Section AA
Fairview Cemetery

Location Last Name First Name Burial Date






.AA.02.01 Duley Loren E. 1925
.AA.02.02 Duley Mary Ann Thetga 1936/03/23

.AA.02.04 Duley George H. 1973/06/16
.AA.02.05 Duley Florence J. 1950/10/14

.AA.03.01 Moore George Raymond 1972/10/29
.AA.03.02 Collins Mary 1987/03/31



.AA.03.06 Warren Mabel Moore 1959/08/30
.AA.04.01 Thorne Jr. Frank C. 1966/08/03
.AA.04.02 Thorne Claire 1976/11/18
.AA.04.03 Thorne Frank J. 1992/04/19
.AA.04.04 Fisk Floyd
.AA.04.05 Fisk Anna K 1969/01/11







.AA.06.01 Caldine Ernest 1951
.AA.06.02 Caldine Mrs. Ernest 1933
.AA.06.03 Caldine Harold Ernest 1924/06/25



.AA.07.01 Aldrich Carolyn J 1995/02/26
.AA.07.02 Bougarrd (ashes) John 1969/03/01
.AA.07.03 Bougaard Margaret Delworth 1947
.AA.07.04 Dilworth Mertie 1941/10/24
.AA.07.05 Dilworth John 1946/10/31
.AA.07.06 Marlowe Viola Dilworth 1935/04/27
.AA.08.01 Brierley James Gilbert 1976/04/06
.AA.08.02.01 Brierley Jessie Irving 1962/10/27
.AA.08.02.02 Armitage (ashes) Sara 1995/05
.AA.08.03 Brierley James Irving 1976/05/06

.AA.08.05 Porter Ruth I. 1991/09/17
.AA.08.06 Porter Robert 1990/07/03












.AA.11.01 Adams James H. 1942/01/12
.AA.11.02 Adams Farie B. 1940/04/24

.AA.11.04 Adams Ruth 1968/08/15


.AA.12.01 Gardner Archir T. 1945/06/13
.AA.12.02 Gardner Cora M Woodard 1935/01/17
.AA.12.03 Mayne Clifford Ellery 1976/04/19
.AA.12.04 Mayne Mabel M. 1983/03/07

.AA.12.06 babys (2)

.AA.13.01 Mumbulo Albert O 1930/01/21
.AA.13.02 Mumbulo Cora E. 1928/11/30


.AA.13.05 Nichols Mildred I. 1996/04
.AA.13.06 Nichols Ford S. 1989/07/02
.AA.14.01 Wood Floyd 1983/01/02
.AA.14.02 Wood Katherine L. 2000/12/05
.AA.14.03 Moore Hugh Glenn 1965/06/28
.AA.14.04 Brown Emma Maude 1967/11/21
.AA.14.05 Glush Mina S. 1972/0427







.AA.16.01 Adams Edgar S. 1933/08/08
.AA.16.02 Adams Ellen Roberts 1921/03/07
.AA.16.03 Adams William S. 1954/01/23

.AA.16.05 Adams Warren E. 1949/10/06
.AA.16.06 Adams Grace Adeli Lowe 1951/11/28
.AA.17.01 Palmer Harrison 1926/05/13

.AA.17.03 Plamer Nellie Reed 1921/09/29

.AA.17.05 Gibson (5 days) Meva Mae 1925/11/10
.AA.17.06 Hazard James B. 1942/02/15




.AA.18.05 Camp Jay Harrison 1970/03/13



.AA.19.03 Camp Wayne Edward 1952/04/14









.AA.21.01 Miller Bert 1930/06/30
.AA.21.02 Miller Emma Roney 1932/08/05




.AA.22.01 Moore Harry J. 1925/10/28


.AA.22.04 Long Stella Long 1925/02/06
.AA.22.05 Launt Mary Jane 1930/03/27
.AA.22.06 Matteson John G. 1964/08/24
.AA.23.01 Matteson Myrtle B. 1969/05/06
.AA.23.02 Matteson Karol Ann 1972/08/17
.AA.23.03 Matteson Keith 1994/05/07

.AA.23.05 Griffiths John Harry 1958/06/10
.AA.23.06 Griffiths Claudie 1949/07/09
.AA.24.01 Dunham Marcus Russell 1981/08/04
.AA.24.02 Dunham Edith 1995/12/04
.AA.24.03 Dunham Flichcia 1962/01/16
.AA.24.04 Dunham M 1958/02/16
.AA.24.05 Dunham Harold 1989/02/28
.AA.24.06 Dunham Henry M. 1955/04/22
.AA.25.01 Dunham






.AA.26.01 Camp Fred E. 1956/06/01



.AA.26.05 Camp Mary Carey 1966/06/21
.AA.26.06 Camp Cora Robinson 1900
.AA.27.01 Howard Thomas 1926/11/13
.AA.27.02 Howard Ida 1948/05/31

.AA.27.04 Dale Walter 1959/04/29
.AA.27.05 Dale Pearl 1947/03/03

.AA.28.01 Backus Porter 1947/08/01
.AA.28.02 Backus Maggie Howard 1957/04/01

.AA.28.04 Rice Marrion Margaret 1964/04/23
.AA.28.05 Brown Daurice Dixson 1957/04/01
.AA.28.06 Brown George B. 1974/04/22
.AA.29.01 Perkins Charles Collar 1956/01/02
.AA.29.02 Perkins Katherine 1964/08/29
.AA.29.03 Perkins Robert Archibald 1984/09/22
.AA.29.04 Perkins Iva H. 1994/12/21

.AA.29.06 Chase Aline E. 1992/05/26






.AA.31.01 Green Merle A. 1954/04/04
.AA.31.02 Green Ina 1995/05/11




.AA.32.01 Holdridge Ernest E. 1981/02/11
.AA.32.02 Holdridge Violet E. 1994/10/23
.AA.32.03 Holdridge Duane E. 1997/11/26









.AA.34.01 Stickles John Wesley 1961/05/31
.AA.34.02 Saunders Sadie Stickles 1977/06/27

.AA.34.04 Mathews Robert 1963/09
.AA.34.05 Mathews Roberta 1963/09
.AA.34.06 Mathews Robert 1963/09






.AA.36.01 Holdridge Charles H. 1925/04/11
.AA.36.02 Holdridge Lulu Alice 1919/11/15
.AA.36.03 Holdridge Grace 1952/02/20
.AA.36.04 Hammond Juell H. 1965/04/24














.AA.39.01 Gardner Harold 1985/12/06
.AA.39.02 Gardner Elsie Jane 1966/12/14

.AA.39.04 Lloyd Merritt L. 1973/12/29
.AA.39.05 Lloyd Leana 1981/12/30







.AA.41.01 Holdridge Harry 1953/08/16











.AA.43.01 Burdick Glenn J. 1956/11/18
.AA.43.02 Burdick Eva E. 1954/09/13
.AA.43.03 Monument/Large
.AA.43.04 Monument/Large
.AA.43.05 Camp Ray H. 1964/10/16
.AA.43.06 Camp Menza 1979/04/28
.AA.44.01 Burdick Ralph A. 1972/01/11
.AA.44.02 Burdick Sara 1988/11/28
.AA.44.03 Burdick Russell 1979/05/01



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