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Dianna K. Flynn Tue Jan 1 17:34:00 2002
Looking for connections to Daniel (b:1825 d:1885) and Elizabeth (b:1826 d:1893) TOWNSLEY, they lived in Dayton, WI until their deaths around 1885-1893. Their sons were (my g-grandfather) Washington Irving (W. I.); Charles, Dan'l, Wilber, and Owen. Daniel, Elizabeth, and Owen are buried at Dayton Corners. W. I. (my g-grandfather is buried in Texas).

My g-grandmother was Melvina Rebecca (ELLIOTT) TOWNSLEY she was married to W. I. TOWNSLEY and they moved from Wisconsin to Oklahoma to Texas where they are both buried.

Any information on the TOWNSLEY's in Wisconsin would be appreciated.


jean gladem Wed Jan 2 19:02:13 2002
Looking for birth record for Addie G. COOPER, daughter of Thomas COOPER and Christina WILLIAMSON. Her birth date as listed on her Dane County Death Certificate is 14 July 1866. She married Franklin Julius NEEFE, son of Julius Frederick NEEFE and Louisa M. CLOUD on May 9, 1883 in Muscoda. I am also looking for any info on Louisa CLOUD's parents (unknown) wife on Julius NEEFE. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I get to Dane County Records about every other week, would be glad to do look-ups there in trade for the above information.


GOMIA Wed Jan 2 19:18:28 2002
We have information on a family of 3 in Virginia, with the last name of GOMIA. Please feel free to contact us at our email for more information.


Knight Mon Jan 7 12:43:05 2002
Could any one look up a census for me. 1870 William WINN age 56 b NY and wife Cathern age 58 b Ny the should be in Germantown thank you


H.A. Kippenhan, Jr. Sat Jan 19 09:04:15 2002
I am researching the desc. of John C. THOMPSON (1863 - 1928) and Kitty Belle CLAIR (1862 - 1915). The couple had four children that lived to adulthood ...
Blanche THOMPSON (1891 - 1966) - spouse: Jesse PENCE
Roscoe THOMPSON (1895 - 1966)
Wayburn THOMPSON (1897 - 1962) - spouse: Lydia ????
Vera THOMPSON (aft. 1900 - ????) - spouse O.F. BROWN

If anyone has any information about any of these people, I'd apprecaite an e-mail.
Thanks and best regards
H.A. Kippenhan, Jr.


Sally Ambrose Severson Mon Jan 21 20:05:08 2002
I am looking for any information on these families - all ancestors of my mother and father. They were located mainly in Forest Township and Richwood Township. I have lots of information to share. Thanks!


Bob Allpress Mon Jan 28 19:57:01 2002
My Great Grandfather, William H. ALLPRESS enlisted as a member of the Richland Plowboys. Can anyone tell me where I may locate enlistment information on him?


Nancy Hammons Wed Jan 30 17:36:40 2002
I have three photos of these people: Mary Morgan MUNYON, Ethel (MUNYON) MORAN and husband Charles, Imogene (Jennie) (MUNYON) EWING who married Samuel Willard EWING. Jennie and Samuel had a daughter Alice Mae EWING, married to Perry O. DECKERT. These photos need to be in the correct family line. My maiden name: LeMUNYON.


Sharon Steward Sat Feb 2 13:45:49 2002
Seeking information about Francis H. YOUNG who died in Richland County on 7 May 1905. Any help will be much appreciated.


rykehren Wed Feb 6 16:50:26 2002
I am looking for the family of PG Ellen CRYE and Andrew ADAMS. Some children were Hazel, Henry, Herbert, Joseph and Malcom, would somone have access to look uo PG Ellen (CRYE) ADAMS obituary, she died Mar 31, 1942.. Her father was Joseph CRYE and mother Amanda M. Thanks in advance


M. Steele Wed Feb 13 22:46:17 2002
Seeking info on Harry Buxton ELLSWORTH married to first wife Eliza F. ENGART between 1870 and 1873. Any info on wife Eliza F. ENGART would be appreciated, also H. B. ELLSWORTH second marriage to unknown wife between 1876 and 1881.


Lawrence Ewers Thu Feb 14 00:57:42 2002
I am looking for information on Ellen Belle BERRY who married George Washington EWERS in Richland Center, WI in November 1866


scott bush Wed Feb 20 00:02:33 2002
Looking for contact with the researcher Paul who posted the query on the RUSE family in 1998 , his email is being returned. I am also looking for info on Nathan Madison RUSE who he says died at Forest , WI in 1882 because :

My dads mother was born a RUSE. Her father Harvey RUSE was from From Frankfort, Clinton County, Indiana , his father was William Lorenzo RUSE born 7 Nov 1863 at Clinton County, Indiana he was the son of Nathan Madison RUSE who was born in 1837 in Ohio , from Clinton County, Indiana WPA records we learn that Nathan Madsion RUSE married to Elizabeth DAVIDSON on 13 March 1856 his wife Elizabeth DAVIDSON from Census data was born in Ohio in 1837 as well . Could these be your RUSE's ? If so Nathan Madsion RUSE was the son of Nathan RUSE born 1810 in Ohio , he married Sarah CASHATT daughter of Thomas CASHATT and Ann RATCLIFF on 17 Sept 1829 att Highland County,Ohio , she was born in 1813 in Ohio . I know the CASHATT family were Quaker and are mentioned in Indiana Friends Records as well as in North Carolina , but I think the RUSE family were long Methodist church members . Nathan RUSE was the son of Edmond RUSE Sr. who was born ca. 1793 in Virginia and died before 13 Sept 1837 when his father made his will. Edmond was married to Susannah who was born 1785 in Kentucky . Edmomd RUSE Sr. was the son of Aaron RUSE Sr . who was born Ca, 1764 and married to Ruth PHILLIPS daughter of Edm/Edom PHILLIPS in Farquair (sp ? ) County, Virginia ( have date but not in front of me ) Aaron RUSE died on 3 March 1850 at Laurel Hill Cemetery near Lynchburg, Ohio - his wife Ruth PHILLIPS is buried at F& AM Cemetery at Lynchburg, Ohio having died on 25 July 1844 .

Could this be the family you are looking for ? After about 1870 I lost track of Nathan Madison RUSE and Elizabeth DAVIDSON , so perhaps this is them ? I look forward to hearing from you .

Scott B. Bush - curefan@angelfire.com http://rainwolf77.tripod.com


Sheila Jubera Wed Feb 27 09:40:29 2002
I am looking for information regarding a PARKER family that lived in Juneau county, and then moved to Vernon County, however, I believe that when they moved, Vernon was still part of Richland County. The PARKER'S that I am interested in are Asel J. PARKER who married Mary Ann WHITING, their children Charles PARKER, William PARKER who married Tisha CALHOUN, and Nellie PARKER. The PARKER children were raised by a family named LEWIS after their parents died. If anyone has information on this line of PARKERS, I would appreciate it if you could share it with me. Thanks


Sarah Steel Sat Mar 2 11:43:01 2002
John COTTRILL married Rachel NUNNEMAKER their children
Roy COTTRILL born 1899; Charles COTTRILL born 1886; John COTTRILL born 1888; Daisey COTTRILL born 1894 all children born in Richland county Wis. Rachel NUNEMAKER, sister Mary J. NUNEMAKER married W.A. CARPENTER, they lived in Lavalle Wis. What county is Lavalle Wis is in.?


darleen & Darla Mon Mar 4 16:59:34 2002
Recently we were contacted by someone who is doing research for friends on a restored cabin in Bloom Township, Richland County,Wisconsin. They came across a log, and on the inside of this log they found the signature of a Mr. John AYERS and it was dated September 23, 1893. They were unable to find a burial site for him and the Richland County History Room does not seem to have anything about him on file.

Oscar and Nellie (ALLBAUGH) McBAIN were married March 19, 1894 and lived in the cabin which was possibly new, after their marriage. The researchers would like to know what connection if any, would John AYERS have had with them?

We found a James AYERS in Richland Co., on a census (Ancestry.com). Our family (the HALLs) settled in neighboring Sauk Co. It was our ancestral Aunt Malinda HALL, who on 3 Mar. 1856 married John AYERS. The only AYERS family we found on the census record in Sauk county was that of a Simon K. AYERS. Sometime after their marriage, John and Malinda settled in Madison, Kane Co.,(another neighboring county). The only AYERS on the census in that place, were Ebenezer and a J.D. Our Aunt Malinda's obituary states that she traveled to see her ill sister, Mehetable (HALL) SHACKLEY in Lyons, Walworth Co. and on the way she contracted a cold which resulted in pneumonia. Malinda died at her sister, Mehetable's house and her body was shipped back to Madison. The obituary is dated 7 Jan. 1899. We would certainly like to know more about the AYERS ourselves. Malinda HALL AYERS was born August 21, 1827. We do not know John's birthdate nor do we have knowledge of his descendants. We do know that Malinda would have been 66 years old when John AYERS signed and dated that log and that she died 6 years later. If it wasn't Malinda's husband, it could have been a son of theirs.

Seeking AYERS information in Wisconsin: Sauk, Richland and Dane Counties


Basia Sat Mar 9 14:39:34 2002
Looking for any possible information that might be available on these names.


Carter A. Dary Tue Mar 12 15:14:28 2002
I'm looking for any information re: Philip DARY, father of William A. DARY (died in Richland cty around 1916 I believe). I've found that Philip was William's father and that is all. By the way, William A. had a son named William so it's easy to get them confused. Both are buried in Richland Cty. They would be my Great and Great Great grandfathers.
Thank You! C. Dary


J. Yankovich Wed Mar 13 11:59:59 2002
Looking for any info on Elias TROXEL (born 1840) and his wife Sarah MILLER (born 1842) living in (probably) Richland Co, WI, when his daughter Susanna Catherine was born in 1858. They moved to Vinton, IA, around 1870. Elias' brother John moved to Orion, Eagle Twp, Richland Co, WI around 1856. Elias' brother Christian also lived in Richland Co, WI, moving there with his parents Elias and Catherine (KELTNER) TROXEL. Elias TROXEL (Sr.) died in Richland Co, WI, in 1855.


Rebecca Dillon Hoose Wed Mar 20 10:38:01 2002
Looking for info regarding Fred DILLIN b. abt 1890 to Joseph and Johanna DILLIN. Birth place possibly Ill.


David S. Trattles Tue Mar 26 17:30:32 2002
I'm looking for information about O. E. CAMPBELL and Phoebe Olive CAMPBELL's children, and living relation. O.E. was the son of Ira and Sarah H. CAMPBELL. Any info you could supply would be appreciated.


Edward L. Adams, Jr. Tue Mar 26 22:03:49 2002
gathering infomation on the desc. of Caleb WAGGONER and Sarah JENKINS of Richland Center, WI. They arrived in Richland County in 1854 from Jefferson co., Ohio.
children: William Jenkins WAGGONER, James Henry WAGGONER, Edwin Benoni WAGGONER, Joseph Mathers WAGGONER.


H.A. Kippenhan, Jr. Sat Mar 30 18:18:58 2002
Would anyone have any details on the following couple:
John DENMAN (d: June, 1957) and Helena TORMEY (d: Feb., 1965)?
They were the parents of Gerald DENMAN (d: Dec., 1977).
There's a good chance that Gerald was the grandnephew of Edward & "Josie" STARKEY.
H.A. Kippenhan, Jr.


Margaret Denise Clarke Wed Apr 3 17:16:51 2002
I am looking for the parents of Edward CRIBBEN who was born November 4, 1858 in Richland Center. Thanks!


Martha W. Guay Sat Apr 6 19:14:38 2002
Looking for information about: SPENCER, Jennie Opal - 1950-08-15 17c-173
I found this information on the Richland County death records. I am interested because the father of my grandmother and one of her sisters is George W. SPENCER born in Lafayette County, WI in 1857. Could it be that his brother Alonzo (who did not come to Louisiana) married and named his daughter after two of his brother's daughters?


Nancy A. Endriss Tue Apr 9 00:03:31 2002
Any information on Edmund COLLINS, 3/18/1876;b. Richwood,Wis.He married Amy COUEY,b.10/15/1875 in Crawford Co., Wis. They married 8/28/1895 at Tavera. Also lived in Excelsior. They had 14 children-includes my Grandmother, Georgia A. COLLINS,b. 4/21/1897; she married John J. YUHOUSE,b. 9/5/1895. Any info. appreciated. Please email georgia@wmtel.net


Amber Fri Apr 12 20:03:49 2002
I am looking for any information possible on Andrew STORMS who married Rachel ROTH, supposed to have lived somewhere in Richland Co. If you have any information on Andrew or Rachel please e-mail me! I'm looking for any dates, obituaries, etc. on these two. Thanks


DORIS Wed Apr 17 07:12:38 2002
I am wanting a ancestor of Lovine Eliza KYSER who married John POTTS and John TEETERS. The descendants were 2 girls by each marriage. Anna TEETERS married ? BARKER. Lena TEETERS married ______? I think John POTTS and Eliza's girls were Mary and Susan.


Amber Thu Apr 18 19:14:39 2002
I would greatly appreciate any information on the ROTH and STORMS family from Richland CO including the following people: Andrew and Rachel STORMS and children: Allie and Victor

John and Eliza or Lizie STORMS and children: Ole, Charles, Otto and Andrew

George F and Barbara ROTH and children: Milton, Sarah, Eliza, Rachel, Daniel, and Frances

Please contact me at Cndleflme@msn.com with any helpful info, thank you very much!!!


Dawn Mon Apr 29 18:57:00 2002
Hiram H. WALTON b. 1811, PA/MI/KY? d. March 19, 1891, Gotham, Richland Co.
Sarah A. SLAUGHTER b. abt 1849, Indiana? d. Feb. 10, 1902, Gotham, Richland Co. Both are buried at Button Cemetery, Gotham.
Thomas, b.June 1850, Wisconsin
Susan Jane, b.1852 (m.Alfred Beckwith) d.Sept. 5, 1897
Mary, b. 1856
William Henry, b.Jul 22,1859 (m. Elizabeth Paff) d. Oct 23, 1932
Lydia A., b. Oct. 27,1861 (m. 1st Oliver Catlin, 2nd Frank Squires) d. Jul 7, 1928
Irene "Rena", b. Oct. 1864 (m. William Swisher) d. ?
Andrew, b. 1867
Ira C., b. 1868 (m. Martha "Mattie" J. Seaman) d. Feb. 13, 1944
James K. "Patrick", b. Dec. 27, 1870 (m. Martha Mae Grafton-Leggett) d. Apr.17, 1941


Cheri Murders Sat May 4 17:41:42 2002
Looking for death information on John J. (Joseph??) WILLIAMSON.
He was married to Luella M. SPEARS. Father of Prudence Caroline WILLIAMSON (she was born in 1880) son of Joseph Neal WILLIAMSON. I can't seem to find this info any where!! (There is no way he's still living!!) Thank you so very much!!


Joni Rabena Mon Jun 17 19:38:58 2002
I am looking for Mary Ann DOLAN; age 14 on 1870 Federal Census in Vernon County, Franklin Township. Believe she married but do not know her married name. I have a listing of 9 Mary Anns who died in Richland County. I am trying to find out if any of these are her. Is there someone who could check out the death records that I have to see if the death records have her parents listed. Her parents were Patrick DOLAN and Julia (CAMPBELL) DOLAN.
Thanks! Joni

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