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Harvey, Ireland

    Harvey Ireland, an enterprising business man of Bainbridge, Chenango County, is a son of nelson and Mary E. (Johnson) Ireland and was born four miles west of the village of Bainbridge, November 10, 1843

    The ancestor of our subject, who was of English birth, emigrated to this country before the Revolutionary War and settled on Long Island. As far as is known, He sympathized with the Tories and because of his lack of patriotism for his new country it was made so hot for him that he returned to his native country, leaving his family behind. his family, in order to escape the many evils of a city, moved, up the river and located at Poughkeepsie. Later they went still farther up the river and at one time were living between Albany and Saratoga, on what is known as Ireland's Four Corners. Grandfather James Ireland, with two brothers, Jacob and Thomas came to the western part of Bainbridge and each settled on a farm. In his younger days he was a mason by trade and carried on an extensive business. In his religious views, he was a strong Methodist. His home was headquarters for pioneer Methodism, and all traveling ministers found a hearty welcome at his fireside. He was a leader among his early pioneer settlers, and was known as a generous and kind-hearted man. He married Miss Lydia Ingersoll and a large family of children was reared: Job; Isaac; Stephen; Harvey; Neslon, the father of our subject; William; Polly and Margaret.

    Neslon Ireland was born in Bainbridge in 1818 and was reared on his father's farm, where he acquired the vocation of a farmer. He was the first man to introduce Oxfordshire blooded sheep into the country and was one of the up-to-date, scientific, successful farmers, whose business netted him a handsome competency. He was also an extensive dealer in stock and was the owner of 275 acres of highly improved land. He married Miss Mary E. Johnson, who was born about 1823, a daughter of Seth Johnson. The home of Mr. And Mrs. Ireland was blessed by five children: Harvey; Ursla (Strong), who lives in the village of Bainbridge; Aurelius, who died at the age of twenty-one; Luella, the wife of Charles Root of Guilford, this county; and Justin who died aged seven years.. Nelson Ireland passed from this life on his forty-seventh birthday, April 3, 1865.

    Harvey Ireland, the subject of this personal sketch, received his education in the common schools and at Oxford Academy. In 1870 E. H. Orwin founded the Bainbridge Republican, which was sold February 1, 1871, to Harvey Ireland, who remained with it and built up a large circulation, until January 1, 1894, when he sold it to the present owners and managers, Henry A. Clark & Sons.-----------------Mr. Ireland has led an active and energetic life, and his enterprising spirit has been felt in all the movements to advance the business and social interests of his native village.

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Ramsom M. Ives

    RAMSOM M. IVES. As a representative of the agricultural class, and one who has met with more than ordinary success in the prosecution of his independent calling, we take pleasure in mentioning Ransom M. Ives. He is pleasantly located on his farm in the town of Guilford, where he may be found almost any day, engaged in the general routine of a farmer's life. He is an adopted son of Morris A. and Octaria (Salisbury) Ives and was born in the town of Guilford, August 18, 1865.

    Ransom Hovey, the father of our subject, was born and reared in the town of Guilford. He is engaged in agricultural pursuits, and owns a small farm near Guilford Center. He was united in marriage with Miss Mary Tripp and two sons wee born to them, namely: Wilbur T., a farmer of the town of Guilford; and Ransom M., the subject of this personal history. Two weeks after the birth of her second son, Mrs. Hovey passed to Eternal Reward. Morris A. Ives and his loving wife, having previously lost their only son, agreed to adopt the motherless infant and bring it up as their own. Mr. Hovey's second marriage was with Imogene Birch, by whom he had five children, who are as follows: Edmund, who is in the railroad business in Guilford; Camelia, who is the wife of Fred Bartle, a merchant of Oxford; Jennie, who was married to Herman Richards, a farmer of Guilford; and twins who died in infancy.

    Abraham Ives, the grandfather of Morris A., was born in the State of Connecticut, and while there followed the trade of a stone mason. After his marriage, he came to the State of NewYork, locating in the town of Guilford, Chenango County, in 1800. He settled on the farm now owned by our subject, and engaged in farming. He was the progenitor of four sons and five daughters, one of whom was Abraham, the father of Morris, who was born on the farm at Guilford.

    Morris A. Ives was born on the old Ives homestead, April 30, 1821, and there followed farming until 1878. He then retired to a small farm near Guilford Center, where he lived the rest of his life in peace and comfort, enjoying the competency earned in early life. He died December 1, 1881, at the age of sixty years. He was an upright and honest man, and performed all the duties of a good citizen. He was bound in Hymen's bonds with Miss Octaria Salisbury and six children blessed their union, namely: Maria, the relict of John Burlison; Minnie who is the wife of James Marsh; Elizabeth, who married Andrew Burton; Harriet, Rozilla and an infant son are deceased. Mr. Ives was a faithful member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

    Ransom M. Ives was two months old when taken into the home of Mr. Ives, where he received the love and attention that Mrs. Ives bestowed on her own children. He was reared on the farm and attended the district schools. He then took up the occupation of a farmer and in 1890 took charge of the old Ives homestead in Guilford, where has since remained. He has charge of ninety-four acres of good farm land, well stocked and supplied with convenient out-buildings. He farms according to the best methods and uses improved machinery.

    He was united in marriage with Fannie Dorman, a daughter of David Dorman, October 30, 1888. David Dorman is a retired farmer, and is now engaged as agent for the Bronze Monumental Co. of Bridgeport, Conn., and also as agent of a number of firms in handling farm implements. He is an attendant of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He is a member of the Patrons of Husbandry. Mr. Ives is a young man but thirty-three years of age, and his prospects for a long and useful career are bright.

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    Social and political position in the United States is not dependent, as in the Old World monarchies, on titles or on long line of family ancestors, but is rather based on a man's own individual efforts, is the type of a man of whom we Americans are pardonable proud. Perhaps because his struggles against adverse circumstances and a comparatively humble beginning to success and honor as nearly resemble the life of our own nation. Among the number of self-made men of whom Chenango County boasts, we would be extremely unwilling to pass by without due mention the subject of this sketch, William F. Jenks, ex-judge of Chenango County. He is a son of Hawkins and Lora (Flint) Jenks, and was born August 29, 1831 in Burlington, Otsego County, N.Y.

    Peter Jenks, the grandfather of our subject, was a prominent farmer in the State of Rhode Island, and came to Burlington about 1794, where he farmed the rest of his active life. He was the father of twelve children, nine sons and three daughters. In politics, Hawkins Jenks was a Whig and held important offices in his town. After the disbanding of that party he acted with the Democratic party. Religiously, he and his wife were members of the Universalist Church. He was joined in matrimony with Miss Lora Flint, and they reared two children, namely: William F, the subject of this personal history, and Sarah, the wife of Charles P. Sprague. Mr. and Mrs. Jenks have both passed from this life.

    William F. Jenks attended the district and select schools, and improved every opportunity by which he might add to his stock of knowledge and so became equipped for life's work. He taught school for some time and then chose law as a profession. After studying the fundamental principles of legal procedure and jurisprudence, he was admitted to the bar in 1853, and began to practice in the town of Friendship, Allegany County, N.Y. In 1855, he went to New Berlin and remained there until 1875, when he came to Norwich, where he has since resided. He was elected judge of Chenango County in November, 1877, and was again re-elected in 1883. He also has been supervisor of his native town for one year.

    Judge Jenks is a member of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, and senior warden of that church. He is a member of the Masonic Order, Phoebus Lodge, NO. 82, of New Berlin and the Chapter and Commandery in Norwich. He chose for his life companion Eliza Matterson, daughter of Nathan W. Matterson, and they were married Novermber 10, 1854. They have reared and educated five children, namely : Florence E.; Carrie L; Anna B; Albert W; and Laura M.

    Professionally, the life of Judge Jenks has been marked by a high sense of justice, a keen sympathy for the poor and oppressed suitor and a plainly shown impatience at that public clamor which now and then usurps the place of justice and demands a victim without much heed as to the question of guilt or innocence. On the bench he had a graceful, dignified bearing. His rulings and opinions wee delivered firmly, dispassionately and with evident full intent to treat the case fairly and impartially. He was alike courteous to the youngest attorney and to the oldest member of the bar. As an individual in the private walks of life, it matters not whether he meets a banker or a laborer, he is sure to give him the same warm grasp and hearty greeting.

Source: Page 29 Transcribed by Ann Hopkins, February 19, 2006

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