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Thomas M. Ryder Fri Jan 3 15:57:22 2003
Looking for information about either family. My grandmother Katherine (Kathryn or Catherine) LYDEN was born in Richland Co. in 1872. She had two sisters, Hannah and Bea. Found a D. LYDEN on the 1895 Henrietta Twp. plat map but know nothing esle about the family. My grandfather, Michael RYDER, was born in Ireland and lives in Richland Co. in late 1980s. An uncle, Earl, was born in Westford Twp. in 1895. Also found an "M. RYDER" on the 1895 Henrietta Twp. plat map near the LYDEN property.


Karen Sorensen Mon Jan 6 10:59:50 2003
Searching for info. and descendants of Charles W. PRICHARD and his wife Martha "Patsy" (TURNER) PRICHARD. They lived in Rockbridge late 1800's and are buried in Richland City Cemetery.


Pat Newton Wed Jan 22 00:02:22 2003
Francis (Frank) QUACKENBUSH died in Willow, Richland Co., WI in 1882. He had sons John E, Chauncey, & George who I think may have lived in Wisconsin, too. His daughter Sarah (QUACKENBUSH) DARRING / DARRIN lived in Willow at least for a short time. George may have been married to a Catherine J. JACOBS, daughter of John JACOBS, Civil War casualty. Anyone know these people? Any information, especially QUACKENBUSH would be really helpful. Thanks, Pat.


Carol Antone Wed Jan 29 13:46:18 2003
I am looking for any information on the following families:

I'm researching my grandmother's family. Her name is Agnes L. PUFF. She was born 7-16-1893 Richland Co. to Henry and Lorenza (CALL) PUFF.
Any information will be appreiciated. also, any info I have I'll be glad to share.


GLORIA OLSON Thu Jan 30 12:21:57 2003
David JOHNSON and his wife Nancy (BROWN) JOHNSON removed from Indiana to Richland County Wi. in 185?.
David and Nancy were born in Ohio.
To my knowledge and records they had five daughters.
Eliza Jane married John M. CLARK, Margaret Catherine married William CLARK and first cousin to John, Nancy Matila married Eli Westly QUICK, Ida M. married Lawrence NICKS and Rebecca married Samuel CULLY.
Would like to connect to these lines.
And does anyone have photos of the JOHNSON family?


Tony Elliott Sat Feb 1 17:11:46 2003
Am interested in sharing information I have collected for the ELLIOTT's who came to Richwood Township and Port Andrew in the 1840's, namely Thomas and Joseph ELLIOTT. Joseph married Mary MULAMPHY who taught at the first public school in Richland County.


Kim Walters Mon Feb 3 22:09:54 2003
Looking for information on August HEIBNER / HUEBNER who may have migrated to Basswood, Richland Cty. in 1883. He was married to Lena KOEPNIC, both were born in Germany. August was born 1853. They had children: John, George, Ellabelle, Lola, Russell, William, Marie and Kenneth. Any info welcome.


Emily Kalinauskas Mon Feb 17 20:43:27 2003
I am trying to figure out the history of the farm that I grew up on. I know this place has deep history and I really would like to hear about it. The furthest records back state that Joseph MOODY and his wife Sarah Ann MOODY bought this land back in 1854. If anyone has any information please contact me. I would great appreciate it. Thank you!


Susan Stevens Wed Feb 19 10:36:09 2003
Just looking for my ancestors, of course..Mostly Loyd and Janesville, WI


Ron Geedy Wed Feb 26 11:37:48 2003
I am looking for any information about Henry Daniel GEEDY, whom I found through your death Index. Thank you for you help.


Marilyn Wed Feb 26 19:08:13 2003
Looking for Leroy A. REED who disappeared from Richland Center about 1930s. Had nine chn. with wife, Tina. Had a mechanic business. Would like to check a city directory for his presence and business. He does not show on 1930 federal census.

CHN: Robert, Walter, Raymond, Norman Leroy, Joyce, Jeanne m. BURRINGTON, Shirley, Mildred.

Is there a public library where I could check city directories? Is there a local genealogical society?
Thanks for your thoughts. Marilyn


Noel Nelson Sat Mar 1 13:39:13 2003
Looking for information on John F. DONAHUE, married to Mary MURPHY (also would like to know more about). Mentioned in the history of Richland County: John DONAHUE, one of the pioneers of the town of Westford, was born in county Cavan, Ireland, Dec. 28, 1818. Thank you in advance. Noel


Charlene Lewis Tue Mar 4 14:40:30 2003
From the Richland Observer obits I found :
MILLER, Amiretta b.June5, 1890 d. March 23,1982 nee MAYDOLE.
I would very much like a copy of the actual obit, if anyone could help me with that it would be greatly appreciated. Think she's the only missing link of one of my MAYDOLE lines.
Thank you. Charlene Maydole Lewis, Darby, Mt.


Dawn Sun Mar 9 11:24:46 2003
Looking for the Levi and Mary Emma "Ella" (DOSCH-TILLEY) family members.
Children (born before 1884) are:

Some of the descendants moved west to Montana, Idaho and Washington.


Dawn Sun Mar 9 11:29:24 2003
John GRAFTON is the natural father of Martha Mae GRAFTON and was adopted by Alexander and Catherine (MORROW) GRAFTON. Natural mother is unknown. Hoping to find more information linking these two men. They may have been brothers.


Denise Tue Mar 18 02:32:22 2003
I am looking for any information on Freda GRELL. She is a great great aunt. All the info I have is she was married to a William ? and owned a lumber mill. Thanks


Kathy Furman Fri Mar 21 22:12:57 2003
Am looking for any info on Alice CRUSEN b 1864, family members Garret b 1812, Emily b 1816, Edmond b 1836, James B 1853. Alice married John FARNUM & lived in Chicago ill.


Valerie Wed Apr 2 11:53:12 2003
Seeking information on Daniel BURRINGTON married to Dora EATON.

Theron BURRINGTON, b. 1896
Thurlow BURRINGTON, b. 1898
Nida BURRINGTON, b. 1900
Wallace BURRINGTON, b. 1902 (My grandfather)
Gladys BURRINGTON, b. 1905
Cleo BURRINGTON, b. 1907

All children born in Hub city, or Beetown area.

Mother of Daniel: Rosalia BURRINGTON
Sister of Daniel: Etta BURRINGTON

Information taken from 1910 census, Richland county, Buena Vista township.

Any information is appreciated!!!


Wendell Huffman Mon Apr 21 18:14:16 2003
I am hoping to learn more about the ancestry of Dr. John H. HELM of Richland county in the 1880s. I am descended from Harriet Emily HELM, believed to be John H. HELM's sister. Their mother was Barbara EWING, who with Jacob (her second husband), moved to Richland county from Indiana. As of yet I do not know identity of father of John H and Harriet E. He apparently died in Indiana before 1850.


H.A. Kippenhan, Jr. Fri Apr 25 21:05:44 2003
On June 01, 1880 a woman named Louisa (nee ALLEN) BARDIN signed a land patent document for the eastern half of the southeast quarter of section 5 of Sylvan Township, Richland County, Wisconsin (80 acres). Their daughter (Caroline) and son-in-law (William B. CLAIR) owned the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter (40 acres) of section 9 of Sylvan Township, Richland Co., Wis.

That is, the BARDIN property (southeast corner) touched the CLAIR property (northwest corner). Sadly, the BARDIN's don't appear in the 1880 U.S. census for Sylvan Township.

I'd be very interested in hearing from anyone who has any information about this couple.
Best regards
H.A. Kippenhan, Jr.


Evan Jones Sun May 11 12:18:34 2003
I am looking for any information about Richard JONES, wife Aseneth, or Children:
Joseph, Jesse, Mary A, Richard, Elizabeth M, Robert I. JONES
Thanks in advance,
Evan Jones - Lansing, MI


Charles Weeks Mon May 12 22:42:18 2003
I'm interested in any info on William WEEKS born in Iowa in 1865 to James and Augusta WEEKS. Listed in the 1920 census as a truck farmer, Wife's name May, born in Wisconsin, Age 56. They are living in Richwood Township. I don't find them listed in the 1930 census.
Does anyone know if they died and are buried in this county? Is there an obituary for them?
Thank You, Charles Weeks


Dorothy Hinkey Sat May 17 11:37:39 2003
I would like information on Samuel FICKES and his wife Mary, who lived and died in Richland County. They are both buried in Woodstock Cemetery. Mary in 1902, Samuel in 1905. Also need information on Esther FICKES who died there in 1885.
Thanks, Dorothy


Dorothy Hinkey Sun May 25 10:29:03 2003
I am looking for Joseph FERGUSON and Samuel FICKES families who lived in Richland County, Wisconsin in 1885. I appreciate any help on these families.
Thank you, Dorothy


laura bohn Mon Jun 16 22:39:36 2003
Looking for information on Milton & Mary SHARP. They were living in Eagle Twsp. in the 1860 Census. Had real estate. Unable to find him in 1870. Some of the family moved to Stanton, Nebraska. His wife is in the 1880 Census living with son William. Milton died 30 July 1877 and Mary died 9 Jan 1886. They are buried in Stanton Cemetery. Any information regarding where they were in 1870 will be appreciated. Laura

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