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Date:  05/30/1999
Subject:  McIntosh County Cemeteries
Name:  Coleen Mielke
Email:  coleen@mtaonline.net

I have a book listing the cemeteries (and people buried there) for McIntosh Co., ND...I'm willing to do lookups for people...(it's alphabetised...so it's easy)...your more than welcome to offer my name and e-mail address if anyone needs help. Coleen Mielke


Tracy Wed May 19 13:38:49 1999

I'm looking for information on Christ & Ameila (Johannes DALKE) ZIMMERMAN from Lehr, ND in McIntosh County. Especially about Christ. His Father was Gottlieb ZIMMERMAN and his mother Katherina ARLT. Any information would be great.
I have the Lehr Jubille book. I can help others from Lehr.

Date:  05/30/1999
Subject:  Straub-Wolf family search
Name:  *hrothRMS@ix.netcom.com
Email:  *hrothRMS@ix.netcom.com

I am seaching for info and contacts re the Carl Straub and Lydia Wolf/Wolff/Wolfe (of Java, SD) family last of Ashley. Thank you.
Harley Roth 408 926-9886
Date:  05/14/1999
Subject:  Family history books or centenial books
Name:  Roger Metzger
Email:  122345metz@msn.com

Hi do they have and Family history or centunial books, if they do let me no the cost and were I can get them..
Roger Metzger

Korreena Taylor May 13 14:14:47 1999
I'm looking for information on my great/great grandparents. My great grandma Wilhemina Fried moved to Zeeland ND in 1906 from Romania with her family.

Date:  05/12/1999
Subject:  Elizabeth Zoller (Mrs. George Ackerman)
Name:  Sharon Schulz Kroker
Email:  roseofsharon@ancestry.com

Was Elizabeth Zoller (Mrs. George) Ackerman related to Eva Zoller(Mrs. Jacob) Trautmann,Caroline Zoller (Mrs. Carl) Trautmann, and Christina Zoller (Mrs. Johann) Schwenk? I found Elizabeth's name in one of the history books of Wishek.

Date:  05/07/1999
Subject:  Johann and Christina Zoller Schwenk
Name:  Sharon Schulz Kroker
Email:  RoseofSharon@ancestry.com

I am looking for information on Johann and Christina Zoller Schwenk. They arrived in Zeeland in 1904. Johann died 11 or 19 May 1910. Where is he buried? Christina was naturalized on 8 November 1911. She was residing in Venturia at the time. When did she die and where is she buried? She may have been related by marriage to Jacob Trautman of Zeeland. Does anyone know more about them or their families of origin. They both were born in Worms.

Date:  05/05/1999
Subject:  Adam Delzer
Name:  Eloise Delzer
Email:  msdixler@foothills.net

Dear Sir;
Looking for information on Adam Delzer who emigrated to this country in late 1800. Have heard he entered via Baltimore and came after his son, also named Adam Delzer. They were of German/Russian decent. One of them arrived on a ship by the name of Wilhelm DeGroot?
My husband Francis Xavier Rheinhold Delzer wants to add his family name to the Statue of Liberty monument but needs to prove it should be there. A one hundred dollar contribution is required and I plan to make this rememberance in honor of his birthday Dec 6th of 1999.
If you can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Several of his family have done some genealogy but it was not specific about the actual entry...they do say however that the son and father were named the same name and came to North Dakota. My husband was reared in a small town called Zeeland. He is a mining engineer and left North Dakota years ago when he went to work for Anaconda and U. S. Steel in South America. He was a Fulbright Scholar in Germany at 14 and graduated UND at the age of 18. He never voices any need for material things and I think this family thing would be something
that would really make him happy. Thanks, Eloise Reynolds Delzer....
e mail address: msdixler@foothills.net

Date:  04/29/1999
Subject:  Aksel Petersen Vinge
Name:  DAVID Vinge
Email:  dvinge@powersurfr.com

Hi, I am looking for info on my great Grandfather and Great grandmother.
Aksel Petersen Vinge came to America in 1882 and according to the Police records of Trondhjem he was heading to Sioux Falls. In 1887, he paid for a ticket to bring Gyda Marie Ottesen over. The police records show she was going to Dell Rapids, S.D.
They were married in 1888 (March) and their honeymoon was spent moving to Ashley N. D.
Aksel had a brother, Peder Gerhardt and a sister Anna Marje who also came over to America. I do not know when. I am thinking that they were in the same vicinity as Aksel (he was the oldest - b. 1864). According to an great aunt (in a tape recording) Peder was killed by steam engine that blew up (when?) and Anna passed away from 'running tuberculosis'. I do not know if they died in S.D. or did they go to North with Gyda and Aksel?
Any directions you could tell me to go in, would be greatly appreciated.
Thank-you for your time!
Sincerely, DAVID Vinge

Date:  04/28/1999
Subject:  Landsiedel
Name:  Kathy Clark
Email:  ameagle01@voyager.net

Landsiedel - the family came from Johannestal S. Russia, came to the United States and settled in S. and N. Dakota in the early 1900's.
Part of the Landsiedels remained around the Ashley area and other moved up along the Alberta/Saskatchewan area.
Kathy Clark
Date:  04/18/1999
Subject:  Anthony Brandner
Name:  Deb Brandner
Email:  branbek@daktel.com

Hello, I found you on the internet. Your name was linked to a Anthony Brandner. I do some family history and am interested in nowing if you have his chart going back into Germany. I am married to a Brandner from Zeeland and have always been told your Brandners and mine are not related. But this past year I have met a few of your relatives and see and the same family traits. Either way please write me back.
Deb Brandner
Wishek ND

Date:  04/11/1999
Subject:  County Lookups
Name:  Tim Stowell
Email:  ndst1@usgennet.org

To find a potential lookup volunteer for your county site - please visit:

http://www.rootsweb.com/~tnraogk/northdak.htm .

This is a very interesting/helpful site that we can link from the state site but you may also wish to write the volunteers for your own county to see if you could add them to your site's lookup volunteers.

Tim Stowell
State Coordinator - ND AHGP Project

Date:  04/11/1999
Subject:  Website
Name:  swschlecht
Email:  swschlecht@corpcomm.net

The following is a link to our website which has many McIntosh County connections including the Speidel and Schlecht names who were all Germans from Russia. All four of my grandparents were born in Russia.


Tammy Dyer Tue Mar 23 08:35:44 1999
I am researching Kellers, Wald, Bossert, Goldade, Miller, and Steele. If anyone could help me along with my research, I would greatly appreciate it.

Date:  03/20/1999
Subject:  Cousin Chart
Name:  Donnel Shaw
Email:  DonnelShaw@aol.com

Date:  03/17/1999
Subject:  Niess aka Nies
Name:  John Nies
Email:  caval@ecis.com

My family came from Glueckstal to the US, settling in McPherson County. I will get the information to you in the next week or so. Thank you, John Nies

From: caval [mailto:caval@ecis.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 1999 10:46 PM
To: clarence@heier.net
Subject: Niess aka Nies

I have visited your site looking for information about my families past.
I found my last name there but, not much info there. If you want what I have found, let me know and I will put it together for you and send it.
My grandfather and grandmother came from Germany, moved to Russia and later came to the US and settled in South Dakota.

Date:  03/15/1999
Subject:  Daniel Huber
Name:  Wanda Huber Hopkins
Email:  whopkins@eznet.com

Hi! In a note regarding my great grandfather, Daniel Huber, died Sept 28,1905, it said " see also 5 Oct 1905 ZEELAND NEWS page 7, col. 1." I have looked at the Heritage Center at Bismarck and they have no record of that paper. Does anyone know what happened to the old files or even when it ceased printing?
I would love to have the obituary that was in that paper. Thank you! Wanda

Date:  03/07/1999
Subject:  Along the Trails of Yesterday
Name:  Keith Knoblich
Email:  knoblich@whidbey.net

I would be glad to look up and give out any information I can. I also have several other books including the Diamond and Golden Jubilee Books for Ashley, North Dakota

Keith Knoblich

Date:  03/07/1999
Subject:  Along the Trails of Yesterday
Name:  Sonny
Email:  virgandstan@softcom.net

Have the book "Along the Trails of Yesterday" and the Jubilee books and other information on Ashley. Please contact if you need any help. Also a lot of our people are settled here in Lodi, CA.

Date:  03/07/1999
Subject:  Along the Trails of Yesterday
Name:  Keith Knoblich
Email:  knoblich@whidbey.net

I have a copy. If I can look anything up for you let me know.

Date:  03/07/1999
Subject:  Bollingers
Name:  hanson
Email:  hanson@cde.com

hi, i am researching the Bollingers and i am wondering where your Bollingers are from. i am looking for information on Bollinges from Huntingdon county Pa. any information would help... thanks in advance..
becky (bollinger) hanson

Date:  03/07/1999
Subject:  Along the Trails of Yesterday
Name:  sonny
Email:  virgandstan@softcom.net

Have the book "Along the Trails of Yesterday" and the Jubilee books and other information on Ashley. Please contact if you need any help. Also a lot of our people are settled here in Lodi, CA.

Date:  02/21/1999
Subject:  Lehr, Meyer
Name:  penny
Email:  wwakefi@prodigy.net

Can You Help? I am trying to locate information about my Great Grandfather Andreas F. Lehr. He married Christine Meyer in Kassel, S. Russia and came to the U.S. in December 1858. They had the following children: Fredrick, Sam, Andrew, Mary and Albina. They migrated from Tripp, Hutchison County, S. Dak. in 1885 and their homestead was just south of Lehr, ND. If you can me help locate information please e-mail me @ WWAKEFI@prodigy.net. Need help with records of any kind.

Date:Feb 15 1999
Subject:  Lehr & Meyer
Name:  Penny Lehr
Email:  WWAKEFI@prodigy.net

Searching for Andreas F. Lehr family. Imigrated 1885 to McIntosh County .1
1/2 miles South of Lehr. Wife Christina Meyers. Christina's Parents were
Jacob and Catherine Rott.
Date:Feb 15 1999
Subject:  Lehr
Name:  Penny Lehr
Email:  WWAKEFI@prodigy.net

I am not very computer savvy, but I did managed to find the McIntosh County Families Page. I am doing research into the Lehr Family, who migrated to McIntosh around 1885 from SD. Andreas F. Lehr was my Great Grandfather. I believe he was part of the establishment of the City of Lehr about 1898. I found information about this in the Lehr 1898- 1948 Golden Jubilee book.
I have not been able to locate his burial information so far. Mrs Lehr Andreas wife (Christina Meyer) remarried a Leno after his death. She may have been living Lehr about 1938 as I found her name in the Ashley Golden Jubilee book from 1938. She may be buried in or around Lehr, but I have not found that either.

Date:Feb 15 1999
Subject:  Lehr Genealogy
Name:  Penny Lehr
Email:  WWAKEFI@prodigy.net

From Rogue River, OR. Looking for information on Lehr, ND and Genealogy information. .

Date:  02/07/1999
Subject:  Sukut
Name:  Donnel Shaw
Email:  DonnelShaw@aol.com

I hope this helps. All is taken from page 99 of Spirit of Wishek Golden Jubilee 1898-1948.

Mr. and Mrs. August Sukut

June 7, 1887, marked the milestone of a great experience in the lives of Mr. and Mrs. August Sukut when their boat docked in the New York harbor. Here they found the beginning of a new and vast land that offered much to those who were ready to prove themselves worthy of its riches and blessings. Leaving New York, Mr. and Mrs. Sukut began the seemingly endless journey to Bowdle, S. D.

Here they were met by his brother Wilhelm, who had come to this country three years earlier, and was at this time settled in the Beaver Creek area. Thence began the search for land upon which to build a home and make a livelihood. A covered wagon, a team of oxen, and many days of driving, brought them to a place about 20 miles northeast of where Wishek now stands, on section 12-134-70, in Logan county.

In spite of many reverses and hardships, this place offered a home and a good living for a family of 13 children. The first house was built of virgin prairie sod. The closest railroad was Ellendale, N. D. From five to six days were required to make this trip with the streamlined Oxen Mobile. Food was at a premium. Buffalo bones were gathered and hauled into Ellendale and this provided a little cash with which to purchase flour and a few necessities.

Meat was almost unknown for the first winter and great rejoicing was in the home when on one occasion they were able to catch a wild rabbit. In 1889 a prairie fire razed the country and destroyed their home. Penniless, homeless, and courage sorely tried, but not defeated, Mr. Sukut went as a laborer and worked for one dollar a day on the Martin Young Ranch. On Saturday night the trip home was made on foot, so that he could visit his family. The luxury of a mail service amounted to, not daily service, nor twice a week,, but twice a year, until Kulm, was built. On one occasion Mr. Sukut carried a small bag of flour 30 miles for his family.

August Sukut, son of Wilhelm Sukut, was born June 17, 1862, in Paris, Bassaradia, South Russia. In the year 1884 he wed Juliana Bogner, who was also born in Bassaradia, South Russia, and to this union 9 boy and 4 girls were born: Edward, of Napoleon, N. D.; Daniel, Kidder, S.D.; Marie ( Mrs. Karl Zimmerman), Napoleon, N. D.; August, who served in the first World War and was killed in action on Armistice Day: Wilhelm Ellendale, N. D.; Julius, Wishek, N. D. ; Mileta ( Mrs. George Scharf), Wishek, N. D.; Gottlieb, of Lehr, N.D.: Emma ( Mrs. Arthur Bender), Accampo, Calif.: Aaron, Wishek, N. D.; Gideon, Aberdeen, S. D.; and Ester ( Mrs. Andrew Boschee), of Lehr, N. D.

Mr. August Sukut passed away on February 10, 1929, and Mrs. Sukut passed away on March 6, 1947. A young son, Ferdinand, died in 1897, at the age of 7 years. Not only did the old homestead provide a home for the living, it is also the family resting plot.

Date:  02/07/1999
Subject:  Wendland or Bietz families
Name:  Wendland
Email:  wendland@simplynet.net

I am looking for any information on the Wendland or Bietz families of North Dakota. In or around the Ashley area or Macintosh county. If you have any information or know of any other site to try, please let me know.

Date:  02/07/1999
Subject:  Roth's
Name:  Donnel Shaw
Email:  DonnelShaw@aol.com

Don't we have Roth's? I will check my book. I believe it is on the veteran's list.

Date:  02/07/1999
Subject:  Can anyone help; or can i help anyone?
Name:  Jay W. Meeuwig
Email:  cyber_HiC@usa.net

Can anyone help; or can i help anyone?
Jay W. Meeuwig

Rooting at HUMMELs; ROTHs; SAUTERs; WIDMAIERs and associated families... from S.Russia...
[ Neuburg; Alexanderhilf; GrossLiebental;
Rosenfeld {Konoplewo in Russian} ...
all near Odessa... ]
Subject:  Hummels
Name:  Elaine Hummel
Email:  ac956@chebucto.ns.ca

Can anyoone provide any info about HUMMELs who will have come from S.Russia and settle down in this neck of the woods pardon! Prairies..

Any help will be appreciated
Subject:  Cemetery books for McIntosh County
Name:  John Krein
Email:  webnut@futureone.com

I am back again and I can not remember if I asked if one of you two know who sells cemetery books for the county of McIntosh? I do appreciate your time in this matter.


Thank you,

John Krein

Date:  01/04/1999
Subject:  Wendland or Bietz
Name:  Wendland
Email:  wendland@simplynet.net

I am looking for any information on the Wendland or Bietz families of North Dakota. In or around the Ashley area or Macintosh county. If you have any information or know of any other site to try, please let me know.

Date:  01/04/1999
Subject:  Bittner Relatives
Name:  Duane and Pat Bittner
Email:  gerusbit@cwnet.com

Happy New year to all my friends and acquaintences in Lehr and surrounding communities. We'll see you all in June or July again this year. I'm searching for all my Bittner realtives.

Duane and Pat Bittner

If you have resources for McIntosh County or would like to volunteer to help with look-ups, please e-mail Tim Stowell
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