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Bob Harvey Tue Jan 18 14:00:15 2005
Interested in what happened to Jennie A. PICKARD b. 12 1885, daughter of Lucy & Edwin PICKARD. In Richland Center census in 1900, but probably married by 1910 so not in that census.


Bob Harvey Wed Jan 19 12:56:24 2005
Back in 2000, a Dorothy HENSON wondered what happened to a Reuben SMITH who had married a Louisa HARVEY (Maiden name WEAVER). I too have wondered what happened to him and wondered if he had been found.


Roger Haskins Fri Feb 11 13:26:42 2005
Trying to determine if "J.W. HASKINS, 47 b. VT" from 1880 Census in Ithaca was James HASKINS, son of Nathan Benton HASKINS from Vermont. Any help with Richland County HASKINS family appreciated.


Kerry Krempasky Sat Feb 12 17:47:59 2005
I like to have an obit look-up of Artie RICE. He passed away on May 6, 1961 in Richland Center. If you can find any other information on him. Please let me know. Thank you Kerry Krempasky


Sandy Sat Mar 5 21:35:47 2005
Looking for any information on ZIERFUSS family. Relation to my family in MI and interested in knowing more about this family. Most interested in late 1800's.


Crystal Burnette Sun Mar 13 10:55:51 2005
I am looking for information of Indiana Frances PRIVETT also spelled PREVET. She was an early school teacher in Eagle. She married James SHARP. They lived in Richland Center at the time of her death. She was born in Indiana. I am looking for information about her father or mother. I believe her mother was Mary Anne PRIVETT - MILES. I believe Frances PRIVETT's father died in Indiana and her mother Mary Anne married MILES and moved to Wisconsin. Thank you in advance.


Barbara A Smythe Wed Mar 16 06:30:50 2005
SMYTHE, Charles M b May 1862, Richland Center, Richland, WI. Father J. D. SMYTHE mother Elizabeth WILLIAMS both b WI. Charles married Almeda BORING 1895 in Piatt, IL, said on his marriage record that he was from Racine, WI. Need any SMYTHE family information.


Ron Sanders Sun Apr 3 23:54:28 2005
I am looking for information regarding Charles JACKSON who married Matilda CRISS and had a daughter named Emma Kathryn JACKSON. I believe they lived in or around Richland Center. They would have been married after the Civil War. They later moved to Glenwood, Iowa. Any information would be appreciated.


Tammy Thu May 5 12:37:40 2005
My father was born in Richland Co., David Henry WAGGONER. Would like to know more about the man and his family Thank you


Pat Peckham Sun May 8 18:43:01 2005
My mother, Lindy PECKHAM, age 82, is attempting to find out if Blaine PECKHAM of Richland Center is still alive. Blaine once played in a band as a young man and my mother has a record that band made long, long ago. If Blaine is still alive, Lindy PECKHAM would like to arrange for him to be able to hear the record, even though the sound quality is poor.

You can e-mail me or phone my mother at Mazomanie at 608-795-2375. Pat Peckham, Wausau


Corey Recko Sun May 15 13:17:32 2005
Could anyone provide me with the contact information of decendents of Richard M. BREWER (son of Phebe and Rensselear). I'm an author beginning a biography on Richard BREWER and whant to learn what the family knows about him.
Thank you.


Corey Recko Sun May 15 13:35:53 2005
Can anyone help me locate decendants of Matilda James DAVIS (BREWER?). It's for a book I am working on. She married a cousin of Richard M. BREWER around 1870.
Thank you.


Lavina Eschbaumer Sun May 15 23:01:36 2005
Looking for Relatives! Clark R LEWIS was born in Richland Wisconsin looks like 9-22-1877 Married Agnes McCORMICK born 4-1-1879 They had two children: Jeannie Pearl LEWIS (Later changed to Lavina LEWIS by her father). Alexander McCORMICK's from Ireland, was Lavina LEWIS' grandfather who married Jeannie McGAUGHLY from Dumbarton Scotland.
Anyone with info on any of these please email me - izzy@Ruraltel.net Thanks!!


Cindy Bingham Wed May 18 12:41:14 2005
Looking for information on the Charles and Dorcas BINGHAM family. In particular Charles BINGHAM's father and mother's names. I am lead to believe that Charles H was born in New York abt 1887. Charles and Dorcas lived in Richland Co. Had several children. Which includes: Alice, Otto, Grover, Laura Mae, Leland.

BOWEN Cemetery

Gloria Flathom Thu May 19 12:53:19 2005
Can anyone tell me what grade school would cover the area around Bowen's Mill about 1870?


Randell Hanna Fri Jun 10 12:54:35 2005
My mom's birth name is Isabel Cora HANEY. Her mom, my grandma, Mattie KELLOGG married a HANEY and I don't have his name or his parents name. My mom was born in Port Andrew, Richland Co. WI
Any iformation would be helpful.
Thank you.
Randell Hanna


Martha Quimby Fri Jun 10 13:38:30 2005
I am looking for anyone who knows anything about my ancestors, the Edward VanBuren JEWELL family. He married Lola Louisa COOK (nee daughter of George Eugene & Sarah COOK) and then Fannie SOLE-CRAWFORD (nee Fannie BINGHAM. Edward and Lola were parents of my mother. (Mildren Fern JEWELL or she always went by the name of Fern M.) I know they are buried in the Bloom City Cemetery and I plan to visit there this summer, 2005. However, my mother never talked much about them. I would like some information on their history, such as what they did for a living and what the family was like. I am going to obtain copies of their death certificates for family medical history purposes.


Tracy Critchfied Thu Jun 16 23:06:15 2005
HI, I would love any information on John GRASS / GRESS who is believed to have died in Port Andrew, Richland Co on June 29, 1876 and his wive Susanna (nee COTTON) GRASS / GRESS who is believed to have died August 19, 1878, also in Port Andrew, Richland Co. Also any information on their possible grandson, John W GRESS and his wife Olivia Josephine (nee TUCKER) GRESS. In the 1870 Census they lived in Richwood, Richland Co. with their daughter, Harriet S GRESS, and John's mother, Margaret (nee CONNERS) GRESS/GRASS. They moved to Nebraska sometime between 1877 and 1879.
Thank you for any help!
Tracy Critchfield


sandy hanson Tue Jun 28 13:19:55 2005
Looking for family of Cora Bell (TURGUSON) HINKEL. She was married to John HINKEL. My mother is their granddaughter. Helen HINKEL, daughter of Clayton HINKEL.

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