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Ken Williams Thu Dec 30 20:04:53 2004
I would like to obtain any information or stories about my mother's family. They lived for quite some time in Ft. Yates. My grandfather's name is Peter JANUSCHEITIS, and he married Irene VOLK. After Peter died, Irene married LIPP. My mother's name is Rose JANUSCHEITIS (she died in January 1986. The only surviving JANUSCHEITIS child is Bernard (now living in Moorhead, MN). The other brothers/sisters included; Antione, Peter, John, Hilda and Katherine.

Any information or stories would be gratefully received.


Joyce Wood Sat Nov 20 11:43:03 2004
Hi, I'm researching the name of NIPPOLT. I believe it to be German. Are there any NIPPOLT families in McIntosh County, ND. I feel like I'm looking for a needle in a haystack. I do know that Patricia NIPPOLT m. Laurel Alfred NYBERG and the made their home in Lamberton, MN.
I would greatly appreciiate any information offered. Thank You.


Linda Lang Mon Oct 18 18:48:16 2004
Looking for father-in-laws family
Elmer LANG was born 11/10/1922 in Wishek, ND. His mother mother was Rosina and his father was Conrad LANG.

Children: Isador


JRicha1024@aol.com Tue Aug 17 12:07:41 2004
Hi, I've read the Ashley page you posted. Great stuff. I visited Ashley about 3 years ago and was researching my family roots. My grandfather was born there and I hope some of the relatives still live in the area. I only had a portion of a day to be there, I walked around the cemetaries. I know that Adolf and Helen MOENCH owned the Insurance Company-through letters written to my grandmother years ago. Helen was my great-grandmothers sister (Mathilda LAYER BROKFSKY). I was hoping that there was a way for me to get in contact with any of the relatives and share geneology information and history. I was hoping you may be able to point me in a direction or foward my message to someone who may assist me, I would be most grateful. I have some of the older photographs of the family and would be happy to share them. Should anyone write, please include "Dawn's family geneology" on the subject line so that I can be sure to get it.
Thanks so much


T.L. Hudson Tue May 11 20:46:44 2004
Searching for information on Lewis Peter JOHNSON and wife Mathilda Cecelia Hildagarde (Hilda) BORGSTRUM who settled in Ashley, ND in 1902. Three sons: Edwin Alexius, Harold Lewis Peter, and Guy Chichester. Two daughters: Ella Cecelia Margaretha (MAERCKLEIN) and Ethel Maria Mathilda (RAILSON).


Jerolyn (Marlatt) Towne Tue Apr 27 09:49:08 2004
There is a monument in one of the cemetaries that my parents came from Michigan to see. It is to have the MARLATT or BEVERAGE name on it. Wellington MARLATT was a Civil War veteran and had land given to him in Ashley Twp. His name appears on the 1890 Census for the township. We don't know the connection with the BEVERAGE name. Thanks.


Laura Walz Sat Apr 24 09:45:42 2004
I am looking for information on WALZ, STEINWANT or STEINWANDT families.


Barbara Davis Tue Apr 20 21:15:33 2004
I am searching for information regarding Alvin Jacob (AJ) HUHN b. 1900. He spent his school years and early adulthood in Ashley, N.D. He was an avid baseball player and ran the movie theater in town. He married Anne PARTYKA and moved to Wilton in the 1920's. Any information, photos, or records on my grandfather would be greatly appreciated.


Pioneer Woman Tue Mar 16 11:27:51 2004
Is anyone else researching the North Dakota German-Russian (Prussian) families KIENZLE or KIENZLE, some of which settled Arvada, Logan County (1920 census) and in later in Wishek, McIntosh County.


marvelene weyer Mon Mar 1 22:20:39 2004
I would like an obituary on Karl J WIEST, County Commisioner who died in July of 1937


Lori Doerr Tue Feb 17 21:56:01 2004
Sometime after 1910, Gottlieb G. DOERR (1847-1926) married a Maria. He was living in Lehr. According to the 1920 census, she was then 59 (born about 1861). She is shown as born in Bessarabia as were both of her parents. I am interested in finding information about this Maria.


Iris Jordan Sat Nov 15 14:50:14 2003
Looking for info on Philip & Friedrerika (OTTERSTETTER) JELINEK family. Couple was in Ashley, McIntosh, ND, from at least 1889 to 1895-7. Philip applied for naturalization while in Ashley and the couple had two children born there (Anna & Minore/Minnie). By 1898 the couple was in OK. Thanks for any help. I appreciate the assistance.


Victoria Willson Mon Jun 16 14:08:57 2003
Looking for marriage record for a George W. ABBOTT and a Mary G. QUINLAN. They would have married in 1885 in Macintosh County. Likely were Congregationalists.


Vicky Clausen Sun Jun 8 18:39:33 2003
I am searching for information about Martin and Amelia LUND. They lived in Ashley, ND in 1910, Township 130N, Rge 69W, Sec. 32.


Darcy Moran Thu May 29 23:41:51 2003
I'm looking for information on Jacob/Jake HUIZEL (aka J. H. HUIZEL). He was a superintendant for Ashley Public School from 1911-1915. I know in the 1910 Census he was in Eddy Co., North Dakota, age 27, occupation Teacher. Thanks


MARY BETH MCCULLAGH Mon May 5 20:20:18 2003
I am looking for information on John SCHOCK, Jr. (1860-1904) married to Katherina RATH (1866-1921).

I am also looking for information on Phillip BENDER married to Rosina JESSER, came to US in 1889. Would like to know where they lived and are buried.
I will be visiting in Ashley in June and would like to visit cemteries there. Any information greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Susan Cramer Sun May 4 11:48:25 2003
Researching both GIEDT & WILES families in Ashley, N. Dakota area circa 1880's-1900's. Head of household were Michael GIEDT (GIEDD) and A. T. WILES.
Appreciated any assistance and will willingly share the info I have.


Sylvianne Forsythe-Penner Tue Mar 25 11:52:24 2003
I now have updated my web page to include the Wendelin MATERI and Magdalene GESI families.
Four of his sons moved to the Fox Valley areas of Sask., Canada in 1910.
With the help of some members of this family we have managed to combine our info for this family tree. WEB PAGE address: http://members.shaw.ca/syl.penner

Have a look and see if you also have some more info to include!!!


Margie Zimmerman Jackson Thu Mar 6 11:16:50 2003
I am looking for information about the Gottlieb and Emelia Heiser REMPFER family. I think Gottlieb was born in Greenway, SD and died in Zeeland, ND. Emelia was born in Greenway and I think she died in New Ulm, Minnesota. They had 3 children that I know of: Irene, Gertrude and Marvin.
If anyone has information about this family please contact me. I would like to share information.
Sincerely, Margie Z. Jackson


Kris Schatz Fri Feb 21 21:55:59 2003
I am looking for information on the Julius HERMANN / Mary LANG(E) family from Ashley, ND. These were my grandparents and have very little information on their families. Children of Julius & Mary are: Ella, Harold & Sylvia HERMANN. They moved to Lodi, CA in the 1940's.


Tom Scharf Mon Feb 17 15:05:14 2003
Looking for the children of Albert GIMBLE and Verna Margaret SCHARF. Last known to be living in Linton, North Dakota. Verna SCHARF was the daughter of George SCHARF and Mileta SUKUT. I believe she had three daughters.


Carol Bernier Thu Feb 13 09:51:55 2003
I am looking for any information in regards to Elijah Kirtland McGOGY who married Louisa VOSBURGH, their sons Stanley, Charles and James. Elijah was one of the first pioneers to Hoskins. James married Nellie BEVERIDGE in Ashley, ND. I am also looking for a living relative or information of these people. I am willing to trade info. Thanks Carol

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