Frequently Asked Questions

  Problems with these pages?  Suggestions & notes if you are having problems 
accessing or navigating these pages...
  . These pages are simplistic - I've opted not to use large files or 
    excessive graphics so the pages load faster. It's information people 
    are interested in, not glitz. (Besides, I'm partially color blind & you 
    don't want to see what I could come up with!) 
  . General information about the county is available from the Home page. 
    Information for a specific town is available under Towns. If you're 
    looking for a map of the entire county, get it from the Home page. For 
    a given town or village within a town, go to that town. 
  . If a page doesn't seem to have been updated recently try using your 
    browser's Refresh button. Your browser may load a cached version of a 
    given page and not reflect updates otherwise. I try to update regularly 
    though I may 'get lazy' for a week or so... 
  . If you have a problem accessing a file now & then, a counter or the 
    Guest Book doesn't load, etc. try again at another time. The various 
    servers do experience problems which get corrected. 
  . The majority of the info on these pages is contained on one server. 
    The exception to this is the Families page; these family files require 
    use of a subdirectory so they are passed off to another server. In
    most cases you won't notice the change - if you should have a problem 
    use your browser's Previous/Back key to recover. 
  . Some pages are without the music files... I am trying to add additional 
    music files but if you miss hearing it on some of the pages I'd suggest 
    downloading & using the Crescendo player. It replaces the RealAudio 
    player and has the advantage that it will continue to cycle music from 
    a previous page until a new file is loaded. Free & a no-pain install. 
  . I've tried to strike a happy medium on graphics, map files, etc., 
    compressing them to save load time and space on the server. They  
    display well in a browser but if you would prefer a copy of the  
    original full-sized file drop me a note, identify the file and  
    I'll forward it via E-Mail.
  Message Board... 
  . If you post and it doesn't show up immediately, use your Refresh button 
    before reposting your note. The Message board is maintained on genweb's 
    server and I have no editing control over it; I can't delete or modify 
  . In most cases, if a visitor responds to a post you've made it will be 
    via direct E-Mail. Occasionally someone may respond within the Message 
    Board - if you don't check, you don't know. 
  . This area is controlled by PicoSearch. It searches for keywords in html 
    files but not in binary files. A Search does NOT return a 'hit' if the 
    search term is contained in a binary file (such as those found on the 
    Families page.) 
  Submitting Material(s) 
  . If you have something you would like to submit for use on these pages, 
    *please* do so! Visitors and their contributions are what make these 
    pages work. If your information doesn't appear online immediately don't 
    take offense... delays usually indicate that I am *way* behind updating 
    the pages, I'm trying to figure out where to add the information or 
    decide what new area to create in order to add it or... Heck, maybe I 
    'got lucky' and am off on a wild weekend somewhere! [Yeah, right! See the
    previous reasons for delays...] 

Date: Monday, June 9, 2003

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