
I am looking for information on Elizabeth Sylvia WELLS and Jesse HAKES. Jesse's brother is listed in the Benson Co. BLM Records on the date 8/16/1904. Elizabeth and Jesse were possibly married in Benson Co. on 10/3/1901 and their first son Leonard James was born in Minnewauken on 1/27/1904. Elizabeth (Bessie) also had a daughter from a previous marriage who died in Minnewaukin on 1/21/1904. They had left ND by 1907 as their second son was born in Wisc. Any information would be very welcome.


Eleanor Peterson Sat Mar 15 14:47:27 2003
I am seeking information on any BLAKEs that lived near Brinsmade or Esmond; in Benson County for sure between 1900 and 1915. I am looking for a Frank W. BLAKE, Frank M. BLAKE and a J. J. (Mikey) BLAKE.
Would appreciate any information. Thank you, Eleanor Blake Peterson


Karen Sorensen Sun Mar 16 22:34:11 2003
Charles PRITCHARD is found in Benson County census records of 1900, 1910 and I am trying to determine if he is my relative. Any obituary info, or death record with place of birth would be helpful.


Barbara Krogh Mon Mar 17 11:24:00 2003
Would anyone be able to get an obituary from the Ft. Totten area? Seeking info on Charles BLACKBIRD d. Oct 1968 and soc sec shows living in Ft. Totten.


Nancy Olsen Tue Apr 1 22:24:56 2003
I am looking for PETERSON / PEDERSON family that settled in Leeds, ND, area, from Norway. Brothers Bertinus (Bortinus/Bortinius), Martin, Lars, Nils and Peder, and sisters Mina, Annie Marie and Laura. I find a Bertinus PETERSON in the BLM listing owning land in Knox Township and on the 1910 and 1920 Census sheets for Knox Township. In 1920 he is widowed and a daughter Amelia NELSON is living with him, with her children John, Bert and Hilda. Does anyone recognize this family? Thanks very much in advance.


Doug Johnson Mon Jun 9 22:30:58 2003
I am looking to verify the birth of my mother, Margaret ANDERSON-OPSAHL in Maddock, ND on November 5, 1910...Her father's name was either Ole OPSAHL / OPSAL or Ole ANDERSON and her mother's name was Elise (BRAATEN) ANDERSON or OPSAHL / OPSAL.


Nancy Garrelts Tue Jun 17 13:18:40 2003
Seeking information on my great grandmother, Mary Susan Clark DENNISON, who died in Warwick, N.D. on June 1, 1913.


Patsy Mundale Wed Jun 18 09:12:04 2003
Need death information for Grace Sawyer McKENZIE, nee REYNOLDS, wife of Richard. She died at the hospital in Maddock, ND, Benson County, April 1910. I have a letter she was writing to her mother while she was in hospital awaiting gall bladder surgery. She didn't get to finish letter. Can anyone check to see if there is a death certificate or if a hospital is still there? Perhaps that would help me to find where she is buried.
Thank you very much.
Patsy McKenzie Mundale


Pat Jones Wed Jun 18 15:50:37 2003
Found SCHEMPF, Phillip in 1900 Federal census, Benson County, ND. Believe he was still alive in 1940s. He was a farmer and owned at least 160 acres (per Land Patent). Would like more information on both he and his wife (my grandmother's sister), Mary (MARSHALL) SCHEMPF.


Janice Bell Tue Jul 8 13:38:57 2003
In a 1917 obituary for my gg grandmother they indicated she was survived by a sister, "Mrs. GRANDU" of Leeds, ND. Maiden name might be KAMOSTAD, both of Norway. I have no first name, spouse names, etc.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


gale cacioppo Sat Aug 2 14:15:30 2003
Alfred-Mabel-plus children's names. Lived in Benson county during the 1920 census.


becky ells Mon Sep 1 09:00:11 2003
Family stories had the ELLS boys going to North Dakota to do wheat farming. So I managed to locate land grants to a Sam and Jacob ELLS. While on vacation in summer 02 we went to Minnewaukan, North Dakota and talked to the librarian and the local historian (Mr. Plummer). We got so much information on that trip but only left me wanting more. Mr. Plummer gave me his e/mail address which I unfortunately lost. Mr. Plummer if you see this please send it to me again. Our Jacob came to Chicago and begot this end of the family. But Sam stayed there in ND and his boys (that we heard about) went on to Canada. Mr. Plummer mentioned Sam's granddaughter placed a headstone in the cemetary who was from Canada. I would like more info from that granddaughter and/or her family. thanks. becky


Patsy McKenzie Mundale Sun Sep 14 14:11:26 2003
Grace McKENZIE was in hospital in Maddock, ND in April 1910. She died there during or while waiting for gall bladder surgery. Were death records kept there? On today's maps it looks like Minnewaukon is the county seat of Benson, would there be death records there? She and husband, Richard, lived with farmer, Ole A. Stoi in Arne Township. I have had no luck finding confirmation of death or where burial may be. She was my grandmother.
Thank you,
Patsy McKenzie Mundale.


Martha Grisham Wed Sep 17 17:26:43 2003
Especially interested in the BRITSCH family. Elijah (Jeff) BRITSCH was my grandfather. He lived in York. I need information on the children and siblings of Jeff


Ruth Guldseth Mon Oct 13 18:43:31 2003
Would like any information oabout Vernon Sylvester AASEN born in Oberon. We have the same ggrandparents. Please inform Thanks.


Rolanda Delorme Thu Nov 6 15:12:08 2003
Can you please help me find any information on Adelle BLACKBIRD?
She is my great grandmother. Thank you very much! I've tried every other alternative.


Maxine Richardson Tue Nov 11 13:50:20 2003
I am looking for any information I can get on Henry Leonard REBILLARD and wife Alice BURT who lived in Benson Co. Warwick Twsp in 1909. I have a death certificate of a daughter that was born to them in 1909 and died 2 days later. I wonder if they might be on the 1910 census.


Hatland Sun Nov 30 06:45:49 2003
In the 1920 cencus was a Herman PROBST and wife Della and daughter Louise In 1930 Herman was widowed and had children Louis 13, Glenn,11 and Marjorie 4.
I am looking for Herman's parents and his children or grandchilden

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