Chisago County

Biographies from Compendium of History and Biography of Central and Northern Minnesota
(Chicago, Geo. A Ogle & Co., 1904).

Abraham, Jacob A. Anderson, Peter Anderson, Samuel Andrews, Charles
Banta, Isaac M. Bloom, Alfred Bloom, Edward A. Bloom, John A.
Breit, John M. Broecker, Henry C. Brooberg, Charles F. Brown, Edward M.
Burlingame, Anson M. Bush, William H. Carley, Otto Carlson, Frank
Carter, Wallace William Christiansen, Adolph Christianson, Jacob Clausen, Louis
Colliander, Charles U. Daw, Alonzo Daw, Edwin S. De Atley, George E.
Deming, Montreville Eckman, Rev. F. M. Fliesburg, Oscar Alfred Flink, Anders E.
Flynn, James J. Flynn, Patrick H. Foster, Byron Fredell, Herman
Fredell, John A. Gemmel, Dr. John E. Goranson, Peter Grahn, John
Grandstrand, Oscar Hammargren, August R. Harer, Matthew Hedenstrom, William J.
Helstrom, Charles Herring, John Herring, Mrs. John Hertzman, Dr. C. O.
Hoar, James Hokanson, Charles J. Hokanson, John A. Hokenson, Andrew
Holcombe, Edward Holm, George Holt, Judge Charles A. Hopps, William G.
Hosli, Balthasar Hult, Charles A. Johnson, Errick Johnson, John E.
Johnson, Jonas Conrad Johnson, Ludwig Johnson, Samuel C. Johnson, Victor
Kattenberg, Henry Kaye, Thomas H. Larson, Frank E. Larson, Louis
Lindstrom, Charles Lindstrom, John Linn, John Linn, Peter
Lorens, Frank G. Lundeen, William Lundquist, Rev. Johannes Marston, Leslie W.
Martell, John B. Martin, Charles Martin, Daniel M. Martin, Nels
Martin, Samuel A. Melin, Alfred Murdock, Horace G., M. D. Murray, Fred F.
Nelson, Sven Nessel, Robert Newstrom, Gust Nilzen, Olaf
Ogren, Herman Olson, Frank O. Peers, Archibald Peterson, Frank O.
Peterson, John Maheo Quist, John P. Rogers, Robert Ryder, Hon. Joel G.
Samuelson, Erlan A. Sauer, John H. Sheldon, William A. Slattengren, Alfred B.
Spivak, Casper Stannard, Hon. Lucas K. Stark, Hon. Edward W. Stark, Hon. Lars J.
Starkweather, George Stolberg, Peter H. Striker, Robert Swanson, Gust
Tepel, Fred W. Tuvey, Nelson Victor, Charles A. Violette, George
Vitalis, John Peter Voss, Henry Voss, Theodore, Jr. Wallmark, Andrew
Wallmark, Charles A. Willoughby, Bethel Wolf, Frederick H. Wolf, William

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