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Date:  12/20/1998
Subject:  Cemetery Lookups
Name:  Donnel Shaw
Email:  DonnelShaw@aol.com

Yea!! We will sign you up.
Date:  12/20/1998
Subject:  Address Needed
Name:  Coleen Mielke
Email:  coleen@mtaonline.net

Can anyone help me with the signup address for the North Dakota/South Dakota/Minnesota rootsweb list? Thanks Coleen in Alaska

Date:  12/20/1998
Subject:  Cemetery Lookups
Name:  Coleen Mielke
Email:  coleen@mtaonline.net

I have a McIntosh Co. Cemetery book. I'm willing to do lookups for people.

Coleen in Alaska
Date:  12/05/1998
Subject:  Giedt Area in McIntosh County
Name:  Charles Evans
Email:  Cevans1000@aol.com

On your map of 1895 there is an area named Giedt that is near Ashley N. D. Do you have any information who it was named after? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Charles Evans
Date:  11/16/1998
Subject:  Ben or Tom Cantey
Name:  Lorraine Anderson
Email:  LAnder3232@aol.com

Desperately searching for a Ben or Tom CANTEY who was living in North Dakota maybe 1920....COULD BE EARLIER OR LATER. NEED INFORMATION OR DESCENDENTS from these lines to complete FAMILY GENEALOGY on my end. Please respond. Thank you.
Date:  11/14/1998
Subject:  John Stepper
Name:  Larry Stahl
Email:  lstahl@efn.org

I am searching for the earlier generations (parents and grandparents) of John Stepper, born Sept. 21, 1892, in MacIntosh Co., North Dakota. He married Rosalind Isabel Helmer on Jan. 23, 1924 in MacIntosh Co. He died Jan. 1965 in Bremerton, WA.

I shall appreciate any information.
C. Larry in Oregon

Date:  11/13/1998
Subject:  Huber's
Name:  Wanda Huber Hopkins
Email:  whopkins@eznet.com

Hi!!! My grandfather, Friedrich Huber b.1864, had brothers settle in McIntosh & Emmons [ND] =Konrad b.1860 and Jakob b.1862. Campbell [SD] =Philipp b.1867 [Just over the line!] Have found some of Konrad and Jakob's grandchildren. Was wonderful meeting and visiting with them!! Are there any of Philipp's "tuned in" ?

Hope so!!! Thank you!! Wanda

Date:  11/13/1998
Subject:  Marie B. Geidt
Email:  CEvans1000@aol.com

Looking for information on Marie B. Giedt and family around the 1800s in Mcintosh County
Thank you

Date:  11/13/1998
Subject:  Sahli
Name:  Susan Sahli Germani
Email:  sgermani@csi.com


I found your page on the Internet with leads to Sahli. I am researching my Father's family and know the following:
George Sahli and Barbara Spanger(Senger, Sprenger, Spranger) from Kandel, Kutschurgan, Kershon District, Russia - their son Seigfred Sahli( b. 1849) married Rosina Kreitel( Krietel, Kraitel, Kreidel...). Rosina was the daughter of Katherina Goetz and George Kreitel. Seigfred and Rosina emigrated to Baltimore on the SS Hermann ( from Bremen on May 9, 1989) Eventually they made their way to Aberdeen SD with Children Stephan, Theophil, Conrad, and Margaretha. Stephan ( my grandfather) married Eva Dieffenbach( Diffenbach, Tieffenbach, Tieffenbacher, Diffenbaugh.....). Eva had a sister Regina who married Conrad. Eva and stephan had 7 children Cecelia, Anna, Wendelin, Joseph, Isador, Rose and Frank (my father) before moving to the New Jersey area and having 7 additional children.
I do not know if Seigfred had brothers and sisters but I assume so and I am trying to trace the Dakota area connection. Any leads would be appreciated.

Susan Sahli Germani
Minneapolis, MN

Date:  11/13/1998
Subject:  Success
Name:  Lorraine Hirning
Email:  lhirning@telusplanet.net

Just a short note to say that a relative in California suggested that I contact an individual living in Ashley who knew Carl Hirning and also speaks German. She went to Bernese Levi's and was able to translate the German and found the church record for us.

Appreciate the efforts that both of you made.

Lorraine Hirning

Date: 10/31/1998
Subject:  Please Help
Name:  Donnel Shaw
Email:  DonnelShaw@aol.com

I would like to ask all that come to this site for HELP!!! When you are looking for information in your search realize that the only way it gets here is by someone putting the info here. Therefor: If you have an Orbit, Bio, Cemetary list, Church history or anything like that and can give documentation as to where it came from PLEASE submit it. We would like to se this sight grow. Also please put yourselves on the list for McIntosh. Thank you for your help.

Donnel Shaw
Co County Coordinator.

Date:  10/27/1998
Subject:  Reformed Cemetery
Name:  Donnel Shaw
Email:  DonnelShaw@aol.com

It would be nice to have all of the cemetery or as much of it as you have to put up on the McIntosh page. Would you be willing to write it up for us?
Donnel Shaw

Date:  10/24/1998
Subject:  Hirnings
Name:  Lorraine Hirning
Email:  lhirning@telusplanet.net

First, thank you to both of you for trying for this information. It's amazing that Carl's death is not listed with N.D. Vital statistics. I have also spent 21 hours checking microfilm (which I borrowed from ND) of the Ashley Tribune for the years 1930-1932 and found nothing. Neither school districts (Emmons and McIntosh) have record of Carl. I have now contacted the S.D. government in case Carl is registered there.

Henry's son (you refer to Henry in your e-mail) is alive. We have been corresponding regularly and this is the info I received from him (below). The grave stone for Karl is a brother to Henry and Wilhelm. Rainer, I take it that the cemetary you are referring to was called the reformed cemetary. Thus, it sounds as if it is no longer used and has been abandoned.

I do think that it would be worthwhile for someone fluent in German to translate the person's records (if she would be willing). It sounds as if these books are all that is left. I'm expecting to be in Zeeland in 2000 (sooner if possible). I'd appreciate the address/phone number of the person you spoke with. Being in Canada, I'm rather limited by distance.

Thanks again for the information.

Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 15:39:36
To: lhirning@telusplanet.net

A mortuary won't do much good. In those days they went to Eureka, S.D., bought a coffin, brought it home, put the body in the coffin kept it in the house until the funeral . Carl was taken to the hospital in Eureka, brought back to Grandma Weber's house where he died. The funeral was at the [St. John's Reformed Church ] in Zeeland, they may have a record ...

Date:  10/24/1998
Subject:  Hirnings
Name:  Rainer B. Heier
Email:  rainer@cyberdude.com

We visited Bernese Levi in Zeeland this afternoon, She has four books of records some Luthren and some Reformed, she is a widow, a very friendly lady, but her records are mostly written in german and she can't read german. she tried hard to find what we were looking for, called a few people and one of them remembered a Carl Hirning died of lock jaw at the age of 11 in the early 30"s Her father was Bill Hirning and was a brother to a Henry Hirning.
We then found a cemetery one mile east and a mile south of Tom Volks farm by a abandoned church and the tombstones are in good shape and readable.

Father: John H. Rutschke 1909- 1952
Karl Hirning 1881-1947
Jackobina Hirning 1887-1945
Hilbert K Hirning June 1, 1914- Feb. 24, 1945
Mother Frieda Wiedmeier Aug. 15, 1913 - Jan. 19, 1955
Fred 1988-1939 Lauretag 1930-1930
Emilie 1901-1945 Gottlieb 1895-1968
John 1870-1949 Magdalena 1872-1948
Jacob 1901 Magdalena 1906-1990 Mother Lydia 1900-1937
Larry A Wacker Oct. 10, 1947
Bauer (no dates)

Note: The Rutschke, Schneider and Bauer spots had a big stone with this name on and small stones sunk into the ground with the other names.

Rainer B. Heier
Date:  10/09/1998
Subject:  Salzer
Name:  Randy Salzer
Email:  rbs53@hotmail.com

I don't really know how your site works, but my family has a long history in Ashley, ND and MacIntosh Co. I think the family name should be listed in the archives. My grandparents' names were John & Christina Salzer (they lived in the Danzig area and then in Ashley for many years; my parents' names are Clarence & Bernice Salzer (they currently live in Bismarck).

My wife and I are: Randy & Barb Salzer: our children are Matthew and Benjamin. My mother's parents were Edward & Emma Klein (also from Ashley, ND)

Date:  10/09/1998
Subject:  Zeeland
Name:  Lorraine Hirning
Email:  lhirning@telusplanet.net

I'm looking for a record of Carl Hirning who we believe is buried in the Zeeland Reformed Cemetary, unmarked, in the early 1930's at age 11.
Also, do you happen to know who might have the records that were at the St. John's Reformed Church (Zeeland) which apparently closed many years ago?

Thanks for any information you can provide.

Date: 09/07/1998
Subject: McIntosh County Cemeteries
Name:  coleen
Email:  coleen@mtaonline.net


I have an indexed book of people buried in McIntosh County North Dakota Cemeteries if anyone wants anything looked up. I've found a LOT of my German-Russian relatives in this book.


Dean Junker Mon Sep 7 17:36:44 1998
Researching Junkers, Heimbuchs(Heimbuck)& Bohlanders. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you so much.

Lakewood, Co

Date:  08/19/1998
Subject:  Walpurga
Name:  Kelly Mitchell
Email:  ketchup@bmlive.com

Hi There All;
Looking for further information on:
Walpurga Dettling b. abt 1889 in Mannheim Russia. She married George Lacher (1877-1925) on March 15, 1909. Walpurga was the daughter of Karl Dettling and Marianna Miller.
Last known place of Walpurga was in McIntosh County ND.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yours Truly
Kelly Mitchell

Calgary AB.

Date:  08/17/1998
Subject:  Hochhalters
Name:  Stacy Hochhalter
Email:  norton1@ponyexpress.net

I am gathering any information on the Hochhalters. My grandfather Ted Hochhalter lives in Wishek. I would appreciate any help! If anyone has anything on Scheuffele I would appreciate that also.

Thank you.
Date:  07/05/1998
Subject:  John Martz Family
Name:  Martz
Email:  Kenairiver@aol.com

Please research the John Martz family of Ashley, ND. Thomas Martz, SR moved to Ashley in the the late 1800 from Russia via Germany. John Martz is the son of Thomas Martz, Sr.
Date:  06/28/1998
Subject:  Schuh
Name:  Rocky Kramlich
Email:  Bonzee@cw2.com

I'm looking for information on the Fredrick Kramlich born oct 1 1846 and wife Elizabeth Schuh born Jan 2 1848 family who came to the Eureka, South Dakota area and settled in the Braddock area of North Dakota in 1894. He left Dakota around 1900 but, his son William stayed in the area.

I would like to find out where he settled and any decendents that may still be in the area. He had a brother Andreas who settled around Long Lake in SD. and another brother William somewhere in the area. One of his daughters married Fred Martin and settled around Mound City SD. Any information you could give would be appreciated. I do have a picture of the family to share.


Rocky Kramlich.

Date:  06/23/1998
Subject:  Reich
Name:  Laura
Email:  LSchaeppi@aol.com

I am trying to find the obitaries for Peter and Katherine Reich from Lehr, ND. I dont know if they were buried in Lehr or a nearby community. Would appreciate a reply if possible.


Date:  06/20/1998
Subject:  Sahli
Name:  Susan Sahli Germani
Email:  Sgermani@compuserve.com

Hi, Saw your file on the web and noticed that you have several Sahli names in your line and from the area (Dakotas) that my father's family emmigrated to from the Odessa ,Russia area. I am looking for a connection to Seigfred Sahli, son of George Sahli and Barbara Spanger. Seigfried was married to Rose Kreitel and they lived in the Aberdeen area(SD) at one time in the 1880's where my grandfather Stephen grew up and married Eva Dieffenbach and 14 children one of whom was my father Frank John Sahli.

Surnames involved in my family are SAHLI, KREITEL , DIEFFENBACH, SPANGER, GOETZ, AND HARTMANN.

Any connections for you? Thanks.

Susan Sahli Germani

Date:  06/20/1998
Subject:  Kranzler
Name:  Peggy Shore
Email:  pegary@softcom.net

I am looking for a child of a woman named Emma Kranzler. The child would have been born in February of 1935. I believe the child is a boy. Possible father on birth certificate would be Jacob Schneider.

I have found out that my father, Jacob, fathered this child and I am wondering if you could possiblely help my. I am coming to Napoleon ND in first part of July .

Any help would be appreciated.

thank you

Peggy Shore

Date:  06/20/1998
Subject:  Schwartzbauer
Name:  Sonja K. Schwartzbauer
Email:  sonja.schwartzbauer@researchresources.com

My fathers name is Carl Steven Schwartzbauer and my mothers maiden name is Irene Louise Bell. Carl is from North Dakota and Irene is from South Dakota, I would like to find out as much as I can about my ancestors.

Date:  06/15/1998
Subject:  Ulrich
Name:  Mark Shepherd
Email:  msd@initco.net

Seeking info on Jacob Ulrich, know to be in ND Dickey and McIntosh Co. by 1900.
Mark Shepherd
East Helena, Montana

Date:  06/03/1998
Subject:  Hildenbrand
Name:  Cathy Olmsted
Email:  colmsted@goldengate.net

I'm trying to hunt down info on my G Grandmother and her family. They came from Russia, and resided in McIntosh County. Here is what I know so far: Her name is Barbara Hildenbrand, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Israel Hildenbrand. b. 29 May 1888 in Russia, d. 31 July 1972(?) in Yakima, WA. She became a US citizen in McIntosh Co. on 23 March 1900. M. George Weible on 26 Dec 1906 in Wishek, ND.

I'm tryning find out what area of Russia her family came from, also her mother's name. Her siblings (that I know of) are: Rose, Susie, Emma, Caroline, a Mrs. Paul Stevahn, John and Charlie.

If anyone has and info, please write to me.

Thank you,
Cathy Olmsted

Date:  05/25/1998
Subject:  Along the Trails of Yesterday
Name:  Clarence Heier
Email:  clarence@heier.net

I am interested in obtaining a copy of the book "Along the Trails of Yesterday". Please let me know where I can get a copy of it, or if you are willing to do lookups in it.


Date:  05/24/1998
Subject:  Emmons County Founder
Name:  Gary McIntosh

It would be nice to learn about the person who the county gets its name. I do not think we are connected. However would be neat to get the info. We may be driving through that way this summer.

Date:  05/17/1998
Subject:  Wishek Postmasters
Name:  JSHAW3412
Email:  JSHAW3412@aol.com

Wishek Postmasters

Taken from the Golden Jubilee book

M.E. Pratt 1898-1914
J. C. Nippolt 1914-1923
F.E. Ackerman 1923-1928
James Welsh (acting) 1928-1929
J. W. Ackerman 1929-1933
J. H. Case 1933-1944
F. W. Roehm (acting) 1944-Present

Date:  05/17/1998
Subject:  Harm
Name:  JONSER469
Email:  JONSER469@aol.com


Date:  05/17/1998
Subject:  Hagele
Name:  Glenn Hagele
Email:  ghagele@usaeyes.com

I ran across your GEDCOM page. You have several Hägele and similar spelling families. Is this GEDCOM available for download. You may find my website of interest.

Glenn Hagele
Hägele Family Genealogy
PO Box 60002
Sacramento CA 95860-0002


Date:  05/17/1998
Subject:  Conrad, Bolllinger, Kelley
Name:  ROCKM123
Email:  ROCKM123@aol.com


My son is working on genealogy and thought you might help through obits.

Any info on the above surnames?


Date:  04/28/1998
Subject:  kris huxford
Name:  kris huxford
Email:  kristine_huxford@emory.edu

Hello! I need help with finding family information. I am taking a class to help me search the web. If you can help me please e-mail me back. I had family who lived in Odessa, ND "White Russia" settlement.
Thank you !

Date:  04/09/1998
Name:  Bruce Walter
Email:  1053@nethawk.com

I am looking for the WALTER family in North Dakota, their roots would be from Mich, Ohio or Pa. Common names appear to be Edward, Sheldon, Elizabeth, Abaishia. My family split in the late 1800's and some moved to N.D. If anyone has roots from the previously mentioned states I would be happy to hear from you.

Date:  04/01/1998
Name:  Penny Will
Email:  psw@olypen.com

I'm looking for decendents of Kier (Karl) Vanderwal. His father homesteaded 3 40 acre lots of land. Kier was married to Carrie Ryckman on Sept. 30 1910. Their children are Peter Karl, Fletcher, Thomas, David, Gertrude, Warren, and Albert. Peter Karl Vanderwal was married to Merle Jadin, who is know married to Ernie Jones. Please email me if you are a decendent or know of an decedents of this family.
Date:  03/29/1998
Name:  Diane Pritchard
Email:  vpritcha@micron.net

The object(s) of my search are Roloffs, specifically Danial and Lusia (not sure the spelling is correct). They were my father's father's parents. They had 7 children, Reinhold, Leah, Nathaniel, Lydia, Ted, Gottloff, Maleta, Rebecca and Albert. My father, Leo Daniel, graduated from Ashley High School in 1941, but the family may have lived in Kulm. I'm not sure where to look next. Thank you for any suggestions that you might have.

Diane Pritchard
email: vpritcha@micron.net

Date:  03/10/1998
Subject:  Beth Bettenhausen
Email:  gofish@bytehead.com

The Bettenhausens in North Dakota
The Beginning of it All........

Oliver Wesley Bettenhausen was the third son of Christian C. Bettenhausen. In June of 1909 he traveled to ND to work as a hired man for his brother, William H. Bettenhausen. In 1910 he began working for several other big farmers such as, Mulkins, Gillis and Fur. He was also a school teacher for one year. His dad bought 320 acres of land near Wishek, in section 10-131-72 in 1910. This is known as the ³Home Place².

Oliver married Paulina Kramer on 1/1/1917. Her date of birth was 12/12/1899 in Kassel, Russia. They had one daughter-Pearl Loretta. Paulina died 10/29/1918 and is interned at Beaver Creek Baptist Cemetery.

On 7/4/19, Oliver married Emma Grace Kramer, who was born 6/110/1903 in North Dakota. They had sixteen children, eight boys and eight girls. Their children are Howard Ervin, LaVera Florence, Mable Grace, Charles Christian, Warren Justus, Blanche Estela, Corrine Adeline, Gladys Lydia, Muriel Betty, Larry William, Oliver Wesley Jr., Shirley Emma, Edgar George, Neil Benjaman, Ella Ruby, and Richard Arthur.

On 11/6/41 Emma passed away. Thirty-one years later Oliver was also called Home on 11/6/71. They are interned at the Beaver Creek Baptist Cemetery which is 1/2 mile west of the ³Home Place².

Oliver W. Bettenhausen Sr¹s. Parents were Christian C. Bettenhausen (8/12/1860-3/30/1939) and Christina Holstien (4/29/1862-2/7/1906). They were both born in Cook County, IL, and lived at 159 Street, 80 Avenue West, Orland Township their entire lives. Children in addition to Oliver were:

Flora (11/1/1885-6/21/1887)
Benjaman M. (3/1/1887-?/?/1970)
William H. (3/20/189-8/21/1963)
Lydia G. (5/6/1892 -8/4/1976)
Elmer C. (12/14/1890-7/8/1891)
Harry W. (11/3/1897-?/?/1969)

Christian and Christina were interned at the rural German Methodist Cemetery at 173 Street, 80 Avenue West, Cook County, IL.

Christian C. Bettenhausen¹s parents were Conrad C. Bettenhausen (6/14/1834-11/16/1907) and Elizabeth Horn 10/24/1839-6/2/1909). Conrad was born in Hession or Duchess Kur. Hession, Germany, close to Breman, southeast of Bremer Haven. The area is also known as Schleswig Holstien.

He came to America in 1853, working in the Chicago stock yards for three years. In 1856 he purchased the land where Christian was born. His marriage to Elizabeth Horn occurred 6/9/1857. She was originally from Rotenburg, Germany.

Children in addition to Christian C. were:

John M. (?/?/1858-?/?/1918) Interned at Green Garden Cemetery, Will County, Il
Mary (?/?/1865-?/?/1958). Married Henry Diest (1852-1949)
Emma (?/?/1874-?/?/1956). Married Frank Kohlhagen (1871-1955). Interned at Green Garden Cemetery, Will County, Il.
Martha (?/?/1870-?/?/1939). Married Fred Folkerts (1863-1947). Interned Green Garden Cemetery, Will County, Il.
William C. ?/?/1872-?/?/1891) He was kicked by a horse. Interned Green Garden Cemetery, Will County Il.

Conrad C. Bettenhausen¹s parents were George C. Bettenhausen and Martha Sangmister.

Children in addition to Conrad C. were:

Mary - Married Martin Stipple.
Sister (?)
Christian (3/1/1819-7/28/1881). Interned Tinley Park Methodist Cemetery.
Married to (?). Had three children - Martin, William, Lisa. His first wife died at sea on the way to America.
Second wife - Martha G. Melhausen (3/20/1831-9/13/1911). Interned Tinley Park Methodist Cemetery. Children - Elizabeth, Martha, Kate, Christian H., Conrad, Annie, and John A.

The above information was taken from the book ³Bettenhausen History 1835-1985². This book was compiled by Charles C. Bettenhausen with assistance from Larry W. Bettenhausen Sr., Miss Betty Bettenhausen, and Mr. Earl Bettenhausen, and was available at the 1985 Bettenhausen Family reunion. The book contains 58 pages of written info and photos of the descendants of George C. and Martha Bettenhausen within the period 1834-1985. I have only scratched the surface of the contents of this valuable Bettenhausen genealogy resource. As with any family history resource some of the dates and names may not be accurate. If anyone has corrections to the above information, please contact me (and thanks).

Beth Bettenhausen: gofish@bytehead.com
Date:  03/03/1998
Subject:  Speten, Johnson, Backman
Name:  Pam Jeans
Email:  jeans@sierranet.net

I am researching for my step-father's family. Surnames of interest SPETEN, JOHNSON and BACKMAN. Henry SPETEN married Hannah BACKMAN JOHNSON. This is a large farming family. Any help appreciated.

Date:  02/22/1998
Subject:  North Dakota
Name:  Raymond Ritola
Email:  cy.ritola@mcione.com

I am a 4th grader in Connecticut working on a state history project on the state of North Dakota. Please send me any information on places to go and things to do in North Dakota. Thank you for any help you can give me.
Date:  02/21/1998
Subject:  Klein
Name:  Brian Klein
Email:  bklein@memlane.com

I don't know if you can help me, but I would appreciate any help you could offer.
I am searching for information on my paternal grandfather's family. My grandfather was Solomon Klein b. Apr. 22, 1896 in Zeeland, McIntosh Co. N.Dakota. His father was Heinrich (Henry) Klein and his mother was Elizabeth Schoock. Sam was baptised in the Evangelical Lutheran Church, McIntosh Co. N. Dakota on June 28, 1896. (this info is from Sam's delayed
registration of birth) I have been unable to locate the church of his baptism, and there by maybe more family records. I have contacted the ELCA and they thought it might have been at St. Andrew's. A check of the records there doesnot reveal any Kleins. I have found the Klein's in census for 1900 and 1910. I am wondering if you could point me in a new direction. Thanks for any help you might offer.

Brian Klein
Date:  02/14/1998
Subject:  Rohrbach, Speidel
Name:  Trudy Amiottte
Email:  genc@sundance.crooknet.k12.wy.us

Looking for info on Jacob & Magdelena Rohrbach, Jacob Speidel & Christina Rohrbach Speidel. Lived in ND prior to 1946.
Please reply to genc@sundance.crooknet.k12.wy.us
Date:  01/27/1998
Subject:  Swimm
Name:  Peter Swimm
Email:  plswimm@facstaff.wisc.edu

Need info on Charles and Zowa SWIMM. Son Peter born in Beresford, SD, but family lived in Wishek, ND in 1909. Any information would be appreciated.

Date:  01/25/1998
Subject:  Huber
Name:  Wanda Huber Hokins
Email:  whopkins@eznet.com

Help! Looking for families of Huber's.
Grandpa:Daniel b:1837 Grandma:Sophia Muller Kids: Conrad b:1860 Jacob b:1862 Friedrich b:1864 Philipp b:1867 Christian b: 1869 . One daughter, no info.
I am of the Freidrich line and would like to get more info on the family. AND SOME DAY MEET YOU!!!!
Daniel,Conrad and Jacob lived in Emmons Co. but evidently went to church in Zeeland in McIntosh Co. Philipp was in Campbell Co. S.D. Christian ?, Friedrich line,Cansistota S.D./Oliver Co. N. D.
I am doing the "genealogy thing" and we "the Friedrichers" are hoping to do another family reunion in 1999 and would love to have "ALL" the family there. Hoping to hear from SOMEONE who can help. HELP!!!! Thank you!

Wanda Huber Hopkins
Date:  01/22/1998
Subject:  Wendland
Name:  Leroy Wendland
Email:  wendland@texhoma.net

I am looking for any genealogy information on John Wendland and Lydia Bietz. They lived in or around Ashley ND in the early 1900s.

Date:  01/19/1998
Subject:  Pudwill
Name:  Holly Pudwill
Email:  Hollypud@aol.com

I live in Oregon. I am looking for any relatives. My father was William R. Pudwill and his family came from Ashley, North Dakota.
Thank you.
Holly Pudwill

Date:  01/17/1998
Subject:  Schopp
Name:  Michael and Susan Newton
Email:  msnewton@pacbell.net

I'm trying to trace family roots of a Russian-German immigrant. Pete L. Schopp was first generation born in Ellendale, ND, 12/06/1895. Pete had a brother, Edward and sister Christine. At one time the family lived in
Velva, ND. So far I'm unabel to locate any family member alive or dead.
Additionally, I'm trying to find the parents of Elizabeth Schroeder, born 12/18/1906 in Walla-Walla, WA. Her parents were Fred Schroeder and a Katherine Gradwol, both from Russia and German descent. They too had other childern, but am unable to locate them of her parents. Elizabeth Schroeder was married to Pete Schopp.

Please reply..
Susan Schopp-Newton

Date:  01/11/1998
Subject:  Knoblick
Name:  Shelley Kuther
Email:  skuther@camasnet.com

Our historical society has an autograph book that we would like to "send home" if you can help us with an address.
It apparently belonged to Miss Esther Knoblick who attended school in Ashley in 1941-1942. It has many autographs in it as well of an unidentified picture of a woman and several children.
We would like to mail this to someone who would appreciate it.
Thank you.
Shelley Kuther
Box 96
Craigmont, Idaho 83523

Date:  01/01/1998
Subject:  Welcome
Name:  Clarence Heier
Email:  clarence@heier.net

I have recently taken over the McIntosh County GenWeb Pages. I would appreciate any information that any readers of this page can give. I would also appreciate any help in providing content and services to this page.

Date:  07/15/1997
Subject:  Bollinger
Name:  Kay
Email:  kaydene@pacifier.com

My Grandmother, Bertha Rozella Bollinger was born in Lehr, North Dakota on June 21, 1914. She married a Mr. West and had four sons, then she married a Mr. Clark and they had two more children. Do you have any family background on Berta Bollinger West Clark?
If you have resources for McIntosh County or would like to volunteer to help with look-ups, please e-mail Tim Stowell
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