Section BB
Fairview Cemetery

Location Last Name First Name Burial Date
.BB.01.01 Simonton Charles A. 1944/01/08
.BB.01.02 Simonton Edna Beatty 1960/04/30




.BB.02.01 Camp Bailey 1924/04/04
.BB.02.02 Camp LaPearl J. 1954/06/20




.BB.03.01 Willard Edward G. 1928/02/26
.BB.03.02 Willard Ella R. 1930/08/23

.BB.03.04 Meeker Oscar E. 1930/09/30
.BB.03.05 Meeker Josphine B. 1933/12/15


.BB.04.02 Barnard Earle 1982/12/19










.BB.06.01 Simonton Arthur 1924/11/03
.BB.06.02 Simonton Marqaret Gibson 1918/05/04


.BB.06.05 Simonton Mildred Irene 1965/03/05

.BB.07.01 Bell Ellen B. 1927/05/05
.BB.07.02 Bell William 1954/04/20



.BB.07.06 Loundon Wm. 1951
.BB.08.01 Padgett Claude 1984/09/18
.BB.08.02 Padgett Edna M. 1982/12/07


.BB.08.05 Padgett Donald 1987/06/03
.BB.08.06 Padgett Fredrick H. 1980/11/24
.BB.09.01 Matteson Robert



.BB.09.05 Matteson Dorothy 1994/05/06
.BB.09.06 Matteson Kenneth 1993/03/31
.BB.11.01 Canavan James 1917/10/26
.BB.11.02 Canavan Ellen 1940/11/15




.BB.12.01 Matteson Frank H. 1925/12/08
.BB.12.02 Matteson Clara J. 1926/07/28


.BB.12.05 Babcock Leona E. 1930/07/188

.BB.13.01 Terk Floyd Barton 1966/11/12
.BB.13.02 Terk Mary 1988/10/28


.BB.13.05 Bassett Ralph 1964/11/14
.BB.13.06 Bassett Anna 1992/05/10
.BB.14.01 Hoag Rene 1963/07/03
.BB.14.02 Hoag Florence Pearl 1961/06/28

.BB.14.04 Backus Ray 1965/01/29
.BB.14.05 Backus Edith Ann 1987/11/29
.BB.14.06 Moon Jay 1980/08/07






.BB.16.01 Matthews Joseph 1917/10/10
.BB.16.02 Matthews Martha Bell 1940/11/05




.BB.17.01 Matthews Richard 1929/08/23
.BB.17.02 Matthews Mary A. 1933/08/21

.BB.17.04 Matthews George 1962/06/19
.BB.17.05 Matthews Julia M. 1939/10/23
.BB.17.06 Matthews Henry Fred 1970/06/30
.BB.18.01 Day Willard 1981/04/16





.BB.19.01 Graham Richard 1980/08
.BB.19.02 Graham Dorothy I. 1974/05/14
.BB.19.03.1 Pardee (ashes) Fredrick 2004/08/12
.BB.19.03.2 Pardee (ashes) Dorothy 2004/08/12











.BB.21.03 Holden Leland 1964/06/29

.BB.21.05 Beatty George A. 1953/11/17
.BB.21.06 Beatty Clara Holden 1951/05/17
.BB.22.01 Borden Wm. 1925/09/16
.BB.22.02 Borden Josephine 1924/04/10




.BB.23.01 Gray Edna 1963/11/21
.BB.23.02 Littlewood Ernest 1964/08/06

.BB.23.04 Hansen Albert A. 1968/06/30
.BB.23.05 Hansen Ann Elizabeth 1972/05/29


.BB.24.02 Brownell Max 1994/05/25
.BB.24.03 Brownell Alice L. 1985/03/10



.BB.26.01 Beatty Alexander 1925/08/24
.BB.26.02 Beatty Amelia 1942/04/12


.BB.26.05 Beatty Anna 1920/12/23
.BB.26.06 Beatty Thomas 1925/04/28
.BB.27.01 Robinson Mimmie 1947/03/20

.BB.27.03 Brown Florence 1970/09/07
.BB.27.04 Brown Floyd 1955/03/10
.BB.27.05 Brown Hattie May 1934/01/23
.BB.27.06 Brown Gertrude M. 1923/02/28
.BB.28.01 Smith Floyd A. 1935/08/16





.BB.29.01 Moore Clifford C. 1956/03/17

.BB.29.03 Werlau Walter 1967/12/16
.BB.29.04 Werlau Francis Louise 1967/06/17
.BB.29.05 Werlau Louis John 1965/01/08
.BB.29.06 Werlau Barbara Bockmer 1957/06/12






.BB.31.01 Waite Frederick Harvey 1929/09/18
.BB.31.02 Waite Mary 1888
.BB.31.03 Waite (son) Frankie

.BB.31.05 Waite Arthur Lee 1960/08/21
.BB.31.06 Waite Ethel Pearl 1956/09/24
.BB.32.01 Littlewood Nellie A. Wilber 1951/02/28
.BB.32.02 Littlewood Scott C. 1955/07/01
.BB.32.03 Littlewood Edward 1934/04/30



.BB.33.01 Patrick Albert H. 1934/07/11
.BB.33.02 Patrick Helen A. Moore 1934/10/25
.BB.33.03 Patrick Vaughn L. 1949/05/24
.BB.33.04 Patrick Lilla M. 1963/11/09



.BB.34.02 Hotaling Fern 1969/03/06
.BB.34.03 Hotaling Raymond E. 1917
.BB.34.04 Hotaling Richard 1949/08/09
.BB.34.05 Hotaling Jesse James 1987/01/27







.BB.36.01 Allen Otis 1936/01/03
.BB.36.02 Allen Mary B. Burke 1922/02/16

.BB.36.04 Allen Ellen Dopp 1921/02/16
.BB.36.05 Allen Don A. 1930/08/24

.BB.37.01 Fisk William H. 1924/03/25
.BB.37.02 Fisk Mary C. Dopp 1925/12/05

.BB.37.04 Brownell Lyman M. 1927/01/11
.BB.37.05 Justin Bertha M. 1958/11/15
.BB.37.06 Moffatt Francis A. 1929
.BB.38.01 Davis Warren B. 1955/09/06

.BB.38.03 Bourn Harry B. 1985/01/27
.BB.38.04 Kanz John 1959/08/27
.BB.38.05 Kanz Elizabeth Wader 1953/11/01







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