Madison County

Census of Pensioners, 1840

Names of pensioners
for revolutionary
or military services.
Ages. Names of heads of families
with whom pensioners
resided June 1, 1840.
Abigail Willis 71 Hezekiah Willis
Joseph Bachellor 77 Joseph Bachellor
Hannah Watson 80 Hannah Hartshorn
John Younglove 83 Daniel Younglove
Rhoda Eddy 89 Adolphus Eddy
Archibald Campbell 81 Archibald Campbell
De Ruyter
Betsey Jones 76 Charles Jones
Stephen Maxson 86 Stephen Maxson
Rowland Swift 84 Jonathan Coon
Betsey Clark 83 Eliakim Clark
Elias Wells 78 Matthew Wells
Lucy Davis 75 Erastus S. Fitch
Pain Wait 85 Stephen Whitford
Thomas Griffin 73 Thomas Griffin
Samuel Reed 83 Samuel Reed
Joseph Congdon 82 John Miller
Jason Miller 77 John Miller
Mary Murphy 82 Randall Whitman
Thomas Giles 86 Thomas Giles, jr.
Nicholas Welch 77 Nicholas Welch
Simeon Dodge 76 Isaac Dodge
Matthew Chandler 76 Lury Chandler
Cirad Cook 77 Cirad Cook
Jotham Hall 80 Jonathan Hall
Edward Parker 80 Edward Parker
Abigail Tillotson 81 Ephraim Tillotson
Kesiah Pollard 73 Fletcher Billings
Sally May 85 Luke May
James Williams 74 James Williams
William Shankland 79 William Shankland
Mary Taber 88 David Taber
Gideon Anthony 87 Gideon Anthony
Rinaldo Webber 78 Rinaldo Webber
Hannah Hamblin 77 Abner J. Hamblin
Elizabeth Davenport 81 Adson Davenport
Samuel White 77 Samuel White
Louis Blanchard 78 Walter Blanchard
Elizabeth Cranston 75 Phineas Cranston
David Craw 83 Justus Craw
Abram Avery 86 Abram Avery
Versalla Newton 76 Anson Newton
Jonathan French 75 Jonathan French
Abigail Torrey 86 Hosea Thayer
Sarah Collister 74 William Cobson
David Brown 78 Daniel Brown
Edward Wilcox 80 Sandford Wilcox
White Osborn 82 Sally Carder
Huldah Warner 83 Thomas A. Warner
Oliver Teal 81 Oliver Teal
Josiah Purdy 78 Isaac Purdy
Abner Burnham 84 Abner Burnham
Ezra Holmes 82 Ezra Holmes
John Brown 73 Asher Brown
John Wheeler 79 Alexander White
Peggy M. Carpenter 72 J. E. Burton
Rhoda Blakely 71 J. Urgeburger
Mary Tompkins 70 Philip Tompkins
Benj. Simmons 82 Benj. Simmons
Seth Blair 80 Seth Blair
Elizabeth Barker 80 Elizabeth Barker
Israel Rice 79 Francis Rice
Thomas Powell 75 Thomas Powell
Ebenezer Hills 100 Thomas Stanton
Sarah Sloan 87 Lyman G. Sloan
Asel Powel 81 Asel Powel
George Buck 80 Austin Carver
Philip Peterson 82 Philip Peterson
Job Francis 75 Job Francis
Oliver Stewart 79 Oliver Stewart
Lemuel Smith 88 Lemuel Smith
John Nelson 79 John Nelson
George Ratnom 75 George Ratnom
John Roberts 53 John Roberts
Nathan Stewart 82 Nathan Stewart
Reuben Perkins 76 Caleb Perkins
Peter Hendrickson 75 P. Hendrickson
Adam Phillips 80 A. A. Phillips
Asa Cranson 79 Asa Cranson
Jacob Laughton 74 John Laughton
Phebe Truesdell 79 George Rich
Abraham Humphrey 78 Willis Humphrey
Chloe Lyon 76 Eliphaz Lyon
Paul Griffith 87 Otis Griffith
Jesse Carpenter 91 Elijah Carpenter
Dyer Mattison 77 Dyer Mattison
Joanna Grummond 90 John Simons
Eunice May 81 A. C. Ehle
Elijah Farnham 80 Daniel Farnham
Samuel Nichols 82 Samuel Nichols
Roswell Welch 75 H. Cushing
Siblius Stannard 82 Alvan Stannard
Mary Harris 71 Elisha Bradley
Wm. Loundsberry 92 James Loundsberry
Benj. Woodworth 80 Benj. Woodworth
Alice Hill 72 O. Howes
Asa Dana 86 Wm. Johnson
Nathaniel Kaler 81 Nathaniel Kaler
Phineas Cadwell 83 E. S. Cadwell
Stephen Northrup 82 Stephen Northrup, jr.
Abner Sherman 78 Abner Sherman
Lucas Salsbury 80 Lucas Salsbury
Adonijah Bond 87 Adonijah Bond
Daniel Shippey 64 Daniel Shippey
Elizabeth Tuttle 77 P. Tuttle
Timothy Page 80 Timothy Page
Catharine Ehle 88 John C. Young
Henry Rightmyer 87 H. Rightmyer
Peter H. Ehle 86 Peter H. Ehle
Benj. Wilbar 83 Andrew Crout
Rhoda Woods 88 Eli Wood
John Bush 80 John Bush
Abraham Bartlett 81 John G. Curtis
Francis Dodge 82 Francis Dodge
Daniel Rider 75 Daniel Rider
Ichabod Woodworth 74 Enos Merill
Benj. Hatch 86 Benj. Hatch
Ezekiel Merritt 73 Ezekiel Merritt
Simeon Chubbuck 84 Simeon Chubbuck
Thomas Omans 80 Thomas Omans
Mary Phelps 85 Stephen Coman
Lois Burdwin 79 J. R. Burdwin
Constant Avery 81 D. Avery
Benj. Blanchard 80 Daniel Green
Moses Bump 79 Moses Bump
Deborah Morse 77 Sylvester Macomber
Gideon Simmons 95 Judson Boothe
Ashbel Mason 83 A. Mason

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