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Lucia Robinson Sun Oct 13 09:43:59 2002
I'm interested in finding persons living in this county now with the last names of BROSZ, SPITZER, or WEISSER. My mother was Martha BROSZ, b. 1904, and I'd like to find the relatives of her siblings Gustav BROSZ, Ferdinand BROSZ, Emma (BROSZ) WEISSER, Edna (BROSZ) SPITZER, and Lavina (BROSZ) BRINK.
Thank you very much.


Neal Henke Tue Oct 1 17:36:44 2002
Father- Arthur HENKE
Grandfather - Christian (Chris) HENKE
Grandmother - Lydia WALZ
GGrandfather - Johan HENKE
GGrandmother - K. HENKE


Delores Becker Thu Sep 12 20:54:39 2002
My grandfather was Gottfried HERMANN, as was my fathers name also,except he spelled it HERMAN, grandpa was married to Magdalena HAERTER, [HARTER] I believe they came over in 1888, I can not read the census sheets on the screen even when I print it out, can you look it up for me, Please,


Werner Vesteraas Sun Sep 8 07:15:08 2002
Looking for information about Adam I BERDAL, born 1870 in Feios, Leikanger, Norway


Stephen Hall Sun Jun 23 16:44:11 2002
Looking for my grandmother Francis Evelyn LESTER her father is John James LESTER and her mother was Dora May DAVIS. Francis was born in Hople, ND, McIntosh County on Oct. 3 1903.


Kristen Fri Jun 14 05:02:21 2002
My Grandmother Annette ROEHM was born in Wishek, North Dakota to Lydia (HERR) ROEHM. Lydia HERR was the daughter of Jacob and Christina HERR who once owned the HERR Merchantile Store in Wishek. I am just curious if anyone has information on my Great-Grandparents Lydia and George ROEHM, or better yet, Jacob and Christina HERR. And if anyone has pictures, it would be even better. You can just e-mail me with info for I probably will have a hard time checking on here.
I do have a photos page at Webshots- if you put in the name ROEHM or HERR in the search, you'll find pictures of my direct descendants.
Thank you-Kristen


Scott Collis Wed Apr 10 22:50:33 2002
I'm looking for information on Thomas MARTZ, father of John MARTZ and of the same MARTZ who farmed about 7 miles East of Ashley,N.D.


Ann Aman Mon Apr 8 11:13:39 2002
I am looking for burial information on the infant son of Walter and Anna STERN born Feb. 1941 at Eureka Hospital
Walter's former address was Zeeland, ND so believe the infant is buried there. He was a member of the Wisconsin Synod Lutheran Church.
At the time of the birth of the child their address was Greenway, SD
Thank you for your assistance.


Hazel Gaard Sat Mar 23 15:49:51 2002
Searching for the marriage date of Thomas BARLEY and Bertha LARSON. They were apparently married in Ashley, ND approx. 1895. They were both born in Minnesota, Thomas b. November 5, 1864 and Bertha b. February 8, 1872. Any info on these people would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Hazel


Ramona Hoffman Fri Mar 22 13:10:21 2002
Zion Lutheran church in Ashley is having a celebration next year honoring all the country churchs that joined the church in town and I'm looking for someone who might have any information such as confirmation pictures or anything you would like to share of families who attended the Emmaus Church located Northeast of Ashley. some of the families were HINZ, OBERLANDER, GEHRING, KAPP and KLEIN. Anybody who has any information I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank You.


ROBERT HOUSER Sat Mar 16 19:46:30 2002
I have been tracing mainly the THURN family for a year now and have all kinds of information that I am willing to share. Geo Friedrich MEIDINGER married Katharina THURN - Frederick THURN married Christina SCHNAIDT in a double wedding 1 Feb 1883 In Kassel. Jacob MARTEL married Christina THURN - Phillip OBENAUER married Christina Barbara THURN - Geo Friederich THURN married Catharina RAILE - Magdalena THURN married Jakob RAILE. To my knowledge they all came to Zeeland, Wishex area, some to Bowdle, & Ashley SD. They were some of the founders of St Andrews, I have christening and confirmation dates, Church was founded in Zeeland 1n 1893 and placed into the National Register of Historical Places. Nuff already.


Lloyd Thurman Fri Mar 1 19:30:20 2002
Am Looking for any info on Laranz BROKOFSKY or John or Henry LAYER. Also Lydia and Blanche HINNSMAN. Came here between 1885 and 1910


Elizabeth Delzer Tue Feb 26 03:08:29 2002
Christ G. DELZER is my great great grandfather. He was born on February 27th, 1865 in Johannestal, South Russia and then he located near Menno, Dakota Territory. Later, after getting married to Miss Friendericka LANGE they traveled to Eureka, then to Ashley and finally after an Indian scare which ended up being false went back to thier little home in McIntosh County. Mr. and Mrs. DELZER were the parents of twelve children. I have all thier dates and thier spouses dates.
My query is that I would like to learn more about my great great grandfather side of the family, his siblings and his parents. The information that I have aquired from my family source is quite a bit, but I am trying to go with the DELZER surname. Anyone with any information would be appreciated.
Sincerely, Elizabeth Delzer from Campbell, California


Rosemarie Otterstetter Allen Fri Feb 22 00:44:48 2002
My Great-Grandparents came into McIntosh County in 1889. They were Jakob and Magdalena (Mueller) OTTERSTETTER. He also had a aunt that was married to Michael SCHABER, that came there the same time. Michael's son Reinold is has been said opened the fisrt show house in Ashley. If anyone can, please help find any of the families that I have listed.


Renee Werth Sun Nov 4 08:35:44 2001
Our WERTH's lived near Lehr, North Dakota and our KRANZLER's near Ashley, North Dakota. I would like to hear from anyone with these family names from McIntosh County, North Dakota.


Delores (Hermann) Becker Sun Oct 28 13:01:02 2001
am searching the Gottfried and Magdalena (HAERTER) HERMAN family, they came from Beresina, I believe in 1888, I believe a brother of grandpa HERMANN also came with them, have not been able to locate that family,they homsteaded in McIntosh Co, Ashley , N.D.

Also searching for siblings of Phillip and Carolina (HEINRICH) MERKEL, homesteaded in the Coldwater Dist, Grandpa MERKEL spoke some Russian, have no clue where they migrated from
any one out there with any info, on that family, would like to hear from you.
Delores Becker


Raymond Bier Tue Oct 9 19:31:47 2001
Info on Christain BIER from Wishek,N.D.


Lawrence Rittmiller Sun Sep 9 13:43:14 2001
Any information on any son of, or daugher of a BETSCH. Thanks much!


Peter Ogilvie Mon Jul 2 20:06:23 2001
Thomas Manson BUCK, 1887-1952, lived in McIntosh or Sioux county around 1918-1924 on a spread called Dirt Butte Ranch. Also, references to Swastika Ranch, probably owned by the Angell's. His wife was Franklyn C. (BAXTER) BUCK, who purchased 160 acres from BLM in 1920. Can anyone tell us where these places might be and if there are any remaining relatives today. Thanks.


Sylvianne Penner Thu Jun 21 14:14:47 2001
Peter MITZELL settled in the Zeeland area of McIntosh County about the same time as my Wendelin MATERI, who homesteaded there in 1885. His wives were named Magdalene MIZLE (possibly MITZELL), and Magdalena GESI ( possibly GEISE).
I noticed that Peter's wife was named Barbara GESI, d/o John GESI and Katherine WAGNER.

Could Wendelin's first wife have been Magdalene GESI?
Could she have been related to Peter MITZELL' wife, Barbara GESI??

Anyone who is related to these MITZELLs might know the answer to this important question.
I have an obituary for Magdalene MATERI and it states that she is survived by two brothers, one was a John GESI, of Zeeland.


Missy Mickelson Tue May 15 21:23:50 2001
I am looking for any information on these surnames. I would love to find out any history as my parents are from McIntosh area, mostly Lehr. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!


Sylvianne Penner Wed Apr 18 10:03:58 2001
Wendelin MATERI and wife Magdalene (MAGDA) MATERI came in 1885 with son Martin. Wendelin bought a 500 acre farm in the McIntosh County in 1895. Looking for Wendelin's descendents. It has been reported that he had 13 children with his first wife, Magdalen MISLE and five children with his second wife Magdalene GEISS.
Some of the names which I have connected to him are;
Martin born 1885, in Josephstal, Russia.
Joseph, born 1887, who married Florentine JOB. He moved to Medicine Hat, Sask., Canada and is buried in the Hilldside Cemetery in Medicine Hat.
Peter born 1898, who moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
and Sebastian born 1890. who lived in Emmons county.
Who are the other 10 children???????

Any info most welcome.
Check my URL address for the whole MATERI family dating back to Alsace, (France) in 1700.

The Peter (Joannes Petrus) MATERI family went from Neiweiler, Alsace in 1808 to Franzfeld, Russia ( now Ukraine). Wendelin was my great grandfather, Joseph's brother. He settled in St. Joseph's Colony, Balgonie, Sask, Canada, in 1886.
I look forward to any info.


R. Roberdeau Mon Apr 2 23:17:08 2001
I am interested in any information about the BAUMSTARCKs, descendants of Anton and Margaret BAUMSTARCK of Neeweiler, Germany, and Kutschurgan area of Odessa, Russia. I have the family traced back to the mid 1700s but have none of the later members of the family. My great-grandmother was Magdalena BAUMSTARCK married to George ABERLE of Strassburg, Russia. Anton BAUMSTARCK came to America on the same ship as my great Aunt, Magdalena ABERLE Schumacher in October 1885. I am especially interested in finding any relatives of Regina (THOMAS) ABERLE, wife of Michael ABERLE who came to the McIntosh County area of N.D. in October 1885. Her father is believed to be George THOMAS of either Selz, or Strassburg, Russia.
I am willing to share any information I already have about the families mentioned.


T. Hudson Sun Mar 25 17:23:59 2001
Looking for any information on Lewis Peter JOHNSON and wife, Mathilda Cecelia Hildegarde (BERGSTRAM) JOHNSON who settled in Ashley, ND in 1902. Children: Edwin Alexius, Ella Cecelia Margaretha, Harold Lewis Peter, Ethel Maria Mathilda and Guy Chichester.


nikki hermann Tue Mar 13 13:21:07 2001
I am researching my husband's side of the family. His grandfather (Emil Gottlieb HERMANN) and grandmother (Florence Estella GRUEBELE) were both born in Ashley ND. Emil was born in 1902 (i think) and Florence around 1921. The only piece of information i know for sure is that they had a son, Fredric Edward HERMANN, in 1939 in Eureka SD (that's my father-in-law). His birth cert says that Emil was 35 and Florence was 18. but my father-in-law told me Emil was born in 1902. The numbers don't quite match though. Florence died young but that's about all i know of her. If you come across her death cert i would be interested in details about that too. my father-in-law was young and doesn't know much about it either. Any information you could give me on both of them would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


joanne Hummel Mon Mar 5 00:13:58 2001
I am interested in any information regarding HUMMELs who lived in the Ashley area in the 1920's. Some went on to CA and died there, but I hope there are more of them around to help me find connections!!
Johann HUMMEL, born in Russia, around 1867,wife Rosina GRUEBELE, lived for awhile in Walworth Co. SD then moved to Ashley area.
Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks.....joanne


Patricia Hochstetter Fri Jan 26 18:39:56 2001
I am looking for any information on HOCHSTETTER and/or PFAHL.

If you have resources for McIntosh County or would like to volunteer to help with look-ups, please e-mail Tim Stowell
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