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cornelia monroe enders Thu Jan 5 17:35:04 2006
Looking for any birth, divorce information


rob gibbs Sat Jan 7 09:17:44 2006
I am looking for information on my gggrandfather, Alonzo REAS, born 1832, married to Helen BLOOMER. They lived in Virgil, listed in the 1880 and 1870 census. Last name often spelled REECE, REAS, and/or REESE.
thanks for any assistance.
Rob Gibbs


judith Bell Sun Jan 8 18:19:04 2006
Looking for any information on Wait BALL b-1754 d-9/13/1837 in Virgil>Cortland>NewYork, his wife's name is Rebecca b4/9/1765, d-6/11/1842> They are buried at the old cemetery in Virgil, NY.
Wait settled in Virgil in 1798, I know of one daughter Rebecca Ann (BALL) TERRY. I found Wait on a 1820 census with maybe 8 more children. Wait BALL is my 6th Great grandfather.
Thank you


Wayne Haight Wed Jan 11 10:59:16 2006
I am looking for information on my ggggrandfather, Norman HAIGHT, who was born in Cortland County 19 Nov 1811. He married Lucinda HOLDRIDGE, daughter of Jesse HOLDRIDGE, of either Cortland or Monroe County. They had daughters Hallina, born 23 Jul 1837, and Maria, born 11 Oct 1839, in Cortland. The 1840 census also shows a daughter age 5-10 who I know nothing about and a mother, Martha. The 1835 state census shows just the parents in either Homer or Trenton. The family was in Illinois by 1842. I would appreciate any information on either the HAIGHT or HOLDRIDGE families.


Ted Bates Wed Jan 25 10:19:24 2006
I am looking for information regarding the family of a William CONGER, perhaps of Cortland County NY prior to 1865. His known wife was Zerue or Ruby ATES and appears in the 1865 Homer Census with 2 children: Christopher CONGER and Persis CONGER. Any information would be appreciated.


Mary Bricker Wed Jan 25 11:01:17 2006
I am looking for any relatives of a George Lester BRICKER born around 1910, died around 1974. He was married twice. First wife Frances JAMES. They had 2 children, Carl James BRICKER B: 11/18/1936 and Cora Lee B:? George went by Buster. Worked at the Steel Company. Was also a traveling salesman at one time. I need any and all info. Thank you. Mary Bricker


Marian Simpson Fri Feb 3 09:32:32 2006
I am looking for any ancestor of Julius CRITTENDEN, born in Cincinnatus, Cortland county, NY 1808. I would like to find any information on his son, Frank, who was born in 1854. My grandfather was Herbert CRITTENDEN, and his father was a Frank CRITTENDEN, who was born in New York in 1854, and came to CA around 1870 (he was in the 1870 census in Santa Clara county CA). I would appreciate very much, any information. I have been looking for so long to find my grandfather's family. he was put in an orphanage, with his brother and sister when he was only 3, and the parents listed as both dead. He never knew what had happened to them. Thank you for any answers.


Dianne Sun Feb 5 18:31:16 2006
According to the 1920 census, Cortland, Cortland, Co., NY, Melvin WRIGHT was aged 66 years and listed as an engineer. He worked for a factory in Cortland, and supposedly was killed there from an explosion and/or fire between 1920 - 1926. Would anyone happen to know the name of the factory and and details of what happened there? Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks.


Pam Daniels Tue Feb 7 14:13:01 2006
I have been working on my geneology for 6 years and found an article about my great aunt Ethel JEFFREYS from 1976. She won a blue ribbon for her acrylic painting. She never married and was very talented. She made my sister and I matching dresses,when we were young, all smocked and beautiful. We were so happy w/ those as we were quite poor. I was wondering if anyone would know where I could obtain something of her art work or anything she made to pass down to my children. I am close to 60 now and want my children to know their heritage.Thank you.


Lynda Ozinga Sun Feb 12 16:07:22 2006
Wondering who the parents & first husband are of Hannah Ann ROSE that married Reuben DARLING June 21, 1848 in Homer, NY.

21 Jun 1848
In Homer, on the 18th inst. by the Rev. Mr. PIDSLEY, Mr. Reuben DARLING, of Peruville, Tompkins Co., and Mrs. Hannah Ann ROSE of the former place, (Homer, Cortland Co.)

Looking for what Hanna Ann's maiden name was, who she was married to first & whether or not she had any children. Also wondering if the Sarah ROSE living in Tompkins Co, with Joseph SMILEY family next door to Hannah Ann & Reuben DARLING later, is her sister or some relative of her first husband.

Reuben died in 1870 & Hannah Ann lived on, would like to know where she is buried. Reuben is my GGGG Grandfather. Trying to piece together his family.


Diane Marshall Wed Feb 22 19:22:31 2006
Irving PRICE lived on a farm in Virgil, Cortland Co. It has been told that it was a family farm. Need some help finding records of this farm. Irving is the brother of Agnes (PRICE) WOODARD who also lived on this farm, around 1940. I used to go there for picnics, but was very young.
Can anyone help me?
It could also have been owned by the SMITH family (Irving's mother was Martha SMITH, father Silas Joshua SMITH.
Thank you


Lori Travis Carter Sat Feb 25 11:47:41 2006
My Great grandfather was George W. HASKIN(S), he published a paper "HASKIN'S Home Journal" out of his home in Homer, NY. The one that I have was published in Feb 1916. Wondering if there are more out there or if this is the only one or if anyone can tell me more about it. Thanks.


Bob Moltzen Sun Feb 26 14:45:37 2006
I am looking for the family of Cornelia PERKINS born Sept. 23, 1815 in Cortland Co. NY. We do not know the names of her parents or siblings.

She married Isaiah JOHNSTON / JOHNSON April 25, 1835 and moved to Bradford Co. PA by 1837. Her children's names were Henry, Laura, Jane, William Augustus, Abner Albert, Isaiah and George Riley JOHNSTON / JOHNSON.

Any help in matching Cornelia up to one of the Cortland Perkins families would be greatly appreciated. I would appreciate help from anyone researching the PERKINS families in Cortland Co. NY. Thank You.


Mary S. Dobard Mon Feb 27 09:06:48 2006
Searching for parents,siblings,descendants of John SIGNOR (SIGNER / SICKNER) who resided in Homer from about 1819 to 1863. John lived next door to a son, Edson SIGNOR. Residing with John was Roxana BURNETT, who may have been a step-daughter. Roxana was single and residing at the residence in 1865. Need death date for Roxana and proof of parentage. She owned land in Homer but no deed has been found. Will appreciate any help with this family.


Diane Marshall Tue Mar 7 17:12:55 2006
Any information on a farm belonging to the PRICE family of Virgil, Cortland Co. Irving PRICE lived there in 1930 census. He was my grandmother's brother. Looking for the cemetery where Irving is buried.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Bob Moltzen Thu Mar 9 16:47:52 2006
I am looking for anyone researching the PERKINS families in Cortland Co. NY in the early 1800s. There was a listing on the 1820 Truxton census for Hazeal PERKINS. On the 1825 and 1830 Truxton census there is a Lydia PERKINS. I would like to know if Lydia was Hazeal's wife, and the name of the 4 children. How was Hazeal connected to the other PERKINS families in Cortland at that time? Did any of the PERKINS families on the 1820 census have a daughter, Cornelia born 1815?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sharon Gray Mon Mar 13 08:19:53 2006
Has anybody any information on the following: Alfred TIFFIN came to NY 1884/1885, Jane BELL followed him in 1885 they married (I think) 31/3/1885 day after she arrived. Jane BELL found on a passenger list. She had a baby Claude BELL 1 year old with her. They lived in New York 2nd child Erie was born in NY in 1887. (This might be them TIFFIN, Alfred machinist 9 Homer Ave Cortland, TIFFIN, Mrs Alfred, Music teacher 9 Homer Ave Cortland in 1889 Cortland Directory.
They returned to England for good 1892/1893. Years later Claude in 1904 returned to Cortland through Ellis Island. He was a barman living at 78 Maple St in 1917. He married Sally and had a son Laurence born 1906 in Cortland, New York, then he returned to England 1917 with Laurence for a visit. Again came through Ellis Island. Sally must have died because in 1930 census he is living at 49 Buena Vista Ave as a caretaker with a new wife Ethel and daughter Helen born 1919.
Any help would be gratefully received


esther Tue Mar 21 16:47:55 2006
I am interested in talking to anyone that might have anyting to share about the SOULES / SOLES from the Truxton area. Thank you. Esther


Kristi A. Blow Zatyko Fri Mar 24 11:47:51 2006
I am searching for information on William BLOW who married Catherine MacCHESNEY in Truxton before 1860. They lived on the MacCHESNEY farm with her father. Also, there was another BLOW family in the area. We have no information prior to this generation and would like more.


Dede Stafford Fri Mar 24 17:43:50 2006
Am looking for information on my Great-Great Grandparents, Obediah PARKER (1827-aft.1871) and Alvira-----(b.abt 1838-aft. 1871) I descend through their daughter, Lucy Jane (b. 1857), who married John K. EVERETT of Delaware County.
Obediah is listed as "Town Assessor" for Lapeer in an 1869 business directory for Cortland County. According to Census records, they also lived in Cinncinatus and Truxton.
Any information as to their date of death, place of death, parents, etc...would be very helpful.


russ hopkins Sun Mar 26 15:16:58 2006
Leroy S. HOPKINS born 1819 Snyders Corner, N.Y. Ressenlaer County. I am looking for Leroy's parents names.

Leroy lived in Marathon, NY Cortland on or about 1846. May 14, 1846, Leroy, age 27, married a Sally C. GUMAER in Skaneateles, NY and returned to Marathon. I do not known if his parents moved to Marathon. 1848 Leroy & Sally moved to Owasco, NY.

Thanks for any help or any information someone might have on the parents of Leroy.


Donald R. Cressman Tue Apr 4 07:37:20 2006
I had lived in Florida a few years back and at a flea market I purchased a diary written by Martin J. BRIGGS, D.C., Chiropractor listing his address at 25 Main St., Potsdam, NY. I believe Mr. BRIGGS lived in Tampa, FL with his son Marion Andrew BRIGGS. The diary is hand written and has much information concerning the families listed above. Also many newspaper clippings and a few photos. There is a photo at the end which may have been a reunion held at Stewart Park, Ithaca (?) dated 1937.

I purchased this diary for $25.00 and would be willing to sell for same to anyone interested in it. Please let me know if you know of anyone interested or of anyone in the area of Homer / Courtland that I could contact. Thanks


Christy Davis Tue Apr 4 20:33:21 2006
Am searching for information on Ernest J. STAFFORD b. 18/10/1895; d. 27/2/1976. Siblings may have been Glen (Glenn), Ellis and Oral (the only girl). The family was from Blagent Mills, NY.

Ernest married Joan Irene MIDDLETON. Ellis was a vetenarian and died when struck by a train. Oral STAFFORD married ? PRICE.
Any information would be appreciated.


Edward Strait Sat Apr 8 21:59:34 2006
Raymond B. ROBISON was my uncle. He had a brother, Carl who had a farm in the Cortland Country area. I am looking for information about Carl's family. Carl's son came to Tucson Arizona one time, with his Uncle BRIGGS. (I think that Briggs is the correct surname) That was Ray's brother-in-law.

Raymond was married to Mary L. STRAIT. I am looking for a time and place for the marriage. This may have been Cortland or Rochester, New York. In later years Mary and Raymond moved to Tucson Arizona, from Rochester, New York.

I lived with them for fifteen years, in Tucson, and it was the best home I had at the time.

Also my father Lee STRAIT was defined as living in Cortland per the U.S. Census in 1920. Can you provide any information for him, like the school he may have gone to etc.? Mary L. STRAIT was Lee STRAIT's sister, my aunt.

The father of Mary and Lee STRAIT was Edward STRAIT, my grand father. Any information on him also would be very helpful. The data that I have is that he may be laid at rest in Dryden New York. Can you provide any information to support this?

Carrie Belle PATTERSON was my Grandmother married to Edward STRAIT. The hear-say information in the family was that she had a medical problem and died in Cortland, can you provide any information on this subject, like hospital name, date and etc.?

When I reviewed the 1930 U.S. Census Edward STRAIT was living in Madison County, divorced, and noted as head of the household, with Lee STRAIT and Seth STRAIT his sons. Can you provide any information as to the date of the divorce, or news paper data in Cortland County area?

Other members of the STRAIT family are as follows: Lee born 1909 and noted above. Mary Louise STRAIT born 1904 and noted above. Seth STRAIT born 1914 and noted above. Jessie was born 1903, and Blanche in 1899. Rumor has it that Blanche left the family early due to be molested; can you provide any information to support this?

I met my Uncle Seth STRAIT when he was living in Florida. I at the time was supporting launch operations at the Kennedy Launch Center in Florida, and when I had time off I would go see Uncle Seth. We got around to talking about the STRAIT Genealogical lines, he (Uncle Seth) told me that my Aunt Blanche had all the STRAIT history, but she had died the year before. Since that time I have been looking and reviewing records at the local Family History Center.

SCOTT, Julia was my mother's maiden name. She married my father Lee STRAIT, I think in Madison County, about 1930. I think that my mother was born in Chenango County, in the town of Pharsalia, New York. in 1911.

I was born 1933 in Solon, Cortland County, New York. We lived on a farm, which I found out in 2004 was in my Grandfather's name at the time.

Also I had an older brother, born about 1930 or 31, whose name I do not remember, but I think that he died there on the farm in Solon, at about two years old. Are there any records covering the cause of death?

Thank You for any help that you can provide.
Edward Strait
3516 Lathrop Ave.
Simi Valley, CA 93063


Arlene Jardine Sun Apr 9 22:14:42 2006
I am looking for the father of Wealthea BRIGGS who was born in 1814 in Homer, Cortland, NY. She lived there with her husband John Gale MARVIN until about 1858. I think her father could be Joel BRIGGS or Stephen BRIGGS who came to Homer together in 1806. Stephen died in Homer and as far as I know Joel lived there the rest of his life also. Any information on any of these BRIGGS's would be appreciated. Thank you


Kathi George Mon Apr 10 13:13:06 2006
Looking for imformation on Lawrence or Emory DAVENPORT (DEVENPORT).


William R. Smith Wed Apr 12 15:09:46 2006
Looking for parents of Daniel DENTON born 19 November 1781 and died 27 Aug 1855 in Marathon, Cortland, NY. Married to Elizabeth SAYRE born 28 Jan 1786 and died 15 Jan 1880 in Marathon, Cortland, NY.

Also interested in any other information on DENTON and SAYRE families. Thanks.


theresa crossman Fri Apr 14 16:05:19 2006
I am looking for information on my great grandparents. Daniel was my father's father and he was married to Edith Ashe. My father's name was Arthur Francis O'LEARY. I believe at one time my great grandparents lived on South Ave. in Cortland. Also, could you find out if the g.g.p's had any siblings and what their names were.


diane hnath Sat Apr 15 19:49:32 2006
I am in search of information regarding my family geneology and both my grandparents blood line. My grandfather a BUTLER and grandmother a MASTRONARDI. I am also curious as to the cost of such searches or how I may be able to obtain the records of these families myself.


Kathie Halvey Tue Apr 25 17:01:00 2006
Looking for the identity of Norman L. A. MORSE, who applied for a Minor's "pension" on the Civil War service of Adolphus MORSE. Adolphus enlisted in the 76th NY Infantry on 21 October 1861 from Cortland County. Adolphus was tried for desertion, was sentenced to death, but the sentence was commutted to hard labor. Adolphus died 24 Sept 1864 at Fort Jefferson, FL. The year on the pension application by Norman MORSE is blurred. Did Adolphus marry and is Norman his son?


Tamara Lasher Thu Apr 27 19:14:39 2006
Hi I am looking for any information on DAVENPORT history in Cortland Ny.


Jeanne Rosser Tue May 2 16:59:36 2006
Lovina CRANDALL, b. 1810, Cortland County. Migration to: Yates County -- m. Harmon HATCH, approx. 1831/32. Two children: Charles HATCH (b. 1832), Sarah L. HATCH b. 1834). Need assistance looking backward! Writing personal genealogy as well as historical novel.


Janet Turnbull Fri May 12 10:34:02 2006
I'm looking for information on Rev. George P. TURNBULL, who was a clergyman for the First Baptist Church at Lower Cincinnatus from 1869-1871. In 1870 he lived in Cincinnatus with his wife, Sarah, and 3 children: George B., Fred, and Anna (Hannah). By 1880 they were in Pitcher (Chenango) NY. Any help would be appreciated--I'm especially looking for any photos of this family. Thank you.


Luella Marinos Tue May 16 18:08:57 2006
Is the Joshua PHILLIPS of Solon 1820 census the husband of Anna RICHARDS, who was born in 1745 in MA? Were they deceased in Solon? Who were the younger people in their domicile?


Barbara Hinkle Mills Mon May 22 13:33:30 2006
Seeking info on the HINKLE surname in Cortland County.


maxine boyce buckman Fri Jun 9 14:22:45 2006
Looking for any information on Luther NEWTON, my 3x great grandfather. I'm particularly interested in who his parents were. Luther was b in MA 1781 and married Eunice D.? approx. 1800. They had sons 1. Dexter b 1804 MA 2. Hubbard b 1811 in VT., and 3. William H. b 1815 in VT. Also had 2 daughters, names unknown. The family moved to Cheneango County, Geneganslet area in 1816 and Luther/Eunice were there 39yrs. but family seemed to be in Cortland County sometimes. Luther d Dec. 1, 1855.


Marlea Blanchard Ellis Sat Jun 10 10:00:10 2006
I am searching for information on relatives. My father was Frank Neil BLANCHARD, son of Frank BLANCHARD and Hattie (DAVIS) BLANCHARD. He had one sister, Mary and a brother, Davis. My father was born 1/10/1911 and died in 1997. My mother, Barbara Farrell BLANCHARD (she was adopted as a baby and I don't know her birth mother's name) was born 2/28/1916 and died in 2004.
That's all I know.


Eli Bradish Sat Jun 10 16:33:42 2006
My mother's maiden name was GREEN and she grew up in various locations in Cortland and Chenango Counties. Her parents were George and Pauline (SUTTON) GREEN. I am also interested in Russell GREEN who was a bugler in Co. L, 1st New York Mounted Rifles. Enlisted in Pitcher in 1861 and reenlisted in 1864. Died in Cincinnatus in 1865. Any information regarding GREEN family would be greatly appreciated.


eeb47 Fri Jun 16 08:36:03 2006
This is a long shot.
I have a Finis (female) born in New York between 1850 and 1855. The only Finis (female) I can find in the 1860 census born in New York was Finis STROWBRIDGE in Courtlandville, Courtland Township, New York. I found her with Henry age 81 NY, Sally age 69 NH, Henry age 28 NY, Sarah A. 27 NY, Mala J. (or Malu) age 8 female NY and Finis L. age 6 Female NY.

I can not find Henry age 28 in the 1870 census. I assume Finis was married by 1870 as the only Finis (female, NY) I found is Finis BURNS wife of John BURNS in Spring Lake, Ottawa County, Michigan.

Are there any family members of the STROWBRIDGEs doing research and if so is there a marriage record for Finis? I would like to know my Finis unknown BURNS' maiden name. Is there a marriage record in Cortland County for Finis S. that would prove or disprove she married John BURNS in the late 1860s?
Thank you.


David Quinlan Tue Jun 20 09:41:59 2006
Where did the grandson of George JJ BARBER of Homer live? Did Arthur Stevens BARBER live in Scenectady?


Catherine Sat Jun 24 12:33:22 2006
I am trying to find information on my ancestor, Mary Jane PERRY and her parents, David PERRY and Eunice YOUNG. The death certificate of Mary Jane MORRIS (nee PERRY) lists that she was born 13 March 1842 in Cortland Co., NY, and lists her parents as David PERRY and Unice [sic] YOUNG. I have not been able to locate anyone who fits this description in the 1850 or 1860 census in either Cortland County or Niagara County, NY. Mary Jane PERRY was married to Joseph MORRIS 19 Aug 1866 in Lockport, Niagara Co., NY (I believe the article I read stated that it was "at her parents' home", but I have not been able to find them in Niagara Co., NY, either). Can anyone help with this family? Mary Jane may have had a brother, William David PERRY; there is a Eunice PERRY (Widowed) living with him and his family in the 1880 census in Jasper Co., MO, but I have not been able to verify if this is the same Eunice PERRY (she is listed as being born ca 1812 in NY; father b. RI, mother b. CT). Any help would be greatly appreciated!


David C. Crankshaw Sun Jul 2 06:13:04 2006
This is in answer to the LeRoy HOPKINS-Sally GUMAERpost. My email was returned. Here is a reply from our GUMAER family historian, Judy.
hello gentlemen & lady.

Sally GUMAER's personal ancestral line is four GUMAER lines. Dave you may be familiar with Sally's sister's line Eliza (GUMAER) KEMPTON (Janet (KEMPTON) GOODMAN -- hi Janet!) I am including Janet in this email.

This is going to take time to explain.

Sally Gumaer's Line
Parents: Samuel GUMAER & Elizabeth DePUY
Grandparents: Elias GUMAER & Margaret DePUY --- Samuel DePUY & Annatje SWARTWOUT
Great Grandparents: Peter GUMAER Jr & Charity DeWITT --- Benjamin DePUY & Elizabeth SWARTWOUT --- Benjamin DePUY & Elizabeth --- Gerardus SWARTWOUT & Maria Van OOSTERHOUDT
Great-Great Grandparents: Pierre GUIMARD (aka Peter GUMAER Sr) & Hester HASBROUCK --- Moses DePUY & Margaret Jochemzse SCHOONMAKER --- Samuel SWARTWOUT & Elizabeth GUIMARD (GUMAER) --- Moses DePUY & Margaret Jochemzse SCHOONMAKER --- Major Jacobus SWARTWOUT & Annetje GUIMARD (GUMAER) --- (I haven't researched the Van OOSTERHOUDT line.)

FYI Annetje (GUIMARD) SWARTWOUT, Elizabeth Guimard SWARTWOUT & Peter GUMAER Jr are all children of Pierre GUIMARD (aka Peter GUMAER Sr)

I know from the papers Janet has shared with me - Sally (GUMAER) HOPKINS was location unknown in 1881 when her brother Samuel GUMAER died. I have since found her in several census'.

Sally's siblings & their spouses:
Elias GUMAER (Sarah GONSALES) this is a new find that was under everyone's noses
James GUMAER (Rachel Van AUKEN)
Charity GUMAER (Jacob Cuddeback)
Margaret Esther GUMAER (John LOYSTER)
Eliza GUMAER (Stephen KEMPTON)
Samuel GUMAER (Died Unmarried)
Harvey GUMAER (Sarah HARMON, Marilla RUNDLE, Nancy CAMPBELL)
Electa GUMAER (William BENTON)

This is whatI have immediately available - I will check into my files further & get back to you all if i have more (& even if i don't.) i am interested in bringing Sally's line to date, to include it in the Gumaer Book.

Judy )GUMAER) TESTA GUMAER-GUMORE family historian


Laurie Updike Mon Jul 3 09:23:55 2006
Any info on cemetery sites for these names. My grandfather, Glenn, was born in the town of Scott. Thanks so much!!!


Rachel Alt-Simmons Tue Jul 4 10:24:13 2006
Hi - I purchased a baby book in a Marathon antique store in Marathon for Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR (born 3/15/21 in Silver Creek, NY). The book is full of wonderful information, memoirs and photographs. A newspaper announcement in the book says she married Nathaniel Ross HALL at the Homer Methodist Church on 5/28/1955. There are other family names, but not much detail.

I would assume that she passed away in the Cortland County area not that long ago and the book was purchased by an antique dealer. I'd like to see if there are any surviving relatives that would be interested in having this book returned to them.
Rachel Alt-Simmons
Manchester, CT (Cortland High Class of '88)


Lynda Darby Tue Jul 25 20:16:03 2006
1907 Frances STEADMAN, Mother of Carrie, Ida & Alvah J. STEDMAN or STEADMAN died. She was born 1839 & was the wife of someone who died prior to 1870 when she is shown as a widow in Dryden, Tompkins Co, with children Carrie, Ida & Alvah J. STEADMAN. Can anyone tell me who the husband of Frances born NY, parents born PA might be? Ozlynn@chartermi.net


Joan Emery Tue Aug 8 12:29:53 2006
I am looking for Darius BENJAMIN, Revolutionary War soldier and his family.
Laura Louisa BENJAMIN married Almon Dearborn ROOD
Ruth JOSLYN married Joseph ROOD and family
Elijah RYAN daughter Madonna and family

Almon Dearborn ROOD was my great grandfather
Laura Louisa BENJAMIN was my great grandmother


Donna Adkins Tue Aug 8 21:46:47 2006
I am searching for information on brothers, William and Thomas SEAVEY who lived in Truxton, before and during the Civil War. I believe they immigrated from England, Northumberland area. They both were Civil War soldiers.


Claire Rhodes Fri Aug 11 05:09:13 2006
I am searching for the family of Thomas CONNERS of Truxton. He and his wife Maria are buried in Pompey. They had 12 children: Roger (wife was Kathryn/Kit), Owen, Grace, Winifred, Julia, Mary, Ann, Elizabeth, John, Patrick, Margaret, Tom. Thomas was a Civil War veteran.
Last name is commonly spelled both as CONNERS and as CONNORS.


Carol Grogan Mon Aug 21 14:24:37 2006
I am searching for Anna Olive STEVENSON, a trained teacher from Leeds, England, who came to Wisconsin in 1910? from Cortland, New York. She was a cousin of Robert Lewis STEVENSON. In Wisconsin, she married Frank E. TAYLOR. I think she may have been married briefly in Cortland to an A.O. SMITH.


Luona Bailey Jernigan Tue Aug 29 19:09:24 2006
Hi, I am looking for any information on the SMITH family or COTTON family in Cortland County, New York or Chenango County, New York, I am a direct decendent of Rosa Jane SMITH. Her father was Cortis D. SMITH and mother was Polly Maria COTTON.
I found him in the 1850 Census in Taylor, Cortland County, New York living with his father Solomon SMITH and his brother Solomon SMITH.
I also find them in the 1860 Census in Taylor, Cortland Count, New York, 1880 Census Stafford, De Kalb County, Indiana and the 1870 Census in Stafford, De Kalb County, Indiana. This is where Rosa Jane SMITH meet my great great grandfather Stephen BALLARD and married. Cortis D. SMITH January 9, 1889 in Cheboygan County, Michigan and Rosa Jane (SMITH) BALLARD died on June 11, 1889 she died giving birth to twins but her daughter Mable Amelia BALLARD married my great grandfather Willis Ira BAILEY.
Any information would be great appreciated. I wil share of what I have.
Luona Bailey Jernigan


Doris Cook Smith Sat Sep 2 18:08:59 2006
Seeking information on a Betsey NICHOLS who stated that she was present at the marriage of Asa LEWIS and Mary DYER. Asa LEWIS & Mary DYER were married in Stonington CT in 1779 (have name of Church and Pastor). This information is recorded in Pension Claim papers from the Pension Office in 1844. Does anyone know who this Betsey NICHOLS was? The Statement was filed in Cortland County New York. Thank you very much. gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of Asa and Mary Polly (DYER) LEWIS


Gretchen Gogan Mon Sep 11 11:12:02 2006
I'm looking for information on my great-great grandmother, Ada M. CRANDALL who was born c1844 and raised by Ira and Mary HOPKINS in Willet, NY. Ada married William LAW of Pharsalia, NY in the mid 1860s. I would like to know who her parents were and what happened to them.


Darla A. Back Tue Sep 19 07:30:35 2006
Searching for Charles Everett MAGEE / McGEE Born: 24 April 1876 in Montrose, Susquehanna,PA. Married: Margery E. McKIBBY Seeking Charles's death date and place of burial. His last know whereabouts were Preble Township, Cortland County, New York according to the 1930 U.S. Federal Census. Children: Laura and Tillie plus stepchildren Florence and Eugene WARD.


Brend Hatcher Fri Sep 22 13:21:11 2006
I have in my possession a letter from Mrs. Levi WOODS - Addie is how she signed her name - to my Grandmother Velma BEERBOWER from the 1940's. Who is she and are her two daughters still living whom she mentions in the letter. I think she is a cousin via Malvina (VORCE) BUGBEE wife of Nelson BUGBEE. Can anyone confirm this information? The letter was sent from Railroad Street, Cortland NY.


Dale Davidson Harguess Thu Sep 28 10:50:53 2006
I am trying to find anything I can on a Richard V. VAN HOESEN whose mother was Christina VANDENBURGH. I think they lived in Preble but am not certain. I am pretty sure that Gerritt VAN HOESEN lived in Preble though.


Sharon Wilson Wed Oct 11 15:48:12 2006
I am looking for any and all info on PICKETTs in Cortland Co. I have found my gggrandfather, Ira PICKETT, listed in the 1840 census and I think I found my ggggrandfather, Benjamin PICKET, listed in the 1820, 1830, 1840, and 1850 census. I have also found an Eri (Ery) PICKETT and an Ami PICKET that I think may be Ira's brothers. There are a group of PICKET / PICKETTs buried in the Atwater Cem. in Homer. If any one has more on these PICKET / PICKETTs I would enjoy hearing from them. Ira moved to WI between 1840 and 1850.


Cheryl Comer Mon Oct 16 16:23:56 2006
I am looking for information about my g-g-grandparents, Aurilla WARD b. abt 1817 in Freetown, Cortland County, NY; d. 29 OCT 1899 in Marion, Ohio; m. Stewart YOUNG 17 DEC 1837 in Freetown, NY; b. 19 MAR 1813 in County Tyrone, Ireland; d. ? probably in Marion, Ohio.

Stewart YOUNG was said to be joining other YOUNG relatives who had all ready settled in Cortland Co. I would like to hear from any family members. I would like to find out who the parents of Aurilla WARD are. They are said to be of Scottish ancestry. Stewart and Aurilla (WARD) YOUNG are the parents of Sarah Dette (YOUNG) LOOMIS who m. Fred LOOMIS, I believe in Cortland Co., but later moved to Mustang, OK. Fred and Sarah LOOMIS had a daughter Florence LOOMIS who was sent from OK at abt age 8 to live with her paternal grandmother Jane (MARTIN) LOOMIS WAVLE in McGraw, NY. Florence LOOMIS m. Neil D. COMERFORD of Cortland, NY. They are my paternal grandparents.
Thank you for your assistance, Cheryl (COMERFORD)COMER


Richard Kiernan Sun Oct 22 14:18:01 2006
Looking for information on GGGG GF, George HIGDAY and his ancestors and his descendants. He died in 1843. Family history states that he was buried in McGrawville, Solon County, NY
Thank You,
Richard Kiernan


judie Tue Oct 24 09:24:58 2006
Looking for BOWDISH, Joseph and ROTH, Anne M. Somehow connected to the MACES, my maiden name. My father passed away and willed all sorts of legal papers as he knew I was doing the family tree.


Virginia Stairs Fri Nov 3 14:07:29 2006
Looking for descendents of Samuel JOHNSON residing in Virgil, NY in the early 1830's. The family had a son named Robert Gordon (our branch) and the 1835 Virgil census shows 5 males, and 3 females in the family. Who are the other children?


Roberta Bush Sat Nov 4 05:41:58 2006
Seeking info on the COLEGROVE surname in Cortland County.


Walter P. Coston Sat Nov 18 08:46:34 2006
Need names of the four daughters of Luther and Ann BROWN. This family appears in the 1830, 1835 and 1840 censuses as living in the part of Virgil now known to be Harford. Oldest daughter suspected to be Laura Luella BROWN. Youngest daughter believed (but not proven) to be Adelia A. BROWN. Youngest child (son) known to be Joseph L. BROWN.

In 1842-1843 this family moved to Richford, Tioga County, New York. In 1865 Luther & Ann with Joseph moved to Cornwall, Henry County, Illinois. By 1874 these three had moved to Fairmount, Leavenworth County, Kansas.


David Roccaforte Mon Nov 27 19:03:25 2006
While researching part of my son-in-law's ancestral line, I discovered that one of the lines was the family of Joseph JAMES. Census pages from 1850 and up show the family living in Illinois. Joseph lists his place of birth as Rhode Island, but place of birth information for the wife of Joseph JAMES (Elizabeth surname unknown at this time) was listed as New York.

Using the Census Index for the 1840 New York Census, I came up with an entry that could be the Joseph JAMES family I am interested in.

Because the 1840 Census only lists the head of household by name and uses date ranges for the other members of the family, I compared what the later census pages say with the age ranges of the particular family group.

The index did not list a city or township, but the page is included as part of the records for Cortland County, New York as follows:

Joseph JAMES is enumerated in the 1840 Census as head of household, residing in Cortland County, New York. This census does not list family members by name but includes family members by gender and age group. This family group includes one male, 20 but under 30 years of age (Joseph), 3 females under 5 years old (proper age group for daughters Eliza, Sarah, and Harriet), and 2 females 20 but under 30 years of age (wife Elizabeth and another unknown female).

Are there any sources of vital records for Cortland County that could help me prove or disprove this as the family of interest?

I am interested in any marriage information between Joseph JAMES and Elizabeth (surname unknown), probably in 1836, and the first 5 of their children, Eliza (abt. 1837), Sarah (abt. 1839), Harriet (abt. May 1840), John (abt. 1843), and Ruanne (abt. 1843) Page 294 of 306

NOTE: as I looked through many of the pages, I noted that the township or city name is listed in the left margin. The page with the Joseph JAMES family unit reads: Preble, Cortland Co, NY

Thanks in advance for any assistance you are able to offer.
Dave Roccaforte
Daly City, CA


Helga Andrews Fri Dec 1 20:36:09 2006
George MOORE was supposedly born Nov 19 1809 in Griptan Township, Cortland County, NY. Does anyone know where such a township was? George married Elizabeth YOUNG and moved to Elmira NY, had 10 children and died Aug 20 1877 in PA. Would love to know his parents.


Tammy Blandino Fri Dec 22 00:55:35 2006
I am searching for information about Aurelius Frederic DELAVERGNE and his wife Harriett Emily JONES. They had two children: Charles and Dewitt. They were living in Harford, Cortland Co, NY in the 1850 census. He was a shoe maker.

By the 1860 census they were in Minnesota and he was a Lawyer. I am assuming that he got his lawyer creditials while in New York. From what I can tell his brother and father were also in the industry, but they were living in a different county in 1850.

I have no information on the family of Harriett Emily JONES. She is listed as Emily and Emily H. in 1850 and 1860, but in later census records she is called Harriett E. Also in later census records she is listed as a School Teacher.

Any information concerning these two would be greatly appreciated, most especially concerning the JONES line.

Thank you.


Matthew L Hickman Fri Dec 22 19:35:48 2006
Seeking CROSBY family ties in Cortland County.

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