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    This online publication of the 1900 Walker County census has been made possible thru the generosity of Benton Fletcher, who has transcribed the members of each household with their ages. This census is found in Series T623, Reel 226.

    This publication is for your personal use and research only and MAY NOT be printed or used for commercial purposes without the written consent of Benton Fletcher and Sherry Osburn.

    Because of the large number of adults living at home or in other households the index is an all names index.

    The information below was originally transcribed in alphabetical order within each district. On these pages it is arranged alphabetically by page number, the page number is noted only for the head of household except when members of the household are found on the next page, then the page numbers are listed for them also. The head of household is in all CAPS and in bold type.

    There is more information to be found on the 1900 census than is shown on these pages, so you will need to view the actual census to learn the birth month and year of those listed, their relationship to the head of the household, their occupations, where they and their parents were born. Use this information as a starting point in your research. Good Luck!

Index for the 1900 Walker County, GA Census
Crawfish District # 826
pages 141A - 156A
Dry Valley District # 1257
pages 157A - 165B
Chestnut Flat District # 869
pages 166A - 171B
Peavine District # 944
pages 172A - 182B
LaFayette District # 871
pages 183A - 206B
Pond Springs District # 881
pages 207A - 216A
Wilson District # 943
pages 217A - 228B
Cane Creek District # 960
pages 229A - 236A
East Armuchee District # 953
pages 237A - 249B
West Armuchee District # 1053
pages 250A - 257B
Chattanooga Valley District # 956
pages 258A - 267A
Lisbon District # 1501
pages 268A - 270B
Lookout Mountain District # 1161
pages 271A - 278B
Cedar Grove District # 1808
pages 279A - 289B
Kensington District # 1809
pages 290A - 303B
Good Luck with your census research

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