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jan mcausland Mon Jan 12 22:57:19 2004
Looking for information on my great-great-grandfather, William H. NORTHRUP, who lived in Oberon, Benson County during the 1900 census. He states he is married, and has been for 2 years. I have lots of info but nothing on this. Who was she? Where did she go? I have info on William before this time and after but this is a mystery?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Larry Peterson Tue Feb 10 02:32:38 2004
Seeking information on the Carl and Emil WESTROM families living in the Maddock, ND area. Both families were on the 1930 Census. Soc. Sec. Death Index lists Robert W. WESTRUM and Gordon A. WESTRUM with localities Flora, Hesper, Maddock.


Carolyn S. Jackson Sat Mar 6 15:23:41 2004
Searching for descendants of Walter SMITH (26 Oct 1912 - 13 Dec 1997) and Pearl L. (SMITH) BERG (6 Dec 1910 - 3 Feb 1991). Walter and Pearl's father Lorenzo SMITH was one of nine brothers to my great-grandmother Margaret (SMITH) JOHNSTON, born in Ontario, Canada. Have lots of info to share and some pictures!


Irene Breadner Wed Mar 17 19:19:00 2004
Am looking for any information on Dr. Harry DeWitt LEES who was a physcian in Esmond likely by about 1911/12. He also worked out of Devils Lake. He was a member of the Chautauqua as well, which is where he met his wife Mary Willie PRUITT. They were married in 1916 possibly in Esmond. He later moved on to the University of Minneapolis.


Larry Peterson Wed Mar 24 01:19:10 2004
I am seeking information on the Carl and Emil WESTROM families. The 1930 Census listed them in the Arne Twp. area. Social Security Death Index lists Robert and Gordon WESTROM with localities of Flora, Hesper, and Maddock. Thank you.


Fran Olson Wed May 12 21:27:10 2004
I am researching my grandfather, Thomas Benton MONTGOMERY aka Ben or TB. He operated a dairy farm about 3 miles from Leeds in 1910. He was married to Mary Elizabeth CARMICHEL aka Lizzie. They had two sons John and Walter. John married Crystal WILL and Walter married Luvia MARKS. The family lived around Leeds from 1910 or before until late 1930's or early 40's. I found Ben, Lizzie, Walter and Leslie MARKS on the 1930 Leeds Census. If anyone has any information about this family , please contact me. Thanks. Fran


Timothy J. Sitzer Sun May 23 22:08:49 2004
Hiram Freeman SITZER was my grandfather. He was a pharmacist in Esmond, N.D. Could you please tell me something about his business and family. He was married to Nellie SITZER (nee HAND). He died in 1936. My Father was Don SITZER (Hiram's only son). Jewel SITZER was my aunt (only daughter). We are thinking about a trip to Esmond later in the summer of 2004, and I would like to tell my three children a little bit about their great grandfather and greatgrandmother. Unfortunately my father, Don, was not much for family history, he passed away in Dec. of 1990, so I have very little to go on. Anything, please, would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards, Tim Sitzer


Valerie Keller-Mikula Sun Jun 20 23:58:12 2004
Guro MURI was my great grandmother - she is buried in Brinsmade d. 1904. Simon MURI was her husband. Guro & Simon had four girls that were adopted following Guro's death by Guro's brother, Edward STRAABE... Gena, Inga (Paulson, my grandmother), Annie & Odena (SOLBERG). I'm interested in information on the cemetery in Brinsmade (Lebanon, sp?) and also interested in finding Simon MURI's gravesite. And any other information or stories. Thank you kindly. (wonderful memories of York, ND)


C. Sheridan Tue Jun 22 22:45:50 2004
I am interested in obtaining ANY available information pertaining to the KRENZEL family. I am only in the beginning stages of tracing my family history so I only have limited information. Only information I currently have is very sketchy. Great-Grandparent's names (spelling my be inaccurate) were: Magdelena KRENZEL and Sigismund "Sam" KRENZEL. The family resided in or near Esmond as my grandfather, Peter KRENZEL, was born in Esmond on 03/31/1919. I don't have any other information or time frames as to how long the family resided in the Esmond area but they eventually moved to and settled in the Grand Forks area.

Again, any information, suggestions, advice would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance... Chuck Sheridan - Dallas, TX


Bill Grimes Fri Jul 2 07:48:16 2004
I am curious as to why Grahams Island is on the 1900, 1910, and 1920 Benson County census, but is not listed for the 1930 census. Can anyone tell me? Thank You.


Tobi L. Fri Jul 2 16:58:02 2004
Andrew Thomas LEE, b. 3/8/1866, unknown where, died 3/24/1912 in Jamestown, North Dakota. Andrew married Ida PETERSON, b. 10/14/1869, unknown where, died 1/13/1911 in Jamestown, North Dakota. They were owners of the Maddock Hotel in Maddock, ND, purchased in 1907. Seeking information on the hotel in the Maddock (Benson Co.) Centennial Book.

Andrew LEE had a sister (? LEE) who married Ole CLEVELAND. Ole owned the LEE Store in Maddock (Benson Co.) Please note: Ole purchased the store from the "other" LEE family in town, they are not known to be related to Andrew. Children of Andrew and Ida:
    1) Henry Edward LEE (my grandfather), b. 7/11/1893 in Decorah, Iowa, d.9/22/1950, buried in Jamestown, ND m. Violet Estelle CAMP, Number of Children: 8
    2) Albert W. LEE, b. 1890, d. 1918, m. Lottie ?
        1) Thomas "Bud" LEE, b. 9/14/1914, d. 12/23/1926
        2) Jessie LEE, d. 1990, Jamestown, ND, m. Bud WINGEYER
    3) Minnie Myrtle LEE, b. 9/9/1894, Ada, MN., d. 5/1989, Jamestown, ND m. Harry MAXUM, 12/24/1919
    4) Elizabeth LEE, buried at Highland Home Cemetery, Jamestown, ND m. Adam MAROZEK
    5) Emma LEE, b. 1900, Jamestown, N.D., d. after 1910? Jamestown, ND

Found in 1910 school census of Stutzman Co., Jamestown, ND Index with siblings and father Andrew.
Appreciate you looking at the names, and if you should have any matches, suggestions, etc., I'd be more than happy to hear from you. Just never know when a match could be made, so I keep trying.
Thank you so much,
Tobi L. in Washington


Rick Rasmussen Mon Jul 26 10:17:29 2004
Any information regarding Jarl DYRUD or any of his family/ancestors. Dyrud is a unique place name in Norway and any persons with that surname will be related. Thanks.


Tanya Wales Sat Jul 31 03:16:23 2004
I need to know the township where Henry BUISSON lived during the 1910 census. He was married to Ingeborg (Inga) and had a stepson named Arthur. After Ingeborg died circa 1913 -1914 Arthur ran away from home because Henry BUISSON took him out of school and made him work on the farm. He never went back.


C Miller Sun Aug 15 10:39:28 2004
I am looking for information about the descendants of Erick and Gina HJELDEN (both born in Norway and emmigrated to the US in the 1880's. They farmed in North Viking Township in the early 1900's. Their children were John, Peder, Albert Anna, Inga, Gina, Elmer, Olaf, Josephine, Alma, Emma, Karl, and Melvin. Of these children, I'm most interested in Emma's family. Her married name was CARLSON (husband: Edward or Edvard?) and later McCORKLE (husband from Washington state).


darla corley Mon Aug 30 17:10:28 2004
Looking for final resting place of Matilda/Mary SETTER. She was born Matilda JOHNSON / HAMMELSTROM in 5-1864 in Sweden. Her family emigrated to the US in 1869. They settled in Union County, South Dakota. Matilda married Fred SATTER / SATER in 1890 in Union County. They had the following children: George (1891 SD), Minnie (1893 SD), Ida (1895 SD) and Harry (1897 SD). Matilda and her children were abandoned sometime after 1900. According to Harry SETTER, the family lived in Oberon while he was growing up. I have found Ida on the 1910 census living in Albert Township. Any help would be appreciated. Sincerely, Darla


R. W. Danley Sun Sep 5 18:30:30 2004
Looking for info on the HOPPER family of Brinsmade.
George, Father
Merla, Mother
Elnora, Daughter
Russell, Son

I am named after Russell, my Father's best friend from high school days in and around 1930 at Cando, Towner County. Russell was killed during early WW2. Mother & daughter moved and lived in Santa Barbara, Calif. till death. George, the father, no info known by me except he showed working as bank teller in 1920 census and living in Brinsmade.
Any info will be appreciated.
Sincerely, Russell W. Danley


JIM Thu Sep 16 00:17:28 2004
Would you know who was the mother of Charles BLACKBIRD? He was born around 1895 on the Devils Lake Sioux Indian Reservation. He passed away in 1968 at Devils Lake.
Thank you.


Robert Sheets Wed Oct 6 20:33:28 2004
Looking for HUFFMAN and SHEETS family members.


Mary DeVaney Sat Nov 13 22:23:23 2004
My grandfather, Richard Alexander STUART, was an attorney in Minnewauken between approximately 1900 and 1924 when he died in Devils Lake. I have not been able to verify the date of death or locate a death certificate. Can you help me? He is buried in the Minnewauken cemetary with my grandmother and two of his four children. My mother was Ethelyn STUART and I have a cousin whose mother was Phyllis STUART (maiden names). We are the last of the decendants of Richard Alexander STUART and would like to know something about him. I do not know his mother's or father's name or where he was born. I know the home was to have been torn down when I visited Minnewauken in 1993.
Any information would be appreciated...or any ideas of how to gather more information.

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