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Hans Myhre Wed Jan 12 09:47:47 2005
Halvor OLSEN tailor and wife Laura and kids Clarene A. OLSEN b.1908 was in Leed Twp in census 1910. It seems that they hvae been married for 3 years. Where did they marry? And was Clarence born in Leeds ND or in Minnesota as the census in WA tell in 1920 and 1930?


Marlene Magnuson Tue Jan 25 11:30:15 2005
My great uncle Henry BUTKE lived in York, North Dakota from 1912-1930. He was a station agent for the Great Northern Railroad. He and his wife Louise had one daughter named Helen. She was born in York. Henry and Louise later divorced in Benson County. I am looking for the divorce records and any other information possible for this family. He later remarried and became an auditor for the Great Northeran Railroad in St. Paul. Helen was his only child. Louise never again married but did become the first Woman Mayor of Waconia, Minnesota. She was very civic minded.


chaz Sat Jan 29 23:54:11 2005
Hi, I am looking for a John SPAULA and I am not sure if he ever lived in Benson county but I am hoping one of you know him and will e-mail me.


Nanette McRitchie Tue Feb 15 14:58:45 2005
I am looking for information on my great grandparents and their families:
My great grandmother - Christine SULLAND of Leeds, eldest daughter of Torger SULLAND. Siblings Selma, Agnes, Carl & Ted. She (Christine) married Carl BOD in 1916. (Carl BOD was born in 1892 in Vermland, Sweden; came to Leeds in 1909, and lived with his aunt and uncle(?)) In 1918, Carl & Christine moved to Canada.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Becky Sun Feb 27 23:36:56 2005
Has anyone heard of know anything of the Amos Henry BLOCHER & Bessie Hope KAUFFMAN family? They had 4 children as far as i know of, I believe their names were Eva (Evangeline), Ellis, Modest Jack and Esther. Any help would be greatly appreciate. I know they were in York, Benson, North Dakota. Thanks


David Helfrich Mon Mar 21 11:56:48 2005
Sometime between 1905 and 1910 Howard HARTMAN and his wife Cora Ida (nee HELFRICH) moved from Pennsylvania to Benson County, North Dakota with their nine children. A tenth was born in Benson County in 1914. I am searching for any further information on this family and / or any ancestors of them. Here's what I know about them.

Cora Ida HELFRICH, born about May 1872. Married about 1890 to Howard HARTMAN (b. abt. 1864 in Pennsylvania). Living in Centre Township, Snyder County, PA in 1900, where Howard was a farmer. By 1910 they had moved to Albert Township, Benson County, North Dakota, where Howard was renting a farm. By this time, Cora had had 9 children, 8 of whom were still living. In 1920 they were living in Twin Lake, Benson County, North Dakota. Howard was still farming, although he now owned a farm, and sons Elias and Jacob were aliving and working there as well. In 1930, the widowed "Ida C. HARTMAN" is found living in Impark, Benson County, North Dakota, with her single daughter N. A. Maude HARTMAN. Cora ans Howard's children were -

a. Gertie (aka Gertrude) HARTMAN, born about September 1890 in Pennsylvania

b. Jesta HARTMAN (maybe Vesta), born about December 1893 in Pennsylvania

c. William J. HARTMAN, born December 21, 1896 in Middlebert, Pennsylvania. He was a farmer. Joined the armed forces on September 5, 1918 at Minnewaukan, North Dakota. He was sent to Camp Grant, Illinois and served in 36th Training Company, 161st Depot Brigade until his death. He died at Camp Grant, Illinois on Oct. 8, 1918, of influenza and was buried at Hill Cemetery, York County, North Dakota.

d. Elias E. HARTMAN, born about July 1898 in Pennsylvania. Living with his parents in Twin Lake, Benson County, North Dakota and working on the family farm in 1920.

e. Susan HARTMAN, born about November 1899 in Pennsylvania

f. Maggie HARTMAN, born about 1900 in Pennsylvania

g. Minnie HARTMAN, born about 1901 in Pennsylvania

h. Jacob R. HARTMAN, born about 1903 in Pennsylvania. Living with his parents in Twin Lake, Benson County, North Dakota and working on the family farm in 1920. In 1930, Jacob was single farm laborer. He was boarding at the home of George J. and Nettie M. GREEM in Iowa, Benson County, North Dakota.

i. Ada K. HARTMAN, born about 1905 in Pennsylvania. Living in Twin Lake, Benson County, North Dakota in 1920, with her parents.

j. Netty A. MAUDE HARTMAN, born about 1914 in North Dakota. Single and living with her mother in Impark, Benson County, North Dakota in 1930.


Lloyd Camp Sun Mar 27 15:42:10 2005
Any family out there?


Chris Kildahl Sat Aug 6 20:17:36 2005
I visitied the Antiochia Cemetery and found the tombstone of my great great grandparents Nicoline and Johan KILDAHL. I have limited information about them and would appreciate any information that anyone has on them.


nina taylor Wed Aug 10 08:38:44 2005
Looking for a marriage record of Henry Oscar McCALLSON and Nellie (Mellie) NELSON from Sweden. Married 1930 in Knox, North Dakota in Benson County. That'sl all I have.


Colleen Smith Thu Dec 8 23:31:53 2005
Looking for information on the old Clarence OLSON farm in Benson County, North Dakota. It was a family run farm for over 100 years.

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