Chenango County

Census of Pensioners, 1840

Names of pensioners
for revolutionary
or military services.
Ages. Names of heads of families
with whom pensioners
resided June 1, 1840.
Joseph Breed 85 Joseph Breed
Anna Corey 79 Amasa Corey
Jacob Allen 85 Jacob Allen
George Champlin 83 Joshua Sanders
Jonathan Babcock 76 Harvey Babcock
Elizabeth Cook 83 Loren Cook
Joseph Carey 80 Joseph Carey
William Coley 82 William Coley
New Berlin
Thomas Loomis 84 Charles Knapp
Richard Goff 76 Elisha Herrington
Daniel Sage 83 William Shaw
Matthew Calkins 76 Matthew Calkins
Joseph Sheffield 80 Joseph Sheffield
Reuben Huntly 89 Ezra Huntly
Elisha Babcock 78 Elisha Babcock
Comfort Meeker 76 Fanny Brown
Nancy Richmond 90 Seth Richmond
Rachael Twilager 80 Josiah Twilager
John Secor 78 John Secor
Elisha Jewel 86 Gilbert Jewel
Theophilus White 86 Jeremiah White
Daniel Johnson 80 Seth Johnson
John Dickerman 74 William Dickerman
Anna Denning 80 Nicholas Slater
Elisha Smith 84 Elisha Smith
Sarah Clark 88 William Clark
Polly Aylesworth 80 Polly Aylesworth
Abram Terry 86 Abram Terry
Esick Olney 84 Esick Olney
Jacob Tillotson 80 Jacob Tillotson
Hope Howard 76 Richard Dutton
Henry Williams 77 Henry Williams
James C. Church 79 Eli Church
John Willis 54 John Willis
James P. Denison 78 Nathaniel Denison
John Fletcher 78 John Fletcher
Caleb Church 86 Varnum Church
James Whitmore 79 James Whitmore
John Elsworth 84 John Elsworth
Charity Banks 79 William Banks
Solomon Hallet 81 Solomon Hallet
William Johnston 89 James Johnston
William King 81 Jacob King
Edward Walker 83 Edward Walker
Ebenezer Landers 82 Solomon Landers
James Basford 80 James Basford
Abram Crego 82 Daniel S. Crego
Newcomb Raymond 76 Newcomb Raymond
Garrett Reed 86 Garrett Reed
Samuel Blackman 78 Horace Morse
Andrew Stafford 84 Andrew Stafford
Thomas Higgins 85 Thomas Higgins
Isaac Sheldon 84 S. Harrington
Joseph Guthrie 80 Joseph Guthrie
Jeremiah Purdy 77 Jeremiah Purdy
Amos Cole 80 Amos Cole
Josiah Lathrop 83 Josiah Lathrop
Timothy Hatch 82 Timothy Hatch
Timothy Dunn 84 Timothy Dunn
William Jones 81 William Jones
Joseph Simonds 83 Joseph Simonds
Jesse Wheeler 83 Merritt Wheeler
Conrod Mowers 79 Henry Mowers
Abigail Goodnough 89 David Goodnough
Catharine Smith 69 Matthew B. Smith
Mercy Packard 77 O. H. Packard
Sarah Parker 83 Lucia Parker
Heth Helsey 83 Clark Smith
Roger Edgarton 79 Roger Edgarton
Joseph Fairchild 82 Joseph Fairchild
Zemis Jones 79 Betsey Wheeler
Nathan Bennett 87 Nathan Bennett
William Root 80 R. Lyon
Robert Gallup 79 Erastus Foote
Thankful Matteson 83 Jesse Matteson
John Blanchard 76 John Blanchard
Jonathan Champlin 84 Michael Champlin
Jedediah Randall 83 Jedediah Randall
Thomas Hadlock 81 Thomas Hadlock
George H. King 77 George H. King
John King 87 John King
Nathaniel Church 92 Nathaniel Church
Peter Keith 85 Peter Keith
Nathan Daniels 80 Leonard Daniels
John McNitt 79 John McNitt
Joshua Aldrich 80 Joshua Aldrich
John Hicks 79 John Hicks
Eliphalet Cutting 73 E. Cutting
John Brewer 78 John Brewer
William Clark 86 William Clark
Roswell Dudley 79 Roswell Dudley
Daniel Eccleston 85 Daniel Eccleston
John H. Avery 79 John H. Avery
Mary Throop 69 Nancy Packer
Phebe Hancox 76 Charles Hancox
Josiah Hacket 82 Daniel Hackel
Thomas Welch 84 Benjamin Welch
Zophar Betts 80 Warren Betts
Polly Vickery 84 Silas Blowers
Catharine Bennett 76 Samuel Wheeler
Hezekiah Brackets 78 Hezekiah Brackets
Mary Cooley 80 David Polly
John Harrington 83 John Harrington
Asa Wells 71 Daniel Hall
Matilda Brown 73 David Brown

Chenango Co, NY
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