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barbara Wed Jul 20 14:47:06 2005
Mary STEVENS married Peter BOYD and moved with his relatives, the DeVOE family, from NYS (St Johnsville area) to Wisc. She was in Wisconsin before 1860. Her sister is my direct ancestor and I have hit a brick wall as to Mary and Lucinda Miranda STEVENS' parents names. They may have come from Mass.
Thank you. Barbara


judy frerichs Sun Jul 24 19:46:52 2005
Looking for any info of the grave of Rueben HANCOCK, buried in the Hancock Cemetery in 1857, in Rockbridge Township...thank you


Karen Mahoney Sun Jul 31 14:53:46 2005
I am interested in information on James and Margaret (HOFFMAN) ADAIR. They are on the 1855 census of Richland County from the township of Buena Vista.


Robert Brown Sun Aug 21 15:36:11 2005
Is there a birth record for Marion HUNTER, son of Joseph and Elva (McKITTRICK) HUNTER? I believe he was born between 1890 and 1900, though it could have been the late 1880s. Birth most likely at the farm residence, which was south of Yuba City and I think it was Richland County.
Thanks Bob


Michael Cobleigh Sun Aug 21 18:06:00 2005
I am looking for information on a Claire SMITHh. I believe he lived in the Bloom City area back in the 1920's and perhaps early 1930's. Please email me at mcobb53538@yahoo.com if you have any information on such a person. Thanks.


S Whipple Thu Sep 8 00:53:12 2005
Looking for information on E(gbert?) Eugene OSTRANDER, b.1850 in NY who was a violin-maker in Ithaca WI. I believe he had a brother, Edward,& a sister, Cynthia, all born in the Ithaca/Richland Center area, and that their father was Davis B OSTRANDER who was b. Aug 12, 1823 in Oneida County, NY. (Davis B. moved to Cattaraugus County, NY in 1833, married Margaret GERMAN from Wales in 1848 & subsequently moved to WI where the children were born.) E. Eugene died in Seattle WA on 6/12/1927 at age 77. I am in possession of a violin he made labeled "Ithaca 1892". His wife's name was Rachael Emma DERRICKSON, b. 1859. She died 4/13/1920 in Seattle WA at age 61. I have a picture post-card of Richland Center that E. Eugene sent in 1907 to their son, Carleton Thomas, in Fond du Lac, as well as a card sent to him in 1916 from an address in Waterloo, IA. Carleton Thomas was born in Wisconsin in 1884 and was a composer & professional musician. He played the violin and/or the mandolin in a stringed quartet or group. I don't know the name of the group but as its leader, he did advertizing endorsements for the famous Gibson Stringed Instrument company. In Seattle, he too would make & repair stringed instruments. Does anyone know what the "B" stands for in "Davis B" ? Does anyone know the name of the musical group Carl Thomas led? Any further info at all would be most appreciated!


Bill Hoskins Sun Sep 11 15:13:48 2005
I have two high quality photographic images of members of the Seth BUTLER family that appear to have been taken in late 1870's to early 1880's. I need help in identifying the children.


Carol Frierson Mon Sep 19 13:30:22 2005
Looking for information on the Emmett POWERS burried in the Haskins Cemetery, Richland County Wisconsin. Was he the son of Eugene Dean POWERS and Emma (?) I am looking for information on my G Grandfather Emmett Stell POWERS.


Donna D'Andrea Thu Oct 13 17:40:38 2005
Mr. Peter G. STRAITHIS, or STRATHIS, or STAITHIS owned a candy shop in Richland Center. The year was 1930. His brother listed as Elmer STRAIT lived with him. My lost grandfather, SERRIS / SARRIS, was also a boarder in his home, and an employee at his confectionary.
Please help me find more information, especially the spelling of the shop owner's name. The census markings are not clear.
Thank you very much.


Julie Mon Oct 17 22:41:25 2005
I would like any and all info on my grandparents, John Daniel VOPALENSKY married to Genevieve Effie TENNEY. Would especially like pictures of the Bosstown general store in which they lived.
Thank you.


Gloria Olson Sun Oct 30 10:36:33 2005
Rudy DAVIS born 1896 married Frank or Francis LOYD, I believe twice in Richland County Wisconsin, in 1911 and again in 1917.
They had four children, however the boys went by the name of TURNER. They might have raised by a Clair TURNER.
Rudy would marry a GRAPP and Cecil DeWALL also in Rockford IL. I believe the GRAFF / GRAPP was from the Prairie du Chein area.
Can anyone solve this mystery for me?


Todd Brown Sun Nov 27 22:06:05 2005
In 1910 Census for Ithaca township there was a Frank ST. CLAIR and Madora SOUELLIS listed with a granddaughter Ethel? Anybody seen these names?


Monty Olson Tue Dec 6 19:45:49 2005
I am looking for the newspaper article about a car accident that happened October 30, 1959 about 4 miles west of Richland Center on Basford Hill, which involved Dwight and Mary FOWELL, Sidney FOWELL, Monty OLSON, Edward A. SWANSON. Mrs. Dwight FOWELL and her son died as a result of the accident. Edward SWANSON was killed and Monty OLSON injured. If you can led us to where we could find that article it would be greatly appreciated. Please email us with any information you can give us. Thank you!
Monty Olson


Lorretta Palmer Mon Dec 19 10:36:16 2005
Where is Abigal Powell (STEWART) HOLLOWAY buried? She was married to Samuel Jacob HOLLOWAY. She died on Sept 1887. She was also married to Jacob SIMMONS. Her will was file in Richland County.


Jocelyn Harvey Tue Dec 20 06:53:53 2005
Would like to know more about James MANVILLE, who is buried in Saint Bridget Cemetery (b. 1833, d. 1891) with his wife Mary McGLYNN. The 1874 and 1895 maps of the Plat of Westford show James' farm next to that of Thomas McGLYNN, Mary's father. Specifically would like to know when James emigrated to the US and from where in Ireland. Supposedly he came in the early 1850s, through Crown Point, NY, with brothers Owen and John. Owen (wife Rose KERNAN) bought land in 1854 between Ironton and Cazenovia. Whereabouts of John unknown. All information welcome.

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