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Bob Archibald Sun Jan 2 05:34:18 2000
Looking for anyone who has information on WILCOX'S in Richland or Grant County WI before 1850. Benjamin (Wyalusing & Hazel Green), Samuel (Watterstown), and William G. (Waterloo) or any Wilcox in the surrounding counties. I found and obit of a WILCOX and it Said, she came to this land with her fathers family in 1844 which leeds me to believe that some of these people may be siblings. Other given names from the surrounding area are, Daniel, Elmer, Charles, Mary, Miles, & Joel. These names came from the federal land sales around the 1850's. This line came from somewhere in NY or PA and should have been born 1800 give or take 10 years. I may be contacted at bonez@execpc.com


Margaret Johnson Sun Jan 16 10:19:14 2000
I am looking for any relatives of Cordie Duetta LOOKER who was born in Richland County, Richland Center, WI 11/15/1877-9/13/1973, to Charles Burke LOOKER, Jr. and Maryette Towne LOOKER. She was my great-aunt. Please contact me via e-mail if anyone in or near Richland Center, WI has any information about her. mj_49307@yahoo.com or skywalker@net-port.com. Thank you.


Judy Sat Jan 22 20:30:18 2000
I would like information on the Loren Carley, Nancy Jane Burns family, information on the Jeff Townsend, Nancy Jane Burns family, information on Nancy A and Thomas Townsend, and Nancy Ann and Anthony Wilson Burns. If you have ever heard of these names, please contact me.
Thank you, Judy casino@valkyrie.net.


Laura Barker Sat Jan 29 16:47:15 2000
Edward F West purchased land in 1855 at Cazenovia, Richland Co., WI. In the Cazenovia Cemetery is Alice M Miller spouse of Jesse West. Was Jesse the son of Edward or brother to Edward?


Judy Vaughn Mon Jan 31 20:57:57 2000
I am looking for any information about Loren Carley and Nancy Jane Burns. I have been researching and have some information, but would like to share with other researchers into this family. Loren and Nancy are my grandparents.
Judy - judy873@email.com


Judy Vaughn Mon Jan 31 21:03:22 2000
I am interested in sharing information with anyone who is researching the following from Richland County:
Jeff Townsend & Nancy Jane Burns
Children: Nola Levilla Townsend Curtis
Buford Townsend
Nancy Ann Townsend & Anthony Wilson Burns
Children: John M, Elizabeth A., Uriah, Charles E., Alexander and Nancy Jane.
I am a decendant of Nancy Jane Burns Townsend Carley Tyler Carley
Please email me at judy873@email.com - Judy


Robert Martin Fri Feb 4 09:05:09 2000
I am looking for marriage records of my Ggrandmother Phebe Corell who married George Martin about 1890. They lived in Soldiers Grove but there are no records in Crawford County. The next logical place would have been in nearby Richland County. After their divorce around 1900 she moved to Cornell Wi and remarried Carl Gilder. No records in Chippewa County either. Phebe claimed to be a descendent of Native American Indian. Her ancestory is very important to me.


Linda Williams Fri Feb 4 09:29:30 2000
I have some old family photographs that I am trying to date. They were done by the Hillman Studio in Richland Center. Would anyone know what dates that studio was in business? Thank you for any information you can provide.


Helen Marie STRAIGHT Mon Feb 7 08:53:30 2000
I need help to find some kind of records or someone who knew someone that might have known my family, they are lost in the mismash along the way, I can't find any records on CORA MAE CHRISTIAN or LEWIS AMOS STRAIGHT or their parents DAVID STRAIGHT and FANNIE THOMPSON I have traced the STRAIGHTS from England to WS, and then on to MN as thats where my father was born, I can find nothing at all about my grandmother CORA (CHRISTIAN) STRAIGHT. there's at least 2 and maybe 3 generations I can't find. I know that LEWIS STRAIGHT and CORA CHRISTIAN were married 2/26/1913 but where? MN or WS? Was it another of those self proclamed preachers and there's no record now? no birth records either? lord have mercy I need some help. Thank you Helen Straight auntie@netins.net


Winnie Goette Wed Feb 9 08:26:34 2000
I am looking for any information on a Robert PEEPLES. Was to have come to the Richland Co area in the 1870s. I believe he was married to a ? KLOCK. Thank you.


Shirley Keyes Thu Feb 10 20:02:18 2000
William CRAWFORD, born about 1845-1850, in Ohio. George CRAWFORD, born 1848 in Ohio. They are prephaps brothers. Jay CRAWFORD, born 1884, in Richland County, WI. Earnest Crawford, born 1886, in Richland County, WI. May these two are brothers. I cannot tell who is the father (William or George) to Jay and/or Earnest. I would like to find connections to Ohio and then maybe back to Scotland. Thank you for your help.


Betty McCoy Tue Feb 15 14:22:47 2000
Would like any information on Sarah COLLINS, b abt. 1855 in Richland County. M 06 June 1884 in Richland County, married Levi HAYES. Her parents were James and Lydia (?) COLLINS. What happened to her after her marriage?


Betty McCoy Tue Feb 15 15:01:48 2000
Am trying to find where James COLLINS was from before he came to Wisconsin. He and wife Lydia were in Grant Co. in 1842 and in Richland Co. from 1850 until his death in 1883. His children were: Henry, married to Sarah Emily BOBB on 10 Dec. 1863 in Orion, Richland Co.; Mary, married to Joseph BAYNES on 19 Feb. 1885 in Richland Co.; William; Norman married to Margaret FRY on 15 Feb. 1866 in Richland Co.; Louisa; Johnathon; Lucinda, Charles and Sarah married to Levi HAYES on 06 June 1884 in Richland County. Henry Collins was my direct ancestor. The census records have said James was from Indiana, Ohio and unknown. Such a puzzle.


Duke Hamacher Fri Feb 18 22:49:11 2000
Does anybody know anything of a John NIPPLE, who settled somewhere in Richland County probably in the 1840s? Thanx.


Kathy Hertzog Sun Feb 20 06:35:15 2000
I am reseraching my ancestor Alexander ALLBAUGH and his wife Sarah (INGMIRE) ALLBAUGH. They were in Richland County, WI for some time. They are listed on the 1880 census with their children John J, Jacob E. and Isabel. All of their children were born in Wisconsin. Alexander and his wife Sarah were born in Ohio. I am not sure when they moved to Richland Wisconsin.
Would love to share information with anyone researching Alexander ALLBAUGH and his wife.
Thank you, Kathy


Patrick Turner Tue Feb 22 05:04:28 2000
My grandmother Laura Marie WALPORT was born 6 November, 1880 at Richland Center. Parents were Joseph WALPORT and Margaret Marie MALTER. Any information on Joseph and Margaret and their other decendents would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Shirley Keyes Wed Mar 1 17:08:0 2000
Looking for information on William CRAWFORD, born around 1845 in Ohio; George CRAWFORD, born around 1848 on Ohio; Jay CRAWFORD, born 1883, Richland County, married Della E. MARSH; Earnest CRAWFORD, born 1885, Richland County. Perhaps William and George migrated from Ohio in the 1850s. Thanks for your help..


MARY Tue Mar 7 15:10:00 2000
Looking for any information on Daniel Webster Richardson, his daughter by his first wife..Mary Jane Richardson and her husband..James J Healy


Sharlynn Gates Sat Mar 11 21:06:52 2000
Wanting any information on the SMITH and CLINE familes that came to Richland Co WI in 1847. I have the 1850 Census showing the families but thats all. Also want info on Amanda CLINE marrying M.R. WHELPY 1850, Cyrus CLINE marriage to Emily SWEET 1852, and Ruth CLINE to P.G.DENT all in Richland CO. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Patrick Turner Tue Mar 14 06:03:15 2000
Looking for information such as siblings, parents,and spouses the following FABER's in Richland Center, Richland County, WI:
Michael FABER, b. 26 July 1889, d. Aug 1973
Marie FABER, b. 11 Nov 1902, d. Nov 1975
Joe FABER, b. 23 Aug 1896, d. April 1985


James Thompson Fri Mar 17 07:34:32 2000
My great grandfather moved to Richland County about 1862. His son, James, enlisted in the 10th WI infantry, and died shortly at the General Hospital, Jockson, Tennessee. I am searching for his burial placeand think his body may have been returned to his family in Sylvan Township. I would appreciate any information regarding his burial..


Judy Marden Hansen Sun Mar 19 20:04:44 2000
I am seeking information about Edward Marden, Jr. d. Loyd, Richland Co. WI 1874, Joseph Annis Marden d. Loyd, Richland Co., WI Jan. 7, 1901, his wife, Lucy Annis d. Loyd, Richland Co., WI, July 7, 1881, Martha Aurilla Marden d. Loyd, Richland Co., WI, Mar. 16, 1877, her Husband Albert Hoke d. Loyd, Richland Co., WI, they married July 15, 1856, Richland Co., WI, William Henry Marden married Charlotte Williams in Ithaca, Richland Co. WI, Nov. 18, 1866, Harriet Diana Marden married either Thomas Reed or Charles Rose Sept. 14, 1864, Richland Co.
Anyone have any info? Please E Mail me at sassy@newnorth.net


laurie garecht Tue Mar 21 18:18:13 2000
Looking for info on Samuel Elias ROTH, married to Hazel Lenise or Lenice SNYDER. Children were alfred, armeda, relna, douglas, donna, curtis, klatus, harold. lived in Richland Center, WI. moved to Kenosha, WI.
Any help e-mail me at jlgglass@genevaonline.com - (granddaughter).


Judy Marden Hansen Thu Mar 30 10:11:52 2000
I am looking for information about any Marden/Mardins who lived in Richland CO.,WI starting in or about 1874. There are too many to list. Most frequent residence was Loyd. Also seeking information about Albert Hoke who married Martha Aurilla Marden/Mardin July 15, 1856 in Richland Co. Finally, George Williams who married Darcus Rizor or Risor, April 18, 1842 in Ohio, but lived in Loyd, Richland Co.,WW by 1897. I have record of Darcus dying there Apr. 5, 1908.
Really appreciate any information you can provide, and if you can, it is most likely we are "cousins"!!


GLORIA OLSON Mon Apr 3 14:59:22 2000
Is anyone researching the BAXTER name in Richland Cty? I am trying to locate Rachel Baxter DAVIS after she divorced in either 1863 or 1864. I have reason to believe that Rachel returned to Knox Cty. Ohio before the divorce from James DAVIS. According to the divorce decree in 1865 James stated that she was seen back in Ohio. I suspect that Rachel might had had relatives in Richland Cty.


Leanna Eversmeyer Thu Apr 6 18:52:37 2000
Ancestry of the Eversmeyer and Smith Families - http://sites.netscape.net/leannaevrs/
I'm searching for CARTER family connections! Here's what I have for Skyles and Sarah Carter Looker:

Descendants of Skyles Woodburn Looker

1 Skyles Woodburn Looker b: May 10, 1847 in Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania d: 1920 in Richland Co., Wisconsin.
+Sarah Adaline Carter b: July 04, 1850 in Upland, Grant Co., Indiana m: November 26, 1874 in Bloom Twp., Richland Co., Wisconsin
d: October 29, 1888 in West Lima, Richland Co., Wisconsin Father: David Gay Carter Mother: Ruhamah Bayles
.... 2 Ruhama Arvilla Looker b: November 27, 1875 in Richland Co., Wisconsin
.... 2 Melvern Dennis Looker b: August 15, 1877 in Richland Co., Wisconsin
.... 2 Amelia Frances "Millie" Looker b: July 21, 1879 in Richland Co., Wisconsin
....... +Ben Carruthers b: April 1870 in Ohio m: 1888
.... 2 Lorena Alice Looker b: April 04, 1881 in Richland Co., Wisconsin
.... 2 Roscoe Clark Looker b: October 04, 1884 in Richland Co., Wisconsin
.... 2 Lottie Looker b: November 01, 1887 in Richland Co., Wisconsin
.... 2 Lillie Looker b: November 01, 1887 in Richland Co., Wisconsin

*2nd Wife of Skyles Woodburn Looker:
+Adelia Outland m: July 04, 1889 d: October 07, 1902

Would like to fill in some dates - looks like we have some connections. Leanna


Doug--Cranston Sat Apr 8 08:24:16 2000
Looking for info and data regarding marriage of Claude Earl CRANSTON, born in Sabin,WI. 1890, married Ellen Theresa LAVIN in 1912. The State of Wisconsin shows no record,so mixed marriage could have been church record only.Thanks for the slightest help. Doug--


Dennis Nichols Sun Apr 9 05:39:47 2000
Searching information on Eli STOCKWELL and Sarah (PARSONS) STOCKWELL, they had a daughter in Richland County born in 1883 by the name of Maude STOCKWELL. Maude married Pearl Augusta NICHOLS.
Appreciate your time and efforts, thanks, Dennis, NC.


Loretta Craig Mon Apr 10 15:24:31 2000
Alpheus ALDRICH and his son Eber ran a blacksmith and wood manufacturing co. in Lone Rock, Richland Co.,WI. in the 1870's till 1884, when Eber died. Alpheus and his wife Hellen CONABLE had 3 other children, Ira (who m. Lois LOCKWOOD) Celesta (who m. William LOCKWOOD) and Helen who m. Abe WOLF who served as Postmaster of Lone Rock for 17 yrs. Eber's wife was Ida JENKINS. Hoping to cennect with other descendants of this family.


Margaret Warne Wed Apr 12 17:51:40 2000
Looking for information on the Louis SEEP family; Louis was born in Richland County on May 27, 1888 and given the birth name of Herman Ludwig SEEP. His parents were Herman SEEP and Barbara MUHLER. His wife's name was Mary Edgerton?(). My father, Ambrose KEARNS, was placed as an indentured servant to SEEP's in Dec. of 1913, from the New York Foundling Hospital. At this time, the name given was Louis SEEP and the town was Janesville. In Aug. of 1915, the report states that Ambrose was in the eighth grade. In March of 1916, it states that he was working for Mr. SEEP and no longer in school. Shortly after this, he ran awaay from the SEEP home. The records state he was seen often in church but could not find out where he was living.
I would very much like to find some school records or church records or any information on his life in Wisconsin. The last address I have for Loius SEEP is RFD1, Reedsburg, Wisconsin. Any assistance or links will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Margaret Warne, muggshar@santel.net


Patricia Morehouse Fri Apr 14 22:03:34 2000
Am looking for Leander (Lisander, Lycander) MOREHOUSE born May 1828 in Ohio.
In the 1855 thru 1890 census records he lived in Marston, Ironton, Lloyd Willow Twp. Richland Co. and others I am sure. He was a farmer?? He was married 3 times: Caroline Unknown 1child Francis; Lydia KING 1879, she died 1886-1889 unknown they had three children Lycander, Steven, Julia. Julia was to have married a man named William Henry SANDERS in 1901 in Mauston; Wife 3 was Lovicia IRONMONGAR married 1890/ she died Dec. 25, 1925 in Barboo Wisc. buried unknown. she had children by her 1st husband.

I am not able to locate his death record or his wives/ Lydia or Caroline's. I need some HELP please. His parents were Isaac COLES and Morah MOREHOUSE. This is my husband's great-grandfather and I would love to find him. Thanks.


Dorothy Henson Sat Apr 22 18:23:15 2000
I am looking for information on Reuben SMITH who was married to Louisa HARVEY in Richland County the town of Orion in November 13, 1873. She was married before because her maiden name was WEAVER. Her parents were Noah and Lucy WEAVER. There were no children of this marriage.
I am also looking for information on Reuben SMITH Jr. who was married to Amanda and they had a son John C. SMITH who was born in Richland Center, Richland County, WI Oct 16, 1868. Rueben was also married to Estella NIMOCKS in Aug 28, 1884.
Their sister Louisa was married to Philander WITHERELL in July 4, 1870. Any information on these families will be greatly appreicated. Thank you Dorothy Henson


Dona Fortunato Mon Apr 24 11:59:18 2000
Looking for information on Louis & Lenora (GOMIA) BOUTEILLER. Also information on their daughter, Jennie BOUTEILLER, which was born 12/26/1879 in Cazenovia, Richland County. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


AJ Mon Apr 24 16:16:28 2000
I am looking for information on Matilda JOHNSON. Born in Richland Co. WI on 10-08-1912. I need parents and brothers and sisters name and anything anyone might have on her. She was my ggg grandma. Please send any information to ajpainter@adelphia.net. Thank you.


Nancie Dobyns Mon Apr 24 17:44:12 2000
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Acres/3525/index.html
Searching for information on the following families:
Laurence POWERS & Susie FLYNN
Victor Mudica & Leona POWERS m. 1909 in IA. Divorced in 1928, Richland Center...
They had the following children: Violet (custody give to Rev in Barnaveld, WI); Leonard & Emma (custody given to father); Victor, Orville and Melvin sent to State School; and Arnold (custody given to Leona).
Believe that Orville and Melvin were adopted and names changed to WALLIS. Not sure what happened to "Arnold".


Cheri Michael Fri May 5 18:40:39 2000
Hi, my husbands family lived in this and Dodge-Jefferson area During the civil war,grandfathers Theodore and Hezekiah PORTER both were in .Ada PORTER,sister and daughter,married a DURNFORD. do not know much else. Anything would be helpful,thanks,Cheri Michael


Joni Leffler Mon May 8 21:03:54 2000
Researching the descendants of John (KNECHT) KENT and Mary GOKEY, who married on 12-01-1851 in Jo Daviess Co., IL. They lived on a farm in Thompson Twp., Jo Daviess Co., IL until about 1882-1885? when they moved to Byrd's Creek in Richland Co., WI. Their children were: Harriet J. (died 1868 in IL), Julia (m. Marcus McDONALD in IL), Victoria (m. Edward SMITH), George, Charles (m. Sarah Agelia BARNES in Richland Co., WI), John, Alice, Edward (m. Aminda SHORE in Richland Co., WI), Christopher or Christian (m. Phoebe A. COATS in Richland Co., WI), Albert (m. Elizabeth FENN in IL), Robert James (m. Josephine Amanda TUFFS), Emma (m. Daniel Madison McCLAREN/William E. LEFFLER in Richland Co., WI/Charles HAYES).


Dawn Knauft Thu May 11 10:43:17 2000
Edmund Burke LOOKER (1811-1896) m. 1833 (1) Martha RUSSELL (1811-1860), (2) Margaret ROLER (?-1870), and (3) Mrs. Margaret [WENTLING] Grasshopper. Children of first marriage: Charles, James K., David, Skyles Woodburn, Eliza, Nancy & Mary. Edmund was b. in NJ or NY, apprenticed as a shoemaker in NJ and moved to Cumberland Co., PA ca. 1832 where he practiced his trade for 20 years. Then, ca. 1853 he moved his family to Fulton Co., OH where he ran a sawmill. After his first wife died in Jan. 1860, he moved to Adams Co., IN where he married Margaret ROLER. While there he ran a sorghum mill. Margaret died in Apr 1870. Several of his sons migrated to Richland Co., Wis. in the early 1870s. It was there in 1872 that he married his third wife. Interested in corresponding with others researching these families.


Shelly Schroder Mon May 15 13:38:22 2000
I am looking for information on a Sarah INGMIRE, Malissa INGMIRE or Samuel INGMIRE. They moved with their father to Richland Co from OHIO.


Lilian Heselton Wed May 17 21:37:05 2000
Jessie BEATTY(1848-1931)son of William BEATTY and Elizabeth GILLILAND, was married January 23 1868, Henrysburg, Belmont Co OH to Elizabeth WEEDEN (1851-1929) daughter of George Washington WEEDEN and Delilah MURPHY. Jessie and Elizabeth's son Orin Wayne BEATTY(1875-1956) married May 23 1897, Richland Co WI Winnie A GAULT (1879-1960)daughter of Samuel GAULT and Susan JAMES. Orin and Winnie's son Foster BEATTY (1905-1983) married circa 1905 Richland County,WI Irene DONNER (1911-1993)daughter of Elias DONNER and Bertha. I have some information and need more. Any one of these lines I am willing to exchange and share. Lil.


Selma Bonewald Thu May 18 07:58:31 2000
Lots of relatives in Richland County. The names I am searching are WALBURN, BENNETT, MARK/S, FRANK/S, SEARLS, JOHNSON, & SNEATH. Some families moved into nearby counties others staid in Richland. The families that I have information on are:

Anna MARK/S (widow of Jacob)she came with children.
Elizabeth MARK/S (w'd of John WALBURN)was md 5 times, 
	Richard JONES, Patrick MCCANN, William GREAR, & Barzilla THOMAS.
David & Susannah (MARK/S) REED/READ
Jacob & Catherine MARK/S ....he was a minister
William & Electa (WALBURN)SEARLS
Granville & Margaret WALBURN...he md 2nd Sarah (AYLESWORTH)SMITH
Phoebe BENNETT (Widow of Charles)she came with children
Washington & Mary Jane (FRANK/S) BENNETT
George W. & Sarah Catherine "Katie" (SEARLS) BENNETT
Joseph R & Sarah (BENNETT)FRANK/S
Benjamin R. & Emeline (BENNETT) JOHNSON
Elisha G. & Vesta JOHNSON...he md 2nd Sarah WATSON
William and Margaret Caroline (FRANK/S) SHAFFER
Richard & Asanath JONES
Harlow & Mary (JONES) WALKER
George & Janette (JONES) KEYS/KEYES
Samuel & Elizabeth Clamanda (SNEATH) TUESING...she md 1st
to Joseph STAMP, 2nd to Thomas WILSON
David & Elizabeth (JOHNSON) JONES
James & Barbara (FRANK/S) GRANGER
Willing to share info with those who are working on these families.

Gloria Janney Olson Sun May 21 09:06:36 2000
Morris and Mary FREEMAN came to Richland Cty. around 1855 from New York.They had thirteen children.I can only account for nine.I suspect that the other four died as infants.One son,George W., died in the Civil War. Their aughter, Charlotte, married Loren DAVIS. Loren also died in the Civil War.Charlotte and Loren had no children. Charlotte remarried to Edward P. AUSTIN.They named one son Loren. He drowned in a pond after breaking thru the ice. Have an interesting story on the Loren name.The name is still in the family line.


Joni Leffler Wed May 24 15:10:55 2000
Searching for Mary GOKEY, who married John KENT (Knecht) in Jo Daviess Co., IL on 2-1-1851. They lived in Thompson Twp., Jo Daviess Co., IL until about 1883-1885 when they moved to Byrd's Creek, Richland Co., WI. They had the following children: Harriet J. (died 12-6-1868 at age 16), Julia A. (m. Marcus Mc Donald, died 12-11-1929), Victoria (died 1926?, m. Edward Smith), George (died 1929, m. ?), Charles (died 1934, m. Sarah Agelia Barnes), John (died 1929?, m. ?), Alice (died ?, m. ?), Albert (died 1933, m. Elizabeth Fenn), Edward (died 1949?, m. Aminda Shore), Christian (died 1936, m. Phoebe A. Coats), Robert James (died 1928, m. Josephine Amanda Tuffs), Emma (died 1942, m. Daniel Madison Mc Claren/William E. Leffler/Charles Hayes), Margus (died 1881 at age 2).
After John KENT died in 1897, his widow, Mary Gokey KENT, married William JEWELL. She died on 7-15-1914 and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Richland Twp. Any info. on Mary and William is also appreciated! Thanks!


Jane Alexander-McMullen Fri May 26 09:08:36 2000
I am looking for any information on Matthew ALEXANDER, his wife Matilda JOHNSON & their children: Lucinda ALEXANDER-BYRD, Maria ALEXANDER-BYRD, Mart ALEXANDER-RILEY, Sarah ALEXANDER-WEST, Ann ALEXANDER-BYRD, Silex ALEXANDER (his wife MaryAmanda THOMPSON ), Irene ALEXANDER, Sion ALEXANDER. Thank you!


Joni Leffler Sat May 27 12:45:25 2000
Seeking info. on descendants of Samuel Wade MC MILLEN and Nancy (?) MC MILLEN in Richland County, WI. Samuel was born on 4-21-1803 in Franklin Co., PA. He and Nancy had the following children:
Sarah Jane (m. James MC CLAREN), Rachel (m. John RUE), Martin (died young), Martha (m. Joseph PRIVOTT), Andrew Oliver (died of disease in Civil War), Ann Eliza (m. Stuckley C. SHERMAN), Joseph (m. Maria Ann MAYFIELD), Daniel (died young), Emazella or Amazetta Jolly Mc MILLEN (m. Charles NORTON / David Evens Owen BIRD). Any info. on these individuals is most appreciated! Thanks!


S.SMITH Sat May 27 12:47:22 2000
Trying to find Gaylord ORSBURN he would be in his early 70's last name could be spelled differently. He was living in Milwaukee in the early 50's. His family was farming at that time.


Joni Leffler Sat May 27 12:51:43 2000
Seeking info. on the descendants of James McCLAREN and Sarah Jane McMILLEN who settled in Orion Twp., Richland county, WI. Their children were:
Samuel (m. Sarah Jane Perkins/Alvaretta KINGERY/Kingrie), Daniel (died young), John (m. Delia MAYFIELD), William J. (m. Mary Etta FRY), Ann Eliza (m. Robert DOUGLAS), Martin L. (died young), Alvirado (m. Myrtle HUSTON), Maria Jennie (m. William HOLE), Nancy (m. Fredrick Julius Otto OELKE), and Daniel Madison (m. Emma KENT). Any info. on these families is most appreciated! Thanks!


Joni Leffler Sat May 27 13:07:40 2000
Seeking info. for Nancy "Nannie" Adelcia?/Alcindella? McCLAREN, born on 12-31-1868 in Jo Daviess Co., IL to James McCLAREN and Sarah Jane McMILLEN and Fredrick Julius Otto OELKE, born on 5-5-1867 in Germany to Michael OELKE and Estine ?
Nannie and Otto settled in Richland County, WI. They had at least one daughter, Bessie, who married Charles HANNALY. She died on 18-1933 and he died on 9-22-1960 both in Richland County, WI. Any info. is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Joni Leffler Mon May 29 06:07:56 2000
Seeking info. on Mary JEWELL, who died in Richland County on 7-15-1914. She was born Mary GOKEY about 1831 in IL. She married John KENT (Knecht) on 12-01-1851 in Jo Daviess Co., IL. They had 13 children. After John died in Byrd's Creek, Richland Co., WI. on 11-17-1897, she remarried. Mary Gokey KENT married William JEWELL about 1905-1908. In the 1910 Federal Census, Mary and William were living in Bloom Town, Richland County, WI and were caring for 2 of her grandchildren, Lilly KENT and George KENT. Would like to find her obituary and find out where she is buried, possibly Greenwood Cemetery in Blue River, Grant Co., WI? Any info. is appreciated! Thanks!.


Jane Alexander-McMullen Thu Jun 1 09:44:52 2000
I am looking for information on the ALEXANDER & THOMPSON familes that were in Richland Co. during the 1800's. Mary Amanda THOMPSON married Silex ALEXANDER (Matthew & Matilda ALEXANDER's son). Mary Amanda had a brother by the name of John A. THOMPSON. This is all the information that I have on the THOMPSON side. Any further information is appreciated!


Shirley Weber Fri Jun 2 18:02:37 2000
My great grandmother, Hattie Prudence HARWOOD, sister to Helon HARWOOD of Richland Center, WI. Hattie married Dr. Samuel L. MARSHALL. This family moved from Richland County to MN.


Kathleen Rizer Sat Jun 10 13:06:49 2000
Flora Elvesa BARNES, dau. of James Thomas BARNES and Mary Ann POTTS md. Frank O. SMITH. They married 2 Jul 1876 in Richland Co., Frank O. SMITH was born about 1852 in Chautauqua co, New York. There is some information about them in the 'History of Richland Co.,' but I could not find the family in either the 1880 nor 1900 Wisconsin soundex. They had children Lora C. and Leathy SMITH.


Pat Alves Tue Jun 13 09:23:59 2000
Hi! I am looking for any information on John/Cathrine DWYER, their daughter Julia DWYER who married James REILLY/RILEY in Westford, Richland County in 1869, or any other members of either family. I have found records of burial for John and Catherine in a booklet of Richland County Tombstones called HERE THEY SLEEP, published in 1975. It indicates that they have tombstones in St. Bridget (?) Cemetary - but I cannot locate any confirming records or anything about them. I know that some of the children of James REILLY/Julia DWYER moved on to Spokane, Wa area, but I don't know if any descendants remain in the Richland area. Don't know if the Dwyers had any other children that lived there either, tho I did find a Michael DWYRE farming there in the 1880 census. Any help anyone can offer I would truly appreciate. If you don't know them, if you could offer suggestions on how I could find out more? Thanks! Pat4Cal@aol.com


Karen Barrett Mon Jun 19 13:29:00 2000
I'm looking for any info on the family of Martha Jane HUNTER. She married Aaron Muldeur CRANDELL on 12/6/1879. She was born on 3/19/1858 and died on 4/14/1923. Thank you.


connie reagles Thu Jun 22 13:04:57 2000
I have information on Abraham REAGLES and his sixteen children. Would like to find connections. who lived in Richland county and surrounding area..

If you have resources for Richland County or would like to volunteer to help with look-ups, please e-mail Tim Stowell
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