The conditions attending the practice of medicine previous to 1806 have been alluded to in Chapter XI. In that year the Legislature authorized the formation of County Medical Societies, and very soon thereafter the practitioners in Madison county organized under the provisions of that Act. July 29, 1806, Israel Farrell, Jonas Fay, James Moore, James Pratt, John D. Henry, John Dorrance, Jonathan Pratt, William P. Cleveland, Elijah Putnam, Elijah Pratt, Thomas Greenly, Amos S. Amsden, Constant Merrick, Stephen Percival, Zadoc Parker, Rufus Holton, A. B. Sizer and Asahel Prior met in Sullivan and organized the Madison County Medical Society. Israel Farrell was elected President; Jonas Fay, Vice President; Elijah Pratt, Secretary, James Pratt, Treasurer; James Moore, Delegate to the State Society; and Asa B. Sizer, James Moore, Asahel Prior, Jonathan Pratt and Elijah Putnam, Censors. At an adjourned meeting held Oct. 9, 1806, James Moore, Jonathan Fay and Elijah Pratt were appointed a committee to draft a code of by-laws, which were adopted at a meeting held in Hamilton in December, 1806.

    October 26, 1807, Jonas Fay, A. S. Amsden and John Dorrance were appointed a committee to report all practitioners without a license; and April 26, 1808, the President, Secretary and Treasurer were jointly delegated "to summon Hubbard Smith, William Patrie and David Williams to appear before ----- to show that they are legally qualified to practice Physic and Surgery in this State."

    As early as 1819 a concerted effort was made to enhance the usefulness of the Society and elevate the standard of the profession by an enlarged culture and ripened thought. The amended by-laws of 1819 specified that the surplus moneys in the treasury be not expended for library purposes until they amount to $75; also that every member should present at or soon after the semi-annual meeting one case regularly described, both in symptoms and treatment, to a committee of three to be appointed at the July meeting, who were to record in a book such as they deemed best to be read at the annual meeting or otherwise as the society thought best. July 28, 1820, so much of the by-laws as related to the library was expunged and Drs. Cazier, Havens and Spencer were appointed to purchase periodicals. July 31, 1821, Drs. Havens, Clarke and Spencer were appointed a committee to project a plan for prize dissertations, and the following prize subjects were propounded for discussion, the first at the semi-annual and the last at the annual meeting: "The immediate cause of death from drowning and the means to be used for resuscitation?" and "Dysentery." July 27, 1824, a committee was appointed to purchase periodical publications not to exceed four in number. July 26, 1825, $30 were appropriated for the purchase of books, and $16 for periodicals, this being the first appropriation for books found on the records. Thomas Spencer, O. Mead and ----- Guernsey were appointed to purchase standard works. At this meeting also a committee consisting of Drs. Bailey, Mead and Silsby was appointed "to consider the most effectual method to suppress quackery." July 25, 1826, $20, were appropriated for the purchase of books; July 31, 1827, $14 for periodicals and $30 for books; and July 29, 1828, $14 for periodicals and $40 for books; Thomas Spencer was commissioned in each case to make the purchases. In July, 1829, $14 were appropriated for periodicals and $42 for books. In July 1830, it was voted that $2 be paid by every member initiated for the use of the library, and $50 were appropriated for books. July 26, 1831, $40 were appropriated for the same object.

    These liberal appropriations for the establishment of a creditable library, an object which, up to this period, seems to have been a burden of the Society's legislation were supplemented by further appropriations for books, of $30, Jan 31, 1837, $15, Jan. 30, 1838, $40, July 30, 1839, and $25 January 26, 1840, until Jan. 1849, when it was ordered that the Society's library be sold at auction at the next meeting, at which time, July 31, 1849, the sale was postponed, and it was resolved, "to put forth endeavors to sustain the Society," and "to make an effort to form a District Association with Otsego and Chenango counties." The records do not show any further legislation regarding the library.

    July 31, 1832, Drs. Spencer, Guernsey and Norton were appointed a committee to procure printed copies of a memorial to the Legislature on the subject of laws regulating the practice of physic and surgery," July 30, 1833, members were required to report all neighboring practitioners who had no license and were not members of the Society. At a special meeting held Dec. 24, 1833, it was resolved that a memorial to the State Legislature presented by Dr. Goodell be accepted and a committee was appointed to confer with Judge Stowel, and Drs. Spencer, Heffron and Mead were designated to confer with the Members of the Assembly on the subject of the memorial.

    January 28, 1834, Dr. Foord read a paper on the topography of Madison county, a copy of which was requested for the Transactions of the State Medical Society. A committee was appointed in each town to examine into the Medical Botany of this county. At this meeting also the Society put itself on record in regard to the use of alcoholic stimulants and the preparation for the medical profession, by adopting the following:---

    "Resolved, That it is the deliberate conviction of this Society that the common use of distilled spirits has heretofore been a productive source of disease, crime, poverty and premature death; that it is entirely unnecessary for men in health; and that it might be dispensed with in the treatment of disease.

    "Resolved, That in the present advanced state of the science of medicine this Society regards the legal term of study too short, and think it ought to be extended one year, and that some care [should] be taken to fix preliminary studies."

    The delegate to the State Society was directed to present the subject to that body and induce it to exert its influence with the Legislature to have the term of study lengthened one year. This action was supplemented July 31, 1838, by the following:---

    "Resolved, That in the opinion of this Society our Legislature should prohibit the manufacture and sale of ardent spirits, except for the arts and medicinal purposes."

    January 27, 1835, a tumor weighing fifty pounds was exhibited before the Society, which was removed from a female after death by Drs. Burroughs and Rice, of Lebanon.

    January 31, 1843, Dr. Beardsley presented the following:---

    "WHEREAS, There has been much excitement in this community for some time past on the subject of Mesmerism, in consequence of numerous exhibitions, by various individuals, of the wonderful faculties their subjects are said to be endowed with when magnetized such as Clairvoyance, Magnetic Sympathy, Phreno Magnetism, &c.; and as it is well known that members of our profession have been, and are actively engaged in these exhibitions, and in disseminating the opinion that these apparently mysterious and inexplicable faculties are the result of the manipulating process produced on them by another person; and as they are likewise propogating the opinion that persons of either sex and without experience, may be made to see or realize with infinite perception, obscure and internal diseases, whether the patient be present or absent; and without any knowledge of the medical profession can describe the nature of those diseases accurately and prescribe the proper remedies for the cure; thus leaving the impression on the public mind that the long established method of investigating disease by years of study and observation has become entirely useless, consequently it has a tendency to destroy the public confidence in the medical profession, therefore,

    "Resolved, That we, the members of the Madison County Medical Society, do hereby repudiate such doctrines or opinions as above mentioned; that the various exhibitions of Clairvoyance, Phreno Magnetist and Magnetic Sympathy, by physicians and others that we have witnessed, have left the impression on our minds that they are all fallacious and unworthy to be countenanced by members of our profession."

    July 30, 1844, the Society was agitated by an equally grave question. A resolution on the subject of homeopathy was offered and after some discussion was laid on the table. Jan. 28, 1845, it was made the subject of an address by Dr. Loomis, and at that meeting the following was offered: --

    WHEREAS, A few of the members of this Society have repudiated the doctrines and practice which are almost universally taught in the Medical schools throughout the civilized world and have adopted the theory and practice of a system of medicine called Homeopathy; therefore,

    "Resolved, That in our opinion the so-called system of Homeopathy is irrational and delusive and its believers however high may be their intelligence or moral standing are deceived by the specious reasoning by which it is attempted to be supported.

    "Resolved, That in our opinion the practice of Homeopathy is highly fraught with danger to the community, and that our duty to the public imperiously demands an exposure of its fallacies; therefore,"

    "Resolved, That we as a Society disclaim all participation in the peculiar doctrines of homeopathy."

    These resolutions were discussed by O. Mead, Mason, Babcock and Douglass and laid on the table. They were called up July 29, 1845, and after being discussed by Drs. A. G. Purdy, A. G. Beardsley, O. Mead, A. L. Saunders and Moore, were adopted with but one dissenting voice. Two years later a more conciliatory, if not more favorable view of the subject seems to have been taken; for Jan. 26, 1847, Dr. V. W. Mason offered the following, though the records do not show what, if any, action was taken; ---

    "Resolved, That a committee be appointed whose duty it shall be investigate the theory of medical practice called Homeopathy, to test its remedies by actual experiment and report to this Society."

    Jan. 10, 1871, J. M. Throop was appointed a committee to confer with other County Medical Societies as the "feasibility" of memorializing the Legislature to enact a law to restrict the practice of medicine and surgery to graduates of the various schools.

    Jan. 19, 1875, Dr. Miller read a paper urging the Society to take all reasonable action against an Act of the Legislature to prevent vivisection, "which, in the opinion of medical men, always has been productive of development and advancement of physiology and pathology." The ideas inculcated therein were heartedly endorsed by all present and a copy ordered sent to the President of the State Medical Society.

    The following are the officers of the Society, elected July 8, 1879; President, A. D. Head, of Eaton; Vice President, H. Foord, of Cazenovia; Secretary and Treasurer, 1 A. L. Saunders, of Brookfield; Censors, H. W. Carpenter, of Oneida, L. A. Van Wagner, of North Brookfield, I. N. Goff, of Cazenovia, Carl D. Green, of Poolville, and C. H. Ransom, of Erieville; Delegates to the State Society, I. N. Goff, H. W. Carpenter; Delegates to the American Medical Association, I. N. Goff, F. D. Beebe, of Hamilton, H. Foord, Gilbert Birdsall, of North Brookfield; Delegates to the New York Central Medical Association, M. Billington, Chittenango: A. D. Head, C. H. Ransom, Miss A. Tompkins, Hamilton; O. B. Wilcox, Earlville; Charles L. Furman, Hamilton; N. P. Warner, New Woodstock; H. Foord, F. E. Dewey, Peterboro; Carl D. Green, E. L. Miller, Eaton.

    April 29, 1807, Samuel Barber and Isaac Powers, students, were examined and licensed, and were "the first doctors turned out of the Society's mill."

    Following are the names of the members who have joined the Society since the organization, with the date of joining, so far as the records enable us to determine them. The records are neither complete not definite in all cases. Those whose names are followed by a * were licensed by the Society at the date given in connection with the name; while the dates in connection with the names followed by a + are those when the persons represented first appear by the records to be members and whose names appear incidentally in connection with the functions of members, the date of their joining not appearing:---

Abell, ---,   July 27, 1824.
Adams, Homer,   July 27, 1852.
Amsden, Amos S.,   July 29, 1806.
Antes, --,   Jan. 28, 1840.
Babcock, Benjamin W.,   July 27, 1824.
Babcock, John,   July 31, 1822.
Bailey, Eli S.,   July 28, 1818.
Bailey, Silas,   July 26, 1836.
Ballou, --, +   Jan. 28, 1834.
Ballou, Russell,   July 12, 1859.
Barber, Philo J.,   July 29, 1834.
Barber, Samuel,   April 29, 1807.
Barker, Daniel,   July 28, 1820.
Barnett, Milton,   Dec. 24, 1833.
Barrow, ---,   Jan. 25, 1825.
Bass, Henry, *   Jan. 30, 1810.
Beardsley, L., Oneida,   July 7, 1857.
Beebe, F. D., Lebanon,   do.
Billington, M.,   Jan. 13, 1874.
Birdsall, Gilbert, North Brookfield,   Jan. 19, 1864.
Blakeslee, A.,   July 27, 1841.
Bradley, Samuel B.,   July 28, 1819.
Buckingham, E. D.,   Jan. 27, 1835.
Burroughs, Erastus B.,   Jan. 31, 1827.
Bush, Edwin G., Rev., Madison, +   Oct. 6, 1857.
Carpenter, H. W., Oneida,   July 12, 1870.
Carpenter, Wesley M.,   July 14, 1863.
Cazier, John LeConte,   July 28, 1819.
Chamberlayne, J. K.,   July 27, 1852.
Chase, D. D., Morrisville,   July 11, 1871.
Cheesbrough, Amos,   July 12, 1859.
Clarke, Isaac,   July 31, 1838.
Clarke, John,   April --, 1809.
Clarke, Samuel R.,   July 25, 1826.
Clarke, Silas S., DeRuyter,   Oct. 11, 1859.
Clarke, Welcome A.,   July 28, 1818.
Cleavland, Benjamin F.,   July 25, 1826.
Cleveland, William P.,   July 29, 1806.
Collins, D. S. P.,   July 25, 1826.
Collins, Nathan, +   July --, 1830.
Collister, Samuel,   July 27, 1824.
Cook, Orange R.,   July --, 1829.
Cornell, Alanson,   Jan. 31, 1832.
Coy, William B.,   July 31, 1838.
Crandall, H. S., Leonardsville,   July 7, 1857.
Cunningham, Hugh,   July 29, 1828.
Curtis, Seymour,   July 30, 1839.
Didama, John,   Jan. 26, 1819.
Douglas, A. S.,   July 9, 1872.
Douglas James S., +   Jan. 28, 1834.
Dorrance, John,   July 29, 1806.
Farnsworth, Charles,   Jan. 29, 1828.
Farrell, Andrew,   July 25, 1837.
Farrell, Israel,   July 29, 1806.
Fay, Jonas,   July 29, 1806.
Fisk, Joshua M.,   Jan. 26, 1819.
Fitch, W. R.,   Oct. 13, 1858.
Foord, Alvin,   Jan. 27, 1829.
Foord, Henry,   Jan. 22, 1878.
Foote, David Y.,   July 26, 1825.
Foote, Noah B.,   July 30, 1821.
French, John H., West Eaton,   July 8, 1856.
Fuller, Edward,   July --, 1829.
Fuller, Samuel,   Jan. 26, 1819.
Furman, Charles L., Hamilton,   July 8, 1879.
Germain, Morris,,   July 28, 1820.
Gibbs, Levi,   July 28, 1818.
Gillett, Jacob, *   July 29, 1818.
Goff, I. N., Cazenovia,   Feb. 18, 1862.
Goodell, John,   July 29, 1828.
Goodwin, Timothy,   Jan. 25, 1825.
Goslee, James P.,   July 25, 1837.
Gray, R. H.,   July 10, 1860.
Greene, Carl D.,   July 10, 1877.
Greenly, Thomas,   July 29, 1806.
Greenwood, Levi P.,   Jan 25, 1842.
Guernsey, Jonathan,   July 31, 1822.
Guernsey, Sylvanus,   July 31, 1822.
Guthrie, Jarvis Moore,   July 25, 1842.
Hamer, J., Oneida,   July 13, 1858.
Harris, George W.,   July 12, 1864.
Havens, Peter B.,   July 28, 1820.
Head, A. D.,   ???? --, 1874.
Heffron, John, +   July 27, 1813.
Henry, John D.,   July 29, 1806.
Holmes, A. M., Morrisville,   Oct. 6, 1857.
Holton, Rufus,   July 29, 1806.
Hovey, Isaac,   July 28, 1819.
Howland, Perez, *   July 28, 1820.
Huntley, J. F.,   Jan. 22, 1878.
Hurd, -----,   July 28, 1840.
Hurd, D. E.,   July 25, 1843.
Kennedy, James,   July 29, 1828.
Kennedy, Samuel,   July 31, 1821.
Kenney -----,   July 25, 1837.
Knowlton, Josiah,   July 31, 1821.
Lane, Ebenezer,   Jan. 30, 1809.
Lee, -----,   July 27, 1835.
Lewis, Birdseye,   July 26, 1825.
Lockwood, Henry,   July 30, 1833.
Loomis, George S.,   July --, 1829.
Loomis, Joseph,   July 28, 1840.
Loveland, E. W., Oneida,   Jan. 10, 1871.
Lull, Almond,   Jan. --, 1833.
Lull, Ansel,   July 31, 1822.
Marsh, M. M.,   July 27, 1841.
Mason, Adolphus A.,   Jan. 29, 1828.
Mason. V. W.,   Jan. 31, 1837.
Maybery, F. T.,   July 29, 1845.
McClelland, -----, DeRuyter,   July 13, 1875.
Mead, Henry M.,   July 25, 1843.
Mead, H. P.,   Oct. 13, 1858.
Mead, Onesimus,   July 29, 1817.
Mead, Powers R., +   Jan. 28, 1834.
Mead, Thompson, Jr.,   July 30, 1839.
Merrick, Constant,   July 29, 1806.
Messenger, E. G.,   Jan. 27, 1835.
Miller, Edgar L., Eaton,   July 8, 1879.
Miller, H. P., Eaton,   July 12, 1870.
Mitchell, David,   July 29, 1817.
Mitchell, David,   Jan. 26, 1841.
Moffett, Joseph,   July 29, 1817.
Moore, -----, Munnsville,   July 13, 1875.
Moore, E. M.,   Jan. 26, 1847.
Moore, J.,   Jan 27, 1835.
Moore, James,   July 29, 1806.
Mory, Zabina M.,   Jan. 29, 1828.
Munger, G. B.,   July 12, 1864.
Nash, Rivera,*   Oct. 27, 1807.
Nichols, -----,   Jan. 25, 1842.
Nicholas, A. S.,   July 25, 1843.
Norton, Joel,   July 29, 1817.
Norton, Samuel,   July 26, 1836.
Noyes, Helon Fay,   July --, 1830.
Oaks, William,   July 8, 1862.
Orton, -----,   Jan. 28, 1840.
Palmer, Benjamin,   July 31, 1821.
Parker, Zadoc,   July 29, 1806.
Patrie, William,   Oct. 25, 1808.
Payne, John,   Jan. 29, 1828.
Peck, Daniel,   July 29, 1817.
Peck, S. W.,   July 30, 1839.
Percival, Stephen,   July 29, 1806.
Perry, C. H.,   Jan. 13, 1874.
Pierce, Jeremiah B.,   July --, 1810.
Potter, S. M.,   July 30, 1839.
Powers, Isaac, *   April 29, 1807.
Powers, N. C.,   Jan. 26, 1841.
Pratt, Daniel,   July 28, 1819.
Pratt, Elijah,   July 29, 1806.
Pratt, Jamesl,   do.
Pratt, Jonathanl,   do.
Prior, Asahel,   do.
Purdy, Albert G.,   July --, 1830.
Putnam, Elijah,   July 29, 1806.
Putnam, John,   July 31, 1827.
Rankin, J.,   Jan. 27, 1835.
Rankin, Jairus,   July --, 1829.
Ransom, C. H.,   1874.
Ransom, D.,   Jan. 25, 1842.
Reed, Amos,   July 30, 1839.
Ressinger, J. A.,   July 10, 1866.
Rockwell, Alva W.,   Jan. 28, 1823.
Rogers, A. C.,   1874.
Root, F. W.,   July 8, 1862.
Root, R. B.,   Jan. 31, 1832.
Sammis, O. K., Wampsville, +   July 8, 1862.
Saunders, A. L.,   July 30, 1839.
Seamans, Horace,   July --, 1829.
Sexton, E. H., Oneida,   July 11, 1871.
Sherman, Jonathan,   July 28, 1807.
Silsby, Jonathan,   July 29, 1817.
Sizer, Asa B.,   July 29, 1806.
Smith, A. D., New Woodstock,   July 14, 1868.
Smith, Hubbard,   Oct. 25, 1808.
Smith, J. W.,   July 9, 1872.
Spence, Ira, +   Jan. 28, 1834.
Spence, Ira, DeRuyter,   Oct. 11, 1859.
Spencer Thomas,   July 28, 1818.
Spooner, Stillman,   Jan. 26, 1830.
Stacy, Consider H., *   July 28, 1820.
Stowell, Joseph,   Jan. 30, 1809.
Sumner, Henry T.,   July 26, 1825.
Taylor, William, *   Jan. 27, 1818.
Taylor, William, Munnsville,   July 12, 1870.
Teft, Joseph,   July 30, 1833.
Teller, J. T.,   July 25, 1843.
Throop, J. Motte, Lebanon,   July 14, 1868.
Tompkins, A. Miss, Hamilton,   July 8, 1879.
Treadway, -----,   July 25, 1842.
Trevor, J.,   July 25, 1843.
Tucker, Laban,   July 31, 1838.
Upham, ____, *   Jan. 27, 1818.
Ure, H. D.,   ---- --, 1874.
Usher, Nathaniel,   July 31, 1827.
Van Wagner, L. A., No. Brookfield,   July 11, 1871.
Warner, N. P., New Woodstock,   July 31, 1832.
Webster, ----, *   Jan. 27, 1818.
Wells, J. R.,   Jan. 31, 1843.
White, Adonijah,   Jan. 26, 1819.
Whitford, James,   July 31, 1838.
Whitmore, Theophilus, *   Jan. 30, 1809.
Wilcox, O. B., Earlville,   July 8, 1879.
Wilson, ----,   July 26, 1814.
Woods, Harvey, *   May 8, 1810.
Youngs, John T., +   Jan. 28, 1834.


    A brief account of the origin and growth of homeopathy has been given in Chapter XI, and to avoid repetition the reader is referred to that chapter. 2

    At the annual meeting of the Homeopathic Medical Society of Oneida county, held at Utica, Oct. 18, 1864, Drs. E. A. Munger and George B. Palmer were appointed a committee to secure the organization of a Homeopathic Medical Society in Madison and Chenango counties. In accordance with an invitation issued by this committee, a meeting was held in the office of Dr. Loomis, in Morrisville, Wednesday, Jan. 4, 1865, at which the following named gentlemen were present:---

D. D. Loomis, Morrisville.
W. B. Brown, Hamilton.
G. L. Gifford, Hamilton.
A. E. Wallace, Brookfield.
Ira C. Owen, Sherburne.
George B. Palmer, East Hamilton.
E. A. Munger, Waterville.
George W. Bailey, Waterville.
H. M. Paine, Albany.

    The Madison County Homeopathic Medical Society was then organized pursuant to the Act of April 13, 1857, authorizing the incorporation of Homeopathic Medical Societies. Dr. Munger was temporary chairman and Dr. Geo. B. Palmer, secretary.

    Drs. Loomis, Owen and Wallace were appointed a committee to report a form of constitution and by-laws, which after being amended, were adopted at that meeting.

    Dr. D. D. Loomis was elected President; Ira C. Owen, Vice-President; George B. Palmer, Secretary and Treasurer; and Drs. A. E. Wallace, G. L. Gifford and George B. Palmers Censors.

    Drs. E. A. Munger, H. M. Paine and G. W. Bailey were elected honorary members.

    The present officers of the society are: E. C. Bass, President; E. P. Hussey, Vice-President; J. T. Wallace, Secretary and Treasurer; A. E. Wallace, G. B. Palmer and W. E. Deuel, Censors. These with E. Loomis, E. N. Coon, J. E. Cross, and G. E. Gifford constitute the present members.

    The following have been the officers of the Society from 1865, to 1876:---

1865.D.D. Loomis.Ira C. Owen.
1866.H. F. Adams.S. Spooner.
1867.E. C. Bass.A. A. Lewis. Spooner.
1870.Stillman Spooner.G. L. Gifford.
1871.G. L. Gifford.Edward Loomis.
1872.A. E. Wallace.E. C. Bass. C. Crowell.
1874.Edward Loomis.E. N. Coon.
1875.E. N. Coon.W. H. Griffith.
1876.W. H. Griffith.Edward Loomis.

    George W. Palmer has held the office of Secretary and Treasurer for the years 1865- 1875, and J. T. Wallace in 1876.


Isaac Clark,Eaton,June 27, 1865.
H. F. Adams,Canastota,June 27, 1866.
John P. Hunting,Brookfield,Oct. 2, 1866.
Henry F. Adams,Canastota,do.
Stillman Spooner,Oneida,do.
Harrison Willis,Clinton, (honorary),do.
Edgar C. Bass,Cazenovia,June 25, 1867.
A. A. Lewis,DeRuyter,June 25, 1867.
Edward Loomis,Oneida,June 22, 1869.
H. P. Mera,Canastota,June 22, 1869.
John W. Brown,Morrisville,June 22, 1869.
M. M. Catlin,Brookfield,June 22, 1869.
L. C. Crowell,Morrisville,June --, 1873.
E. L. Coon,DeRuyter,June --, 1873.
W. H. Griffith,Chittenango,June --, 1875.
J. T. Wallace,Oneida,1876.
E. P. Hussey,
Since 1876.


    The steps preliminary to and the benefits attending the formation of agricultural societies have been adverted to in Chapter XI. From an early period the agriculturalists of Madison county were fully awake to the importance, the necessity, of improved methods of agriculture, and many of her citizens displayed a commendable zeal in promoting this object and raising agriculture to that high and just recognition to which its importance entitles it. This early activity is especially noticeable in the introduction of improved breeds of stock, stock-raising having for many years been a prominent and valuable industry in this county.

    In 1810, Curtis Hoppin brought into the town of Lebanon about two hundred sheep of mixed breeds, among which were coarse-wooled, fine-wooled, and a few South-down bucks and ewes. This may be considered the commencement of sheep raising with a view to profit in Madison county. The farmers selected from his flocks and commenced sheep breeding. In 1823, Mr. Hoppin introduced a few full-blooded Merino sheep, which in due season, gave character and value to the growing flocks. About 1825, Messrs. Whitman and Douglass, of Sullivan, introduced a Devon bull into the town of Sullivan; and in 1843, S. A. Gilbert, of East Hamilton, raised a bull calf that became generally known as the "Ackley Bull," and was subsequently owned by D. D. Palmer, of Brookfield. The weight of this animal was nearly two thousand pounds. A yoke of steers, the progeny of this bull, weighing 3,360 pounds, were exhibited at the County fair, in 1851, by H. P. Potter, of East Hamilton.

    Mr. Beaumont, of Eaton, brought into the county a thorough-bred Durham bull, and a few heifers, which contributed largely to the improvement of the stock of the county. Sylvester Burchard, of Madison and David Osgood, of Hamilton, deserve honorable mention in this connection; also Sanford P. Chapman of Lenox, who at one time owned a very valuable herd of short-horned stock. The efforts of John B. Yates, of Chittenango, to improve the breed of horses in the county is equally commendable. He introduced "Ethiop" and "Hambletonian," and other excellent horses. "Messenger" was brought into the county by Henry and George Ehle, of Sullivan. The Messrs. Ackley, of Hamilton, introduced the "Morgan "horse from Vermont." 3

    Early individual effort naturally suggested and prepared the way for associated effort, and September 1, 1841, the year in which the State Society was resuscitated and reorganized, the Madison County Agricultural Society was organized, with the following named board of officers: J. E. Ledyard, of Cazenovia, President; Elijah Morse of Eaton, H. G. Warner of Sullivan, and J. H. Dunbar, of East Hamilton, Vice-Presidents; Alexander Krumbhaer of Cazenovia, Corresponding Secretary; A. S. Sloan, of Eaton, Recording Secretary; and Uriah Leland, of Eaton, Treasurer. For several years the Society held annual fairs in various parts of the county, which exerted a wide and salutary influence and stimulated the development of agriculture and the improvement of stock. Its beneficial influences were seconded and intensified by the various local organizations which subsequently sprung into existence, having for their object the same ends, though more limited in their scope, prominent among which were the Brookfield Agricultural Society, organized March 5, 1856; the Lebanon Agricultural Society, organized August 19, 1856; the Lebanon Agricultural Society, organized August 19, 1856; the Farmers' and Mechanics' Association of Fenner, organized Jan. 3, 1857; the Hamilton Agricultural and Horticultural Association, organized August 22, 1857; the Nelson Farmers' and Mechanics' Association, organized June 5, 1858; and the Farmers' and Mechanics' Association of Cazenovia, organized Jan. 12, 1859.

1 - The offices of Secretary and Treasurer were united in one person July 9, 1861.
2 - See page 172.
3 - Gazetteer and Business Directory of Madison County, 1868-'9, by H. Child.
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