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Bill Shaw Fri Jan 5 21:10:24 2007
Looking for information on death/burial of Cornelius SHAW. The last record I have of him is living with his son Charles in Truxton in the 1880 census. He disappears after that. I have found his wife's grave but he is not buried in that cemetery. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, I'm running out of hair to pull out.


Kathy Rous Sat Jan 6 12:54:20 2007
I am looking for information on Catherine and Charles C HAMMOND. Catherine was born in 1801 in Homer. I do not know her maiden name. Charles was born in 1804 in New York State.

They must have lived in Homer after their marriage because their first child, Nancy, was born in Homer in 1828. They moved with their family to Scio, Allegany County before the 1850 census and then migrated to Wisconsin where Charles died and is buried.


Cheryl Wed Jan 10 07:04:31 2007
Looking for info on siblings and parents of Joseph WOOD and Lydia DARLING. I would like to find the WOOD families in Cuyler & Truxton, Cortland Co., New York. Would you help me find them, please?

Descendants of Joseph WOOD
   1    Joseph WOOD - b: 1817 in New York - d: 1893 - Burial: Cuyler Cemetery, Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York
      +Lydia Darling - b: 1825 in New York - d: 1900 - Burial: Cuyler Cemetery, Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York
   2    Chester Arthur WOOD - b: 1843 - d: 1927 in Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York - Burial: Cuyler Cemetery, Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York
      +Elizabeth Bentley
   3    Chester Arthur WOOD - b: Abt. 1878 in Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York - d: 1915 in Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York
      +Mabel Baker - b: 1887 in Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York - d: June 1962 in Chemung, Chemung Co., New York - Burial: Chemung Cemetery, Chemung, Chemung Co., New York
   4    Pearl Irene WOOD - b: May 13, 1906 in Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York - d: June 26, 1933 - Burial: June 29, 1933 Chemung Cemetary, Chemung, Chemung Co., New York
      +George Sylvester Decker - b: June 04, 1909 in Chemung, Chemung Co., New York - d: August 08, 1980 in St Josephs Hospital, Elmira, Chemung Co., New York - Burial: August 11, 1980 Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Jerusalem Hill Road, Elmira, Chemung Co., New York
   4    Chester Arthur WOOD - b: August 21, 1908 in Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York - d: October 15, 1988 in At his home, Wynkcoop Creek Road, Chemung, Chemung Co., New York - Burial: October 18, 1988 Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Jerusalem Hill Road, Elmira, Chemung Co., New York
      +Marguarite Isabelle Decker - b: January 09, 1905 in Chemung, Chemung Co., New York - m: July 01, 1929 in Waverly Baptist Church, Waverly, Tioga Co., New York - d: August 22, 1986 in Tioga General Hospital, Waverly, Tioga Co., New York - Burial: August 26, 1986 Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Jerusalem Hill Road, Elmira, Chemung Co., New York
   4    Marguarite Irene WOOD - b: February 17, 1911 in Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York - d: August 03, 1993 in Rock Stream, Yates Co., New York
   2    Daniel WOOD - b: Abt. 1846 in Widowed - Burial: Cuyler Cemetery, Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York
   3    Minnie A. WOOD - b: May 07, 1872 - d: 1923 - Burial: Cuyler Cemetery, Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York
      +Charles Byron Bailey - b: 1869 - m: February 18, 1890 - d: 1951 - Burial: Cuyler Cemetery, Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York
   3    Willie WOOD - b: 1874 - d: 1914
   2    David WOOD - b: 1853 - d: 1900 - Burial: Cuyler Cemetery, Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York
   2    Peter Wood - b: Abt. 1858
   2    Joseph Wood, Jr. - b: 1860 - d: April 24, 1934
   2    Mary B. Wood - b: September 04, 1865 in Truxton, Cortland Co., New York - d: March 20, 1923 in Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York - Burial: March 23, 1923 Cuyler Cemetery, Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York
      +William L. Blanchard - b: November 1860 in Cortlandville, Cortland Co., New York - d: November 15, 1904 in Cortlandville, Cortland Co., New York - Burial: Cuyler Cemetery, Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York
   3    Archie M. Blanchard - b: August 1882 in Cortlandville, Cortland Co., New York - d: February 14, 1907 in Cinicinnatus, Cortland Co., New York - Burial: Cuyler, Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York
   3    Lewis J. Blanchard - b: September 1886 - d: July 28, 1953
   3    Flossie May Blanchard - b: December 22, 1892 in Cortlandville, Corltand Co., New York - d: April 08, 1964 in Cincinnatus, Cortland Co., New York - Burial: Truxton Cemetery, Truxton, Cortland Co., New York
   3    Myrtle L. Blanchard - b: October 30, 1903 in Truxton, Cortland Co., New York - d: October 07, 1964 in University Hospital, Syracuse, Onondaga Co., New York - Burial: Truxton Cemetery, Truxton, Cortland Co., New York
      *2nd Husband of Mary B. Wood:
      +Truman Nye - b: September 1868 in Fabius, Onondaga Co., New York - m: March 28, 1908 in Cuyler, Cortland Co., New York - d: April 28, 1934 in Truxton, Cortland Co., New York


Tammy Martin Wed Jan 17 12:04:40 2007
Looking for an obituary for Madeleine S. KARPENKO, who died May 1, 2006 in Cortland, New York


Rita Wolf Pierce Sun Jan 21 15:08:18 2007
Need information on Benjamin PIERCE who m. Eliza Ann ACKERMAN. Believe Eliza ACKERMAN m.1st Benjamin PIERCE (d. 06 Jul 1819 Cortland Co., NY). Benjamin PIERCE left will Truxton, Cortland Co., NY listing his son, Hamlet Fairchild PIERCE (d. 07 Jun 1894 Dryden), and wife, Eliza PIERCE. Benjamin PIERCE's Will signed by Zebulon PIERCE.

Eliza ACKERMAN m. 2nd. Alonzo JOHNSTON according to The Ackerman Family by Barbara W. Tobey, Vol. 11, 1988 p. 52.

Zebulon PIERCE came to Truxton, Cortland Co., NY from Colrain, Franklin Co.,MA in 1805 and located on lot 34.

Need marriage record for Benjamin PIERCE and Eliza ACKERMAN. Also wish to locate their graves.


Robert Gibbs Sun Jan 28 10:01:09 2007
Seeking information on the REAS and BLOOMER families in Cortland County.


Bob H. Morse Wed Jan 31 18:30:21 2007
Am trying locate parents of Harriet M. HULL b. 17 June 1812 at Preble, Cortland Co., NY. Harriet was married to Daniel W. MORSE in Corning, Steuben Co., NY. 7 Feb 1842.
Any informatiom greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Bob H. Morse


Peter Swisher Thu Feb 8 09:53:15 2007

I am looking for information on a John RAINBOW, born around 1781, who immigrated from England to the USA, starting in Cortland County, then moving to Linklaen / DeRuyter.

He was married to an Avis RAINBOW. Their children included a Simeon and Prudence RAINBOW. Simeon was part of the NY Infantry, 157th Company C. He was killed on the first day at Gettysburgh.

There is another RAINBOW named John that married a Sarah HUNT. I want to find any information about either John RAINBOW. I have access to the 1820 census records, but nothing prior.

Thank you,
- Pete Swisher
GGGG grandson of John Rainbow.


Leonard Thoreson Tue Feb 13 08:18:18 2007
Seeking information on Walter BRIGGS.


Rob Gibbs Wed Feb 14 08:01:54 2007
Looking for information on the REAS family, Alonzo REASE, circa 1831-1887 and his wife Hannah BLOOMER.


Ruth Jordan Thoden Thu Feb 15 07:21:08 2007
Seeking information on JENNINGS families and KINGSBURY families who settled early in Lapeer. Aaron JENNINGS settled there early as did Seth JENNINGS in 1803. Revolutionary war woldier, Thomas KINGSBURY settled in town in 1802.
If you have any information on either of these families, please contact me at rjthoden@juno.com


judith wilkerson Mon Feb 19 14:32:05 2007
James Horace DOUGLASS died May 24,1902 in Rocky Point. Looking for any information.


Xoli Myeza Tue Feb 20 05:39:35 2007
I'm trying to locate Eunice YOUNG who used to stay in Binghamton New York. She used to have in South Africa by the name of Princess.


Pat Dowd Fri Feb 23 06:23:18 2007
My Grandmother Anna VALLELY is listed in St. Joseph's Home - I am looking for any info. Thanks for your time.


Lucy Arnold Sun Feb 25 01:54:40 2007
I am looking for information on Harry L. ARNOLD. He was born on Aug.14, 1887. On his 2nd son's birth certificate, it says he was born in Ketchumville, New York. On his World War I registration card, it says he was born in Maine, New York. He was married to Nellie L. WATKINS, daughter of Volney E. WATKINS and Ella M. GOULD. Harry and Nellie divorced sometime after 1922. Nellie got married to William FORSHED before 1930, in New York state. Have not been able to find out anything about Harry since the 1920 U.S. Census.
Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
His children's names are:
Edith, Charles, Lucille, Volney, Rita, Morris, Myrtle, and Carl.


Madeline Jenkins Millard Mon Feb 26 06:52:42 2007
I am looking for information on the LeRoy FREY family who lived in Cortland for many years. I believe he was a printer and perhaps had his own business. After his retirement they spent their last years living in Ithaca, NY. Information I have: LeRoy FREY, Sr.(1903-1970) and his wife, Margaret UNKNOWN 1909-1995). They had four children, two sons and twin daughters whom I believe to be living. We were children together, but I have lost track of them over the years. LeRoy was the brother of my mother's first husband who died circa 1925. Thank you.


Kathleen Martin Thu Mar 1 14:10:58 2007
Ichabod MARTIN moved from Putney, Vt. to Cortland/Chenango County about 1796. His administration was recorded in 1810 in the town of Solon, though he may have moved out of state. His descendants included the families of sons Bishop (and Harriet HEATH) MARTIN and Ichabod MARTIN, Jr., who married Electa BABCOCK. Could any cemeteries list these names? Any descendants out there?


Suzanne Jaquin Rearic Thu Mar 1 16:08:56 2007
Are there any relatives of Howard and Marjorie JAQUIN, originally of Cortland, NY? My father was Clifford JAQUIN, brother of Howard and William. I know very little about my father's family, as I grew up in Medina, NY.


Lisa Baker Wed Apr 4 09:17:34 2007
Seeking information on the CONINE surname in Cortland County.


Donald Pennay Thu Apr 5 22:33:26 2007
Hello,Can you help me? I need information on William H. PENNY. He is suppose to have lived in Courtland, NY from 1909 to about 1915 according to his Civil War Pension Records.Any information as to where he lived and who he may have lived with would be helpful. Thank You Donald Pennay Zephyrhills,Fla.


Jacie Thomsen Mon Apr 16 11:38:17 2007
I am looking for any info on Harry M EDGE who was married to Florence A RIDENOUR. They lived in Marathan NY in 1934. Harry was b 1874 and d 1964. Florence b 1872 in Iowa and d 1948. Her parents were John D and Sarah C RIDENOUR.


Nan Whitcomb Wed Apr 18 05:05:18 2007
My GG grandfather Silas HUNTLEY and wife Mary Ann (ODELL) had 3 children: Sarah b 1857, Nancy b 1860, & William Franklin b 1867. He died by 1890. All of them born in Homer.

Sarah married John W. UNDERWOOD, born Wesley COOLEY. in May 1870. They had 14 children, all but 1 were born in Homer. John served in the Civil War and was receiving a pension in 1890 while a resident of Homer. I have been able to find 10 of the 14 children so I am assuming that the 4 must have been stillborn or died as infants. Are there records somewhere of births & deaths?

Nancy supposedly married a brother of John. His name may have been Albert COOLEY. They had a son William Franklin b 1879. Although I have been able to trace Nancy's son Wm F through 1930, I can find no trace of her after 1870. And no evidence of the "COOLEY" man she married or when. Which is one of the things I am seeking.

John COOLEY / UNDERWOOD died Jan 1906, Binghamton and Sarah died Aug 1937 also Binghamton. They are buried side by side in the Civil War section in Chenango Valley Cemetery, Hillcrest, Broome County, NY.

There is no information of their life in Homer, except for census records. After 57 yrs of marriage, 47 of them at least spent in Homer, Silas HUNTLEY died in the County Home in Cortland & is buried in an unmarked grave. Mary Ann, his wife, died in Binghamton and is buried at Chenango Valley Cemetery. How Sad!!!


Terry Holland Thu Apr 19 16:07:24 2007
Looking for any information on the parentage and desendants of Elihu HOLLAND and his wife Jerusha PALMER who lived and died in Cortland County, NY from 1800-1850. Their son Elihu G. HOLLAND lectured and taught in Europe during the 1850's, and went on to become Chaplain of the 156th NY Volunteers.


Karen Salaczynskyj Fri Apr 20 14:45:52 2007
In some information on William Sheldon FRANKLIN, who was born in Aurora, NY on 22 Oct 1811, he attended Cortland Academy. I do not have dates, but the document indicated that he attended Cayuga and Cortland Academies and Cazenovia Seminary. I only know that he entered Cazenovia Seminary in 1831, and I am assuming that he would have attended Cortland Academy prior. I have found references in the History of Aurora, NY to Cayuga Academy, however I have not found references to Cortland Academy thus far. Was there such an institution in Cortland during the 1820's?


Cheryl Comer Sun Apr 22 15:13:11 2007
Ezra LOOMIS is my great-great grandfather. He was b. 23 Jan 1835 NY m. Jane MARTIN d. East Bloomfield, Ontario County, NY 01 Ded 1867. I believe he is buried in the Cortland Rural Cemetery, Cortland, Cortland County, New York. Can someone verify the burial records of the Cortland Rural Cemetery for Ezra LOOMIS' burial records?


Sandy Ranier Sun May 6 16:22:25 2007
I am looking for the parents / family of an Elizabeth VERMILYEA who married Soloman ANDREWS in Homer, Albany Co. NY on August 29 1813. She was born 4/08/1797 in Broome Co. NY. Elizabeth and Soloman lived near Albany NY in Cortland Co. Thanks for your help....Sandy


Nancy Denton Thu May 10 15:18:30 2007
Seeking information on g-g-grandfather, Alvin CLARK, who lived in Scott, NY, abt 1825 to 1840. Unknown parents, possibly Eli or Samuel. Unknown siblings. Born in Locke, Cayuga County, NY, in 1820 and married Hannah SCOVILLE in Fulton, NY, abt 1842. Abt 1856 moved to Vinton, IA and lived there until death in 1899.


Barbara Crossman Bell Tue May 15 13:47:39 2007
My father's father's family lived in Cortland County through the 1910 census, possibly beginning with Andrew J. CROSSMAN b. 1815.

In 1880 census, there is a family listed in Cortland consisting of:
George A. CROSSMAN, paper hanger - head of household, age 45
Kate CROSSMAN, at home - wife - age 29 (parents are from Ireland)
Mary S. CROSSMAN - daughter, age 5
Andrew J. CROSSMAN, father - works at meat market, age 65 (b. 1815)

In 1900 census there is:
Kate CROSSMAN, works at paper mill - widow, age 49 head of household (parents are from Ireland)
Augusta CROSSMAN, daughter - at school, age 15
Norvin, son - at school, age 7 (my grandfather)

I can find no records of George CROSSMAN's death, nor those of Mary or Andrew J. I don't know if Augusta and Norvin are the children of George A. CROSSMAN. I'm assuming that these two Kate CROSSMAN entries are the same person as their details are the same.

The city directory of Cortland in 1889 lists George A. CROSSMAN, Kate CROSSMAN and Andrew J. CROSSMAN living at 132 Railroad Ave. Mary is not listed there (as a child).

The 20-year gap in census info between 1880 and 1900 is very frustrating! Any assistance anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated!


Julie (Oathout) Wilmoth Tue May 15 22:19:32 2007
I am looking for Anna Marie TIBBETS who was born 1821 or 1825 in Truxton, New York. She was the wife of Augustus Pinkney OOTHOUDT / OATHOUT who was born in New York in 1814 or 1816. They settled in Iowa and migrated later to Nebraska.

OOTHOUDT / OATHOUT is from the Dutch Reformed Church. She has been very hard for me to find. Can't even find the TIBBETS family.
Hope you can help me.
Thank You, Julie


Martha Yates Wed May 16 17:46:46 2007
I am seeking information about a John YATES and Jenny THOMAS. Both would have been from the Groton area.

And I would like any information on the name YATES in this area as well.


Robert Currie Fri May 18 10:15:49 2007
Looking for info on family of Isaac and Mary (DOLAN) MORRIS. They are listed in the Census of 1870 as having lived in Marathon, Cortland County, NY. Their children: Mary - age 14, Rosa - age 13, Martin (possibly Michael) - age 11, Frank - age 8, and John - age 5. All children born in New York State. Isaac and Mary from Dublin, Ireland. Census of 1860 has them living in Newport, Herkimer County, NY.


Evelyn Russo Mon May 28 18:46:55 2007
My grandfather owned a farm in Cortland Co NY. I don't know where. He died in 1959 in Cortland Co. His given have was Arvid Hjalmer THORSEN born in Sweden in 1887.
I am planning a genealogy trip in late July to visit NY and hope to learn where he lived and where he is buried. I would appreciate very much any help in my research. Thank you very much, Evelyn Russo


Jerry Potter Fri Jun 1 17:33:35 2007
(Updated email address): Still looking for POTTER: I am searching for more information on Philip POTTER b. 1784 (listed age of 66 in Lapeere census of 1850) wife Hannah, son: James b. 1830, daughter: Nancy.
I am trying to find more information out on Philip.....parents, etc. If Philip fits into your family tree, I would greatly appreciate any more information you could provide. Thanks


DS Wed Jun 6 20:56:33 2007
James WEST came from England about 1826 and married Elizabeth WILLIAMS from Gouverneur, NY. Her father Thomas WILLIAMS, her mother, Catherine PETRIE. Searching for their marriage in 1830's or any knowledge of her parents


Karen Matott Fri Jun 8 18:32:07 2007
Looking for information on Roswell LORD and family, especially daughter Julia LORD who married David HARVEY and later Milton LANE and daughter Pheobe who married Albert HARVEY. Any information would be appreciated.


Jean Bunch Sat Jun 9 14:29:42 2007
Andrew J. CAMPBELL married Mary E. LETTS July 13, 1837 in Cortlandville. His son Edward was at Antietam and died there. One of three soldiers from Cortlandville in RW. Need birth record of Andrew showing father believed to be Alanson CAMPBELL. Alanson and wife are buried in Summerhill.


Helen Staten Arnold Tue Jun 12 18:48:18 2007
My GrGRGrandparents were from NY, well educated, but I can not get any information on their ancestors. Any info on the SHELEY or EDWARDs would be greatly appreciated.
William G. SHELEY married Hannah Buchanan JOHNSON, cir 1832, he was born cir 1808 and she was born cir 1814, They had 9 children. Archibald A. C. N. SHELEY, the eldest was born in NY February 17, 1834. By 1840 they were in Tallahatchie County Ms. I think he had a sister Polly, and their father was probably William SHELEY born cir 1870. Any information you have on these folks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Steve Hollands Wed Jun 13 11:18:54 2007
Seeking information on Lucia who was the wife of Luther RICE who lived in Cortland County c. 1800-1820. (He was a physician who lived in Homer). I would like to learn who Lucia was and who her parents, grandparents, etc were.


Terri Walker Sun Jun 17 21:53:44 2007
Hi, I am looking for information of Alanson COLLAR. Any help would be appreciated. You can email me at Terri4787@yahoo.com. Thank you.


Cheryl Stees Wed Jun 20 09:47:08 2007
I have a photo of two young girls. I judge it to be 75+ years old based on the clothing. It is stamped on the back Silverman, Cortland, N.Y. Handwritten are the names Harriett WARREN and Claribel WARREN. I would gladly send the photo to anyone who is related to these girls.


Yvonne Burleigh Sat Jul 14 07:18:50 2007
Working on family tree. If anyone can help on these surnames? Thanks.


Kathy Sun Jul 15 08:31:15 2007
Could someone please tell me where to write for a marriage record for my grandfather. His name was Wm J. GUNNING. He married Mary Francis CONNELLY in Harrison N. Y. on February 15, 1935. Also what the fee is for the certificate.


DAvid Quinlan Thu Jul 19 13:49:10 2007
Are there any first hand accounts of Eli DeVOE in the plot to kill Lincoln?


Ki Wells Thu Jul 19 20:27:30 2007
Seeking info on the WELLS family in Cortland County.


elane brinckerhof Tue Jul 24 03:55:49 2007
Seeking info on the COTTON family in Cortland County.


Sherryle Meeks Fri Jul 27 14:51:27 2007
I have TURNER ancestor with the middle name of Courland whose father Abraham was born in New York. I am looking for his family there.


Donna Swart Mon Jul 30 18:33:01 2007
A George SWART, his wife and child are found in 1850 Census in Dryden, New York. Living with them is an Andrew SWART, which is my ggrandfather's name. Later George is found moving back and forth between Tompkins and Cortland Counties.
Does anyone have info?


David Ward Mon Aug 6 16:17:07 2007
I am seeking information about Asahel, aka Ashel WARD who was a Cortland County resident in the early 1800s. His children included Elbert (my great-great grandfather), and Zilpha WARD who was apparently born in Freetown, Cortland Co. in 1830. Asahel was born in 1801, perhaps in Cortland Co. I'd like info on Asahel's father or mother. Thank you.


Patricia Ratcliff Thu Aug 9 07:56:55 2007
Am seeking info on Preserved ADAMS b. c1776; m. Martha SHELDON and his parents Edward ADAMS b. c1749; m.Amelia FISH. Was told they lived in or near Cinncinnatus.


ROGER DOYLE Thu Aug 9 15:04:32 2007
Garnett Edgar DOYLE died on 30 Dec. 65. Please send me any information you have. Obits, etc.


Jane Bentley Holloway Fri Aug 10 14:26:32 2007
Would like any information on MITCHELL family living in Marathon NY in 1910. Arthur and Edith (BARBER) MITCHELL lived there. They had 2 daughters, Eliza and Maude. Eliza married ? Had children named Nellie, Ida May and Kenneth? Maude was my grandmother. My father and aunt were taken away from her and lived in a home in Binghamton NY. My uncle Sidney LOVELACE was raised with my great grandmother Edith and her second husband James GREENE.

Am also looking for any information on the MOTT family of East Homer. My great aunt Mary Areva BENTLEY married Frank H MOTT. They had 3 children Laurence, Hila and Charles.
Any information would be greatly appreciated


tracy jones Wed Aug 22 14:44:38 2007
I am looking for my great-grandfather Steven WILBUR's information for my grandmother who was adopted in 1919 after the death of her mother, Helen WILBUR, who is buried in Preble, NY. My grandmother now named Alice KOHLER wants to know what happened to her father after she was adopted. She is now 90 years old and would like to know more about him. If you could help me out by sending me information about where he may have gone after the adoption that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time.


Dianna Cokinos Tue Aug 28 00:38:58 2007
I am looking for Earl MOREHOUSE b.1886 in New Hope Cayuga Co. N.Y. U.S.A. married Mary Grace CARRON b.1898 N.Y. Mary Helen b. 7-10-1923 N.Y. daughter (this is Grannie to me she has had altzimers for along time) Earl Jr. b.9-25-1920 son N.Y. I know they were in Cortland in 1920 together, but in 1930 Helen and Earl Jr. was put in a children's home in Cortland. Earl Sr. family lived in Cortland in 1900 but not for sure. I need his father and mother's name as well as Grace's parents. I thank you kindly if you can help me! Thank you agian for your time and caring. Later Di


Vicki Hanrahan Ainslie Sat Sep 1 16:45:23 2007
My GG Aunt is Anna Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN born 24 Nov 1867 in Cortland. I have determined that her parents were Charles and Anna Vinette (SEAGER) CHAMBERLAIN. I have tentatively tied Charles to Norman and Ageline (or Angeline) CHAMBERLAIN, but have no firm proof he belongs to them except location in 1850 census.

Have had no luck determining Anna Vinette SEAGER's parents' or siblings' name and was hoping someone on this board may be able to help. I did find the record of Anna and Charles' infant son, John, in the Virgil Cemetery records, so that was great!! Any additional information would be helpful on these lines would be helpful. Thanks in advance! I have information on Anna Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN and am happy to share. Vicki Ainslie


Charles W. Havoland Sun Sep 2 14:56:23 2007
Real estate owned by Floyd and Richard HAVILAND in 1960, located on Rte 1, Cortland, NY


Bob Wood Sun Sep 2 18:54:54 2007
Am searching for any info re:John H WOOD Sgt who served in the 12th NY starting in summer of 1861. Can you help me? Bob Wood


Kyle Davenport Mon Sep 3 22:56:30 2007
I had a single reference to a "Clarissa WEAVER" b.1809 in Cortland County who married William SMITH of Arkwright, Chautauqua County, NY. I have never been able to find WEAVERs in Cortland then, and it's especially strange that William's mother is a WEAVER. William's brother Andrew J SMITH marries a Harriet ? at the same time, who does not seem to belong to any longstanding families in Arkwright, so suspect she also came with Clarissa. The family broke up by 1860 and I see the most likely candidate for son "Warren SMITH" b. 1842 working for Charles H WHEADON in his harness shop in 1860. Could this be an uncle?


Tom Bruttomesso Tue Sep 11 17:23:59 2007
I'm am looking for a family that served as a foster family during the 1970's please email me if you have any information.
Thank you Tom Bruttomesso


David Cheesman Thu Sep 13 13:51:38 2007
Am trying to find information on BELL, Amos (born circa 1812 - 1827), his wife Elizabeth A. (born cir 1819 - 1831) children Elizabeth (born cir 1844); Monroe (born cir 1847); Sylvester (born 1845) and Amos (born cir 1858). The entire family left Lapeer in 1851 and moved to Steuben County. Would really like to know exact dates of birth, maiden name of Elizabeth and name of Amos' father.


Cyndi Judge Fri Sep 14 21:50:22 2007
I am looking for information on Robert A. RICHARDSON, born-1913. He married Ruth DAVIS in Nov. 1935. I have the DAVIS family traced back, but am looking for any information on the RICHARDSON side. The RICHARDSON family is showing up on census data in Lisle, Broome County, but I found burial records for them in the Marathon Cemetery, Courtland Co. Robert had a brother Lorence b-1909, Edith and Edgar would have been his grandparents and his father's name also appears to be Robert A. Any help that anyone can give me would be appreciated.


Charles Gilbert Mon Sep 17 14:50:42 2007
I am looking for information on Marvin GILBERT b. 1795 Solon Cortland Co. New York. I can't get pass Marvin. I can't find out who his wife was or who his parents were. He had 9 children; Sally, Joseph, David, Calvin, William, Moses, Truman, Job, Elisabeth.
If anyone knows of his wife, parents or any other information about his past please let me know at my email address. Thank you for taking your time in helping me.
Charles Gilbert


Julie Knight Thu Sep 20 14:19:46 2007
Hi, I am trying to find an ancestor that was born in Cortland Co. All I know of this person is her first name--Phylura b. abt. 1811 in Cortland Co, married a Solomon MOYER b. abt. 1813 in PA. They had children, Adelaide, Fernando, Ellen J., George, Susan, Lilte, Dennis, Willia. They were in Cattaraugus Co. in 1855, according to the census for that county in that year. I am hoping that maybe someone from her family will recognize her husband or children and be able to help me. Thank you. Julie


Jean Bunch Sun Sep 23 12:52:42 2007
Searching for information about my great grandmother Mary E. LETTS born in Cortland,23 August 1814 and married 13 July, 1837 in Cortlandville to Andrew J. CAMPBELL. Their son Edmund was in the Revolutionary war. He enlisted in Cortlandville, was injured in Antietam. His arm was amputated and he died 13 Oct. 1862. He is buried in Antietam National Cemetery. I need to know the father of Andrew to join the DAR. I believe him to be Alanson CAMPBELL who also had ties to Cortland. Any information will help.


Cyndi Judge Sun Sep 23 15:08:33 2007
I am trying to locate any information regarding a Robert A. RICHARDSON, b. 1913. Census records from 1930 show him and his family in Lisle, Broome County, but I have located his grandparents and great-grandparents in Marathon cemetary in Cortland county.
He had a brother Lorence E. b1909, his parents were Robert and Clara b1893. I seem to have hit a road block and could really use your help. Thank you.


Chuck Haviland Sun Sep 30 19:33:58 2007
Seeking missing person - Floyd E. HAVILAND, October, 1960.


Gayle F BublitzGayle Mon Oct 22 12:57:55 2007
Looking for information on Charles W. MORSE. Born June 30th 1843. His mother was Betsy DAVIS. Trying to find information on Charles MORSE's father. Charles was born in Cortland County, New York. Betsy DAVIS later married an ABBOTT in LaSalle co. Lasalle, Wi. We do not know for sure if Charles father and Betsy were married or not. We do know that she later gave birth to twin girls Lita and Charlott, last name unknown. Their married names are Charlott (Lot) HADLEY and Lita (Pink) HENDRICKSON.


Brad Adams Fri Nov 9 15:17:06 2007
Seeking information on Nehemiah ADAMS, born 1831, and John J. ADAMS, born 1789 or 1790. Looking for documented connection that shows John is Nehemiah's father. Also would appreciate any other information on this family, including a commission as Major of the 58th Infantry that John received in 1819 from Governor DeWitt Clinton.


Margaret Crosby Wed Nov 14 11:57:23 2007
I am looking for the Elisha CROSBY family from the Homer area of Cortland county. The only information I have is that his wife's name was Sarah and that he died around 1863 and he had a son named William who moved to Potter County PA.. Any information on any of the CROSBYs from that area would be helpful


Kem K. Hart-Baker Fri Nov 23 17:24:31 2007
Seeking information regarding a Miltreada (COVINGTON) WILLIAMS who lived in Cortland County about 1950 and later. She married possible a James WILLIAMS and they lived in or near the Blodgett Mills or Polkville area of the county. Probably had a child born in early 1950's.

Miltreada's parents were Howard COVINGTON and his first wife, Sarah ??

Howard was my Great Uncle; his half sister, Florence (AUSTIN) GARDNER was my grandmother. Trying to locate missing family members. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Kem Hart-Baker


Karen Paddock Sun Nov 25 22:35:11 2007
I am trying to establish a connection by marriage between Rufus BOIES and Nancy GIBBS, dated 1799. Rufus died in Homer, Cortland Co, NY on 1 April 1860. Nancy GIBBS died (presumably there as well in 1853.

Looking for info on Linas PADDOCK, particularly names of parents. His birth was June 17, 1876 and died May 1939.

You are amazing if you find anything!


Karen Haughton Moseley Tue Nov 27 12:17:52 2007
Looking for information on my gggrandfather Hiram HAUGHTON born in Corland County about 1804 and died in Wilson County about 1862 and his wife, Elizabeth (POTTER) HAUGHTON born in same about 1808, daughter of Stephen POTTER born in Providence, Rhode Island, grandaughter of Nathaniel POTTER also of Provience.


Kelly S Sizemore Thu Nov 29 00:17:37 2007
Hello, I'm looking for the families of Martha Rose CARROLL. Born: 12/18/1888 In Cortland Co. NY. Died: 1985 Tennessee.
Husband: Jack Franklyn MAYS. 2 daughters, and twins.Martha Rose (CARROLL) MAYS had an half brother; 'MARTINEZ' and two or more sisters. Her mother married lot of times. Aunt Winnie, is one of her sisters.
1st. Daughter: Virginia Edna (MAYS) GRAY born July 28, 1910, Cortland Co. NY. Died: June 1999. Husband: Fred Edward GRAY. Born: August 29, 1905. La. Died: 1975. Tennessee.
Their 1st. Daughter; Rose-Carroll (GRAY) SIZEMORE. Born: August 13, 1933. San Diago, Ca. Husband: Tad E. SIZEMORE. They have 6 children.
Other daughter of Virginia E. (MAYS) GRAY and Fred E. GRAY was Wendifered Cheryl GRAY. Born: Oct. 22, 1948. Died: 1970. Maryland. No children or husband.

Martha Rose (CARROLL) MAYS twins: Lillian Elisia MAYS. born: Sept. 13, 1912. C.C. NY. Other twin died June 1912. Not married. No children.

Last Daughter; Shirley Jean (MAYS) BROUARD. Born: July 31, 1927. C.C. NY. Died: October 11, 2007. Husband: William Frances BROUARD. Birth not Known. Death Middle '90's. 2 Children. 2 Grand Children.

Anything on these names especially 'CARROLL' is much needed.
Thank you,
Happy, Safe Holidays.
Kelly S. Sizemore.


Janet Mancini Sat Dec 8 10:12:07 2007
Looking for info about Elizabeth BOGART born about 1942 Cortland NY. Attended SUNY Morrisville NY


Tim Rodabaugh Fri Dec 21 07:12:16 2007
Working on the genealogy of William & Catharine SHARE and their descendants. Lived in the towns of Scott and Homer in the middle 1800's to early 1900's. Their children were James B., Hosea or Moses, George H. and Llewellyn or Solomon. Connected surnames are: BENNETT, GRIDLEY, BALDWIN, KENNEDY, MILLER, LEONARD, HULETT, ELDREDGE plus others. Many family members buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Homer, Cortland Co., N. Y. Any assistance or general family information is appreciated.


Bill Brazzell Sun Dec 30 16:41:52 2007
My family and I visited my aunt in Albany N Y in 1950 when I was a small boy. Her maiden name was Mercedease BRAZZELL who was born in Augusta Ga around 1904 or 5. She married a YOUMANS from what I can find out. She had a son named James who married a Mildred DAY and he changed his last name to DAY. Mercedease's Mother was Bertha B. BRAZZELL born in Augusta in 1881. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you
Bill Brazzell

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