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Madison County, New York


Silvia Rzhondkovsky Thu Jul 1 02:12:07 2004
I am looking for relatives of Carl (Charles) BLUM, Frederica BLUM (wife),Theodore BLUM (son)and Anna BLUM (daughter).They were from Prussia and they were living in Lenox, Madison County, New York in 1880. I know that Theodore got married to Lizzie A. and they lived all their lives in Lenox or Canastota. I can not find more information. Theodore's and Anna's real surname was ZEIDLER. Carl BLUM was their stepfather.


Judy Sat Jul 3 13:21:34 2004
My Thomas MITCHELL (m. Elizabeth GREEN 1797) came to DeRuyter, Madison, NY about 1808 with his brothers Joseph and Benjamin MITCHELL. The 3 brothers came from Duchess Co., according to early settlers in the Town of DeRuyter taken from "History of Chenango & Madison Counties, NY" by James H Smith.

Thomas' son William Thomas MITCHELL d. Savannah 1854. Other known children are Rodman, Beaulah and Hannah. Background information so far on Thomas is sketchy. I would appreciate anything you may wish to share.


David R. Homan Sun Jul 4 08:03:28 2004
Looking for information on an ancester named John WALWORTH. Supposedly he is buried in Madison County. Any leads or help will be deeply appreciated. Please reply to Dave Homan at drhomanjr@aol.com


doris kelly perkins Mon Jul 5 07:56:05 2004
Hi, looking for PERKINS family, from Sherman to his father, George to his father, Clark, and his father is Nathan, not the one born in 1805, and a possible Gamabul PERKINS, no other information. Also is anyone a Stockbridge-Munsee Indian? Thanks for all the help and time, please email me direct. perkinsturf@cs.com


Michael Frizell Thu Jul 8 06:08:21 2004
Looking for the parents of Julia A. CASWELL, she was b. Oct. 1833, Cazenovia, Madison County, New York; and married David AUKERMAN on 16 June 1853, Wooster, Wayne Co.


Penny Davis Thu Jul 8 12:50:21 2004
I'm searching on behalf of my mother, Ruth (WILLIAMS) HOLLINS, who was contacted by an heir-search firm. She is, apparently, the only surviving relative (a cousin) of Dever O. WILLIAMS who died 12/29/01 in Oneida, Madison County, NY. We are interested in learning about the history of the WILLIAMS family in Madison County. Family lore and a visit upstate had led us to believe that most of the family had lived near Rome, NY.


Teresa Dugan Sun Jul 11 21:23:33 2004
I am researching the DUGAN - MAHONEY - AYLWARD families of Madison County, New York.
I am looking for information on the DUGAN family, who lived in Cazenovia in the 1870-1920, Henry DUGAN and his wife Bridget (AYLWARD) DUGAN.
I am also looking for information on the MAHONEY family. I believe that that they may have lived in, or around the Cazenovia area in the mid to late 1800's. Alice MAHONEY married Patrick DUGAN in 1895. Patrick is Henry DUGAN's son. Henry had a large family, all of them born in New York. Henry and Bridget immigrated from Ireland as small children. The DUGANs and MAHONEYs mentioned are buried at St James Catholic Cemetery in Cazenovia, New York. I have contacted the Church and am awaiting an answer.
If there is anyone who might have some information, well, it would be much appreciated. This is a big brick wall for me.
Thanks, Teresa Dugan


Robert R. Lawton Mon Jul 12 16:45:05 2004
Does anyone have any background information on Roswell LAWTON? Specifically, who were his parents and where did they come from. Thank You.


Derek Minchey Mon Jul 12 18:21:20 2004
Looking for info on Deborah HALLET listed in the 1840 Smithfield census and the 1850 Eaton census. In 1850, she is 50 and in the household in a William GUERNSEY from Ct. Deborah is from RI. Her children are from NY. She moved there about 1830 and I do not know the name of her husband but he died between 1837-1840. In 1856 she moved to Winneshiek Cty Iowa and was listed as Deobrah GUERNSEY. Also in 1850 there is a Ruth who is 82 living in Hamilton. Dont know if that is her mother and William was staying there to help her widow daughter?? Any help appreciated in advance can call me at 318-949-9298


john penberthy Thu Jul 15 19:21:49 2004
Did Louise (PEACOCK) EVANS, wife of H. Jay EVANS ever live in Waddington or Madrid in St. Lawrence County? Was H. Jay EVANS from that area also? I believe that Helen PENBERTHY who is buried in the EVANS plot is my grandfather's sister and that the family of Helen PENBERTHY once lived in DeRuyter area of Madison County on or about 1849 and that possibly my great grandfather Thomas PENBERTHY was born there to Richard and Ann (MILDREN) PENBERTHY before moving on to Pennsylvania and upstate NY.


Bonita Jewett Sat Jul 17 12:39:33 2004
Hi, Looking for a copy of marriage or some proof of this marriage for Allen D COLSON and Mary SHATTUCK, married 13 March 1818 in Hamilton, Madison Co, New York. They lived for a time at Poolville, so this may be where the marriage was recorded in Hamilton. Believe the date to be right or very close.

Also looking for a copy or proof of the birth of a James Merton or Martin COLSON, born 10 Jan 1835 in Poolville or near Hamilton, in Madison County, New York

Also a adoption of a Harriet DICKERMAN, an Irish immigrant taken in and adopted by the COLSONs in same time of birth of James COLSON. She later married Lorenzo COLSON, one of the son's from the family she was adopted into.

If anyone has the time to find any of this for me I'd certainly appricate it, or if you know where I might find any of these records please let me know. If anyone goes to the Poolville Cemetery, could you let me know if there is any SHATTUCKs buried there?
Thanks in advance for any information anyone has.


Richard Eades Mon Jul 19 20:53:56 2004
I am looking for information about Elam FELT and Abram CUSHMAN, memorialized in a stained glass window of the Earlville United Methodist Church.


Susette Evans Tue Jul 20 10:30:36 2004
A Samuel HARDCASTLE was listed in the business directory 1868-69 of Fenner, NY at "(Mile Strip,) lot 67, tailor and post master". I am interested in any information anyone might have about him. I believe he may be my g-g-grandfather. Thank you, Susette


Jay Clark Thu Jul 22 20:25:27 2004
Looking for Ira CLARK history, known to be in Munnsville, Stockbridge, Madison County 1860's. Looking for who his parents were, birthdate, birth place, when did he die and how. I have his wife's Sally Louise MOORE complete geneology going back about about 6 generations.


kelley brady Sun Jul 25 08:23:09 2004
At present I think that all these people still live in Chittenango. I was with them for a while and would like to contact them again.


Jon.Tondeur Mon Jul 26 06:42:53 2004
I am researching the family TONDEUR who left Belgium for Sunderland, England, and came to the U.S.A. in about 1880. They eventually settled in Canastota, where Cleon H. TONDEUR was engaged in the Glass Manufacturing trade. Specifically, I am trying to determine from which Belgium town the family originated, and if there are any descendents remaining in Madison County.


jane running Thu Jul 29 10:11:48 2004
There is a lengthy discussion of the GREEN family with no attribution in county material. I am specifically interested in "Betsey" (GREEN) CHATTLE, my gt. grandmother. I have a copy of her will and probate from the state of N. Jersey but would like to go backwards. The address with the relevant, slightly inaccurate material is http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nymadiso/osmgreen.htm. I'd appreciate help.
Thanks in advance


Walter Marble Fri Jul 30 15:52:52 2004
Hi, I am looking for any information on my father, Walter N. MARBLE and his father, Walter L. MARBLE, who lived in Brookfield between 1880 and 1923. Walter L. MARBLE owned a farm and was also a blacksmith. Did anyone know them or know of them, where their farm was located? Are there any sources of info available locally that are on-line that I could access, such as land records, pictures, etc.? Any help would be sincerely appreciated! Thank You! Walter Marble, jowal@bellsouth.net


George Carpenter Wed Aug 4 14:19:05 2004
John CARPENTER was born in VT in 1797. He lived most of his life in the Stockbridge-Munnsville and Sheds-DeRuyter areas. He was married to Mary O'CONNOR (or CONNOR / CONNER), who was born in Ireland in 1803 and came to America in 1809 with her parents. These are my GGGgrandparents. They had 5 boys and 5 girls. If you have any information on them, I could really use the help.


Phyllis Stannard Nye Wed Aug 4 23:02:46 2004
Researching my paternal great-grandfather, Gilbert STANNARD Sr., b. c.1797 Lenox, Madison, N.Y. Came to Climax, MI. area in 1845. Married Delilah WOODBURN, 1862. Died c.1886, family farm at Galesburg, Mi., according to a son's diary. Known children included Davidson and Betsey both b. N.Y., George, William Glenn, Charles, and Gilbert Jr. (grandpa). Please contact me with any leads! Thank you.


Mary Bittick Thu Aug 5 11:05:59 2004
Need lookup for Marriage of Daniel HANRAHAN and Catherine LONERGAN married Hamilton, NY abt. 1875


Tina Pfadenhauer Thu Aug 5 13:41:38 2004
Birthplace of Charles Elijah SHATTUCK, son of Rowland SHATTUCK and Eveline QUACKENBUSH. Birthplace and birthdate of Eveline QUACKENBUSH.


Marion Gaetan Thu Aug 5 17:52:49 2004
Seek info on family of Francis Hawkins FEETHAM and Rebecca FRANKLIN. He born 1835 in England, she in Canada 1840. Methodist minister who retired in 1907 to Rochester, NY. He died October 26, 1920. Have note from Rochester Gazette but no further information on wife and children. She died ?1927. Can't find them in the 1881 census.


Yvonne Minson Fri Aug 6 00:44:54 2004
I am interested in obtaining any information about Samuel HARDCASTLE, who was a tailor and postmaster at Mile Strip, Fenner, in 1868-1869. I believe him to be my great-great grandfather. Thank you.


sharon feldman Fri Aug 6 13:21:40 2004
Need help re Nathaniel HALL and wife Lydia STONE. Nathaniel died in Lenox 1818. Did he have a son John who married Sophia KELLOGG? Who are Lydia's parents - too many questions - not enough answers. Thanks!


Steve Winter Sun Aug 8 15:28:11 2004
Looking for the family of John WHEELER, over 45 in 1800, living in Hamilton, NY in 1800 and Lebanon, NY in 1810. So far I am aware of three daughters - Rhoda, m. Joseph RHODES, Martha, m. Hial WATERS and Huldah m. William CRAWFORD.


Teri Lucara Tue Aug 10 06:09:48 2004
A 2000 entry asking for info for Prudence CLOOK. My maiden name was CLOOK. Looking for any CLOOKs to connect.


Cheryl Miller Sofra Tue Aug 10 11:59:38 2004
I am looking for information on Edson A. FULLER, his wife, Myrtle Belle (JUDD) FULLER and their two sons, Wesley J and George H. Edson was a principal in DeRuyter in the 1910 census, superintendant of schools in Eaton in the 1920 census and superintendant Dept of Education of the state of NY in the 1930 census. I am a descendant of Phoebe Blanche (JUDD) MILLER, Myrtle Belle (JUDD) FULLER's sister. I have been searching for the JUDD family for quite some time and have reached a dead end. I would appreciate any information.


Linda Lee Newsom Wed Aug 11 00:20:02 2004
Searching for info on James Hermon SMITH, husband of Cornelia HINMAN. Cornelia is the dau of Amadeus and Minera (SNOW) HINMAN. Amadeus is the son of Grove HINMAN and Cyrena PALMER.
James moved from New York after Cornelia's death in the 1850's and lived and died in Victor, Iowa, Iowa.


Doris K. Perkins Wed Aug 11 18:33:43 2004
Hi, I am looking for information on my family of Nancy and Joseph DeGROAT, or Joseph and Polly Moore DeGROAT, also Andrew Jackson WHITMAN Sr. married to a DeGROAT.
Thanks, Doris K. Perkins, please email me direct. perkinsturf@cs.com


Lisa L. Jones Sat Aug 14 09:22:22 2004
Greetings, I have a notation in my family history records that states that Alanson THAYER died 21 Sept 1848 in Madison County, NY, and is buried at Earlville Cemetery, Lebanon, Madison Co., NY.

Can anyone help me confirm the date of death and/or burial location? Is there an Earlville Cemetery in Lebanon?
Thanks in advance,
Lisa L. Jones


Joanne Kelly Sun Aug 15 05:20:32 2004
I am seeking information on Josiah ARNOLD, a cooper, who lived in the Lebanon area from about 1815 to 1832. In the family were wife Phebe, sons Orville and James,and daughter Julia. Josiah's brother may also been in the group, but I have no name for him. Other children were born during the time the family lived in Madison county. Can anyone suggest where I might pursue investigation on this family?


David Eaton Sat Aug 21 13:56:19 2004
Looking for information on 2 Madison county, NY will testators and the probate/will information they were handling. Both from volume C:
Samuel EATON, residence Madison, Vol C page 59
Joshua EATON, residence Stockbridge, Vol C page 115

Please reply to my email address and cc to jblock@insightbb.com with my name in the description, as I may soon be loosing my home interent connection. Thank you!


carla Mon Aug 23 11:15:51 2004
I am looking for someone who could do a lookup for me in the Oneida newspapers in Oct. 1981. Please reply to capulliam@yahoo.com


Karen Peyton Mon Aug 23 19:29:53 2004
Looking for obit or information on DeWitt DEBOIS / DUBOIS who is buried in Clockville Cemetery in Madison Co. He was married to Isabelle (MILLER) OSTRANDER who is buried in Lenox Cemetery. Died Nov. 21, 1882 aged 49. Vet. Co.G 12th N.Y.V.I. She died January 13, 1929. If anyone has any information regarding this couple or their children Frank, Nellie, Henry, Maggie, or Ida May I would great appreciate your help. Parents were Abram and Martha Buckalew DUBOIS. Thanks in advance.


Bill Worden Wed Aug 25 18:30:53 2004
I am looking for information about William W. WORDEN, who was reported in family records as being born in "Hamilton Central", New York on August 20, 1823. He moved from the area and was married to Clorinda RANDALL, who was also from Madison County. He was a blacksmith.

Specifically I am looking for information about his parents, any siblings, and other ancestors. I am planning a trip to Madison County, and would also be interested in meeting any other descendants. --Bill


Ed Colburn Thu Aug 26 05:54:51 2004
Jonathan COLBURN was b. 1780 in Rindge, NH where he m. Lydia PAGE. They had several children in Plainfield. Served in Cleveland's Regiment, NY Malitia in War of 1812 where he contracted Typhoid and died in Brookfield 21 Dec 1814.
Where is he buried???


S. Wendt Fri Aug 27 07:54:18 2004
Looking for additonal info. about Walter BEECHER - Lenox Rural Cemetery and his wife Rachel. Rachel's maiden name and names of their children. I'm linking them hopefully to Chauncey BEECHER and family located in Yates, Orleans, New York.
Any information would be appreciated.


Doris K. Perkins Wed Sep 1 13:33:21 2004
hi, looking for information on the DeGROAT family , my g.grandmother Francis married to Andrew Jackson WHITMAN Sr. her parents were Joseph and Nancy DeGROAT. and Joseph 's parents were Richard and Nora DeGROAT, all from New Jersey, but died in Madison Co area. Trying to find where they are buried. Thanks, Doris. Please email me direct. at perkinsturf@cs.com


Ellen Edgerton Thu Sep 2 06:50:34 2004
I am looking for any info on COLYER (or COLLIER) families in the Town of Sullivan, and their places of residence prior to 1900.


Merrilee Morrison-Cotter Sun Sep 5 17:29:40 2004
Seek info on Eliza DARLING (and siblings) who married Edmund or Edward SPINNING or SPINNEY in Madison Co, about 1819. Any leads are welcome! Siblings include Harriet, Lorenzo Dow, Charles, and Ephraim. Ephraim married Anna MARKHAM (where?) and had a son, Theodore Rice DARLING, by a previous wife. TRD was known as Darling STRATTON. Did Harriet marry a STRATTON? Where and when?
Thank you. Merrilee


Donna Preston Patrick Tue Sep 7 21:35:06 2004
I am searching for any information on Edward PATRICK born in Oneida, NY March 24 1887. He later married Emma M. JENNINGS and they lived in Gardensville, NY (near Buffalo). He was a brakeman for the NYC railroad there in 1917. They had the following children: Frances, Hazel, Gertrude, Shirley, Ruth, Earl, Charles, Charlotte and Edwin. I would appreciate any information on this family, especially his oparents and siblings' names.
Thank you, Donna


Arlene Hollenbeck Tue Sep 7 21:47:01 2004
Looking for the children of Daniel HOLLENBECK and Phebe (LOUNSBURY) HOLLENBECK who were married in Madison Co NY 12 Feb. 1815. Daniel Jr. was one child, believe William W. b. 1817 may be another.
Thank You. Arlene Hollenbeck


Nancy Holmes Thu Sep 16 11:37:01 2004
I would like to know if I contact Vital Statistics for births or do I go to county level?
Azra HOLMES 1806 Madison Co.
Martin HOLMES 1839
Fred HOLMES 1870
Azra was buried in Sheds Cemetry in the town of De Ruyter. Martin is my husband's great-grandfather.

Next question is death certificate for Azra and Jospeh HOLMES. Azra died in 1873 and his father Joesph died in 1859. Where could these be located? County or State?

Any assistance would be appreciated.
Nancy Holmes


Michael S. Kellogg Thu Sep 16 15:00:05 2004
Looking to make contact with any descendants of William & Elizabeth STRINGER of Eaton, Madison Co., NY.


Jim Weaver Sat Sep 18 14:30:11 2004
Looking for information on family and background of Frances I. WEAVER maiden name Frances I. HARDGRAVE born on Mar. 25, 1911 in Oneida, New York. Would like to find out her grandmother's maiden name and any more info. Frances married James T. WEAVER of Oriskany Falls, N.Y. Frances died in Palatka, Florida in 1996, husband d. in Palatka, 2001. Was part of Iroquois Indian Nation I believe.
Any and all info. would be appreciated. Have a great week. Jim Weaver Ocala, Fla.


Christine Ratnour Tue Sep 21 23:05:05 2004
I am looking for information of William Henry RATNOUR born around 1871, he married Bessie L FOOTE and they had two children, my grandfather William Henry RATNOUR and Joyce (RATNOUR) MACKIN. I have found William and Bessie on the 1920 Oneida, Madison, New York census but that is as far back as I can trace my RATNOUR heritage. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Willis Joseph Scott Sat Sep 25 22:46:41 2004
A Joshua GARDNER live in Madison CO maybe in Brookfield. I was wondering if he was a son of Caleb and Lydia (THURSTON) GARDNER. The GARDNER I am looking for came from Stonington New London CO, CT.
Thanks Willis


Ben Cooley Tue Sep 28 15:43:15 2004
Looking for information on Jonathan WADE and Deborah (LAPHAM) WADE both Baptist Missionaries to Burma in 1800's. Jonathan was one of first graduates of Baptist Seminary at Eaton, Madison Co in 1823.

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